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伦敦大学Research proposal:The perspective of teachers on the chi

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Research Proposal研究建议
Topic 话题
The perspective of teachers on the childcare provision for left-behind kindergarten children in rural China 教师对农村留守幼儿保育工作的看法
Rationale 理论基础
In the pre-school education stage, the number of left-behind children in rural areas is increasing and the situation is worrying. It is a special and vulnerable minority group that appears in the transition period of China's economic development. According to three large-scale data surveys conducted in 2013, the number of left-behind children in China is on the rise.
The development of rural preschool education is facing difficulties. Preschool education nature and the importance of the rural preschool education is self-evident, preschool education has significant public welfare, educational and surplus but it does not belong to the category of compulsory education in our country, citizens still need to pay fees, should belong to "quasi-public product", shall be borne by the state, society and individual education. The state should reflect the humanistic care of left-behind children in rural areas and early intervention to improve the quality of pre-school education. Rural the founding of the preschool education is not only a children's enlightenment education, is the foundation of basic education, is the beginning of a lifelong education, but also an important part of national education system, national education fairness and children's physical and mental healthy and harmonious development in an all-round way. For rural areas, it affects the development of education in rural areas, the happiness of peasant families and the development of rural society. There is no denying that for national problem of rural left-behind children pre-school education enacted a series of policies and regulations, such as: as early as in July 2001, the ministry of education promulgated the "kindergarten education guidelines (try out)", "national medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline (2010-2020)" first proposed to popularize preschool education in one year, 2020 basic universal pre-school education for two years, conditional region popularize preschool education in three years, has been clear about the "focus on development of rural preschool education" of the task. "The several opinions on the current development of pre-school education under the state council to further establish the" key support the Midwest rural areas and urban weak link "and the" village of villages and towns and large village built independent, garden or joint set points of kindergarten "development train of thought, but unfortunately because of intergovernmental responsibilities are not clear, the responsibility main body centre of gravity is too low, lacking the ability to financial security, legislative level is too high, the problem such as lack of specific plan of action, the rural pre-school education finance rights and there is not enough, the quality of the preschool education is uneven, frequent rural kindergarten is the school bus accident, food safety, teachers' moral character and so on.
The importance of pre-school education. Pre-school education stage is children's cognitive, social, personality and so on various aspects of body and mind, the key of the germination period, children undergoing various sensitive period and the critical period, short years cognitive development is one of life's most quickly, the most important stage, is man's curiosity, curiosity, imagination, creativity and other non-intellectual quality formation of the critical period, is a contains great potential for development and plasticity of life stages, and life is very fragile, easy to mistake the directional and hurt. Cognitively, sensory perception develops rapidly. In terms of sociality and personality, the development task of early childhood (about 2-4 years old) is to gain autonomy, overcome shyness and doubt; 4-7 years old, is in the game period, obtains the initiative feeling, experiences the goal realization. American psychologist bloom under the nearly thousand of track from early childhood to adolescence to study and put forward: if the 17-year-old intelligence as 100%, 50% developed from 0 to 4 years old, and development by the age of 4 to 8 30%, then 20%, 8-17 most rapidly in intellectual development of pre-school education stage, the influence of the environment and education education. The development of children plays a key role in promoting the healthy development of children through critical periods and ensuring their cognition and sociality. Rural pre-school education stage left-behind children lack of parents' life care and emotional communication and limited pre-school education resources, if there is no professional education, professionals to promote the healthy development of its in such aspects as cognition, personality, development of left-behind children's potential and future development of irreversible effects.
Preschool teachers are the direct implementers of education content, whose professional quality directly influences the healthy growth of children. Teachers in number two kindergarten teachers are four, but he said on integral student-faculty ratios, public kindergarten student-faculty ratios for 1:34, private kindergartens student-faculty ratios as 1:40, student-faculty ratios is too large, with the national and provincial full-time, boarding kindergarten establishment standard, township center kindergarten in proportion to their respective shares of not less than 1 to 15 with preschool teachers is a serious shortage of the standard.
In terms of the degree of teacher specialization, the overall quality of teachers in rural kindergartens is generally low, which is not in line with the national requirements. Among the two kindergartens 8 teachers, two is a country at a teacher, and only the two is someone who is a teacher certification and preschool education specialized graduation, four teachers are but did not read junior high school graduation, two teachers are graduated from primary school, the pre-school education teachers' identity is not confirmed. Say from preschool education knowledge, two teachers in early childhood professional graduate with pre-school education and cultural knowledge, the rest of the six children education specialized graduation, teachers are not only elementary school or junior high school degree. The reasons for choosing a preschool education are: 3 teachers because children in the kindergarten can care for children in kindergarten; 2 because they do not want to work outside, the kindergarten is close to the family; 2 because of the young teacher's graduation but because of the lack of experience in the town teaching; One is related to the kindergarten, and is young to babysit.
Research questions 
How teachers and parents support left-behind children sample size 
What are the emotional and social issued arose from the lacking parent provision?
How do the left-behind children respond to the absence of parents and how does this affect their development in the long run? 
Key literature
The impact on the family structure
The parting family and separation of the members is the fundamental characteristic which illustrated the change in family structure as consequence of migration. Existing research was done by Fehr et. al (2008:1080) shown that out-migration from rural areas does not dissolve the existing family structure but challenges and refines the existing codes which regulate and provide them meaning.  Grasmuck and Pessar (1991:3) also illustrated that the physical relocation or displacement could also interfere with the discursive and material arrangements of the family unit as its members embed themselves in various social, cultural political and economic context. Murray (1981:13) shown agreement by generalizing the structural changes of the family relationship in the context of labor migration in rural areas into three categories: contradiction, conversation, and dissolution. The kinship was both conserved and dissolved concurrently through the push from labor migration. Furthermore, the relatively stable agnatic family structure could coexist with the family separation, unstable marriage status, and increased individual mobility.

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