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Introduction 简介
In recent years, economic environment has undergone major changes, a variety of business companies need professional management ability. When hiring employees, some people think professional background knowledge and ability of staff is very important, it is a measure way to check the ability of employees on their work; Some people think that professional staff are not quite necessary, personal experience and communicate skills in work are more important. This study is going to discuss three most important management skills and critically analysis relation to own position. Throughout analysis the currently gaps, critical thinking how to complete self-developed in the future.
Three management skills 三种管理技能
Oral Communication 口头沟通
Communication refers to a way of chat or conversation, it means verbal interaction and the object of concern is the way to communicate with spoken language. Oral Communication is human nature and necessary cognitive activity. People often hear the phrase is "Speech is silver, silence is golden." The role of these words in different environments is not the same. Many times people are not going to go against the intention of this statement, but it is inseparable from the life and work of communication (Ramakrishnan, 2009). Communication has three obvious reasons at work and in life. First, it requires a face-to-face talking. Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another person's thoughts. It is a way to reach someone by the transmitter ideas, facts, thoughts, feelings and values. Its goal is to let each other know and understand his purpose, because its purpose is the message. When communicating a positive and effective role, which is to establish a bridge between each other through this bridge can make each other better trust and understanding, and eventually to further cooperation and future development(Pradhan and Chopra, 2008). Furthermore, the communication is also flexible, through this bridge, in the opinion of both the problems and controversy; an effective dialogue may take timely measures and improvements. It also could be on the question of attitude can make accurate judgments and avoid misunderstandings. Finally, oral communication has been identified as an important assessment of today's workplace. Four employees required verbal communication skills are: to consult, listen, talk, and give feedback. Employees in managerial positions, the ability reflected by the group discussions, interviews and case studies demonstrate the assessment.
In the business management, lack of communication between leaders and employees will have some negative effects. On the one hand, there is no communication between the staff does not know what their colleagues are doing, does not receive input information management, supervisors and team leaders regulation will be difficult, and give guidance. On the other hand, as an organization, the relationship between internal and they are very difficult and complex information between various departments and the need to rely on coordination, too little communication is not conducive to internal employees harmony and cooperation. (Cameron, 2000)
Strategic Planning 战略规划
The purpose of strategic planning is to make a choice. This is a comprehensive strategy to support the leaders of the guidance system, part of the business daily work routine management (Allision and Kave, 2005). Simply, strategic planning as a management tool, it is used to help organizations better target and complete the work. Strategic planning can help organizations focus on the vision and priorities for the future and adapt to the changing environment, and to ensure that all members of the internal efforts toward the same goal.
In business management, the overall advantage of the strategic plan could be summarized as about three points. Firstly, a set of specific, quantifiable measures and strategic planning, leadership can be encouraged to play an active role in the devices and strategies for future development, to inspire innovation and risk awareness managers(Flouris and Oswald,2006).Secondly, the early development of strategic plans may proactively adapt to the changing world of globalization and volatile markets. Individuals and organizations through the critical success factors and environmental factors, as well as thorough the analysis of the core strategy, to improve their competitive advantage in the competition. Thirdly, the factors that determine the priorities and focus on the development plan will help companies determine the precise spending budget and expenditure, so that managers can Select optimistic career prospects and business partners in the future development of enterprises (Haines,1995). Strategic plan is imperfect and unpredictable nature also determines some of the shortcomings of its own. First of all, manager cannot define the ideal vision for the future in a perfect start to design and simplified (Allision and Kave, 2005). Full of the unknown and challenges in the environmental business development. In addition, failure to maintain the levels of integration planning or planning independent of the day-day management, wishes for the future development of premature expectations too high or too low. Development sometimes tends to only superficial vision, mission and values ​​statement, does not guarantee has been in a state of equal height. Furthermore, the strategic planning drawn up after the failure to complete the design of an effective implementation process failed for the future development direction and outdated mission to make tough choices, resulting plan ultimately failed to play its role and influence(Jeyarathmm, 2008).
Critical and Analytical Thinking 批判性分析思维
Under critical thinking and analytical thinking mostly say the situation is to make a judgment. People need to carefully think about what you can evaluate it and decide whether to accept the final thing (Tittle, 2010). This mode of thinking is inevitable in our work lives. Why it has a very important position? Because it has a combination of emotional and rational human understanding, there is no absolute right and wrong. More time is a kind of judge behavior to the manager. In the business management, the critical and analytical thinking which has the following characteristics.
First of all, critical thinking is not necessarily negative. Evaluation of things that people can be positive, it can be negative. When you think of "critical", do not think "criticism", think of it as a standard kind of reasoning (Mcgregor, 2007). In addition, critical thinking rarely involve purely contradictory arguments, so "I'm right, you're wrong," will rarely apply. More often like, what you said to enhance or undermine what. Sometimes describes the discussion. Critical thinking is not necessarily cold, calculating and unfeeling (Jeyarathmm, 2008).Finally, critical thinking is not just using our "common sense." After all, the "common sense" tell us that the earth is flat. Critical thinking is not intuitive.(Mason, 2009). However, even in the "common sense" is correct, it can tell us, for example, one thing cannot be excellent, but not excellent at the same time. Critical and analytical thinking has far exceeded the use of such basic principles.
Self-analysis 自我分析
Based on my own experience, I summed up the advantages and disadvantages of the existence in the work. Let me talk about the advantages. First of all, my own time management is very strict. I was almost never late during my work hours; also complete my work before the deadline of stated intervals. Planned time management saves time but also can improve work efficiency; internal employees at work should have a sense of time management (Whipp and Barbara Sabelis, 2002) Secondly, I have a very positive communication skill, either oral communication or written communication. I could be very clearly and accurately express my opinions and ideas, but also could be a good conversation in the adoption of other advantages. Once again, I have the ability of innovative thinking. Enthusiastic character influenced my strengths deeply. Then introduce the weakness. My own shortcomings are also obviously. Firstly, the lack of work experiences resulting in not a very perfect solution when you encounter an emergency issue. Meanwhile, lacks patience at the work. For some difficult problems of short of ability to continue research. Finally, treat the problem is difficult to critical and analytical thinking. To repeated questions on the planned work program before the enactment of critical and analytical thinking, the problems of the plan to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages and marked impact on the program (Mcgregor, 2007). Process of thinking is indispensable. For some problems judgment is not accurate enough, cannot accurately determine and thinking will lead to reduced efficiency, may not make well plans for the development of the company.
Gaps and development needs 差距与发展需求

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