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1 Introduction 介绍 公司的业务是泰国菜厨,这一战略是关于在这个厨房的难忘的经验。从企业家的角度出发,本报告希望对企业的经营状况和经营环境进行分析。在企业外部环境中,厨房在经营
1 Introduction介绍
The business is Thai food Kitchen, which strategy is about the unforgettable experience in this Kitchen. From the point of an entrepreneur, the report would like to analysis the business position and business environment. In the part of the external environment of the business, the opportunity and threat, which the kitchen faces in the term of the operation; also in the internal environment: strength and weakness, the kitchen suffers in the process of the operation. According to these factors, the business strategies for this kitchen will be made decisions in the process of the business operation. Due to the competition of the business for serving industry eating, the new model for this kitchen would like to highlight, “experience kitchen for Thai food”, this model would like to provide fresh food and cooking space for people who are willing to get cook experience. In the process of the cooking experience, Nok could provide the mentoring services. In the general, the revenue of the kitchen could from the profit margin from the food (fresh vegetable, meats and others), experience fees from cooking experience and also consultant fees in the process of the cooking.
2 Analysis of the current position 现状分析
2.1 Value chain Analysis价值链分析
A value chain is a series of activities or processes which aim at creating and adding value to an article (product) at every step during the production process (Porter 1985). That means value chain analysis is dedicated to analyze the activities or processes in the process of the production for the kitchen. 
In a case of Nok’s kitchen company tries to achieve advantage by identifying value added activities to customers, in particular reacting to customers wants regarding its final produce. It also puts an emphasis on customer service responsiveness, increase the ability to customize and tailor the menu it does that by taking procurement process very seriously, it sources it produce from local suppliers and the main criteria all the produce has to be fresh. Company spends more resources on its supplies in order to deliver additional value to customers. The right combination of responsive customer service and fresh produce gives company a sustainable differentiation advantage.
Primary activities: 
1. Inbound logistics include foods, cooking equipment and others. According to the business model, which I am designing to the kitchen, the relationships with suppliers are quite important. In the term of the supply, the foods, cooking equipment, and dishes and others are all in the list of purchase. Due to the experience for the Thai food cooking experience, the kitchen would insist the higher requirement on the Thai-local spices and Thai food supply. Besides that, the supply chain for the Thai foods would be  a challenge locally, so that the majority of the Thai food could depend on the import from Thailand, the cost would be  higher. 
2. Operations would be  related to the business operation from 9 am to 10pm, 7days a week. In the experience kitchen for Thai food, the staffs are separate to four groups, food purchase guild, and equipment management, cooking skills consultation services and cleaning teams, they are working independently in the term of the experience cooking. 
3. Service is quite important in the process of the experience cooking. The services are including the food purchase service, cooking consultation service and other cleaning service and others. 
4. Outbound logistics could not be related. 
5. Marketing and sales are related to the market promotion. Because this model is quite new locally, the advertisements are all related the promoted by the previous customers and others are focus on the newspaper and radio in the process of the promotion. Besides that, the university students could also help us to promote by the coupon in the street for the paper advertisement. 
Support activities:
1. Infrastructure would be  related to single decision- the manager. 
2. Human resource management –The manager would be  made decision on the human resources allocation each day, due to the weekend, holidays and promotion activities would require more staff attend in the events.
3. Technology management would be  camera in the process of the cooking; the cookers could download from the website and also would be  shared with close friends and families. Apart from that, the official website could also managed by the engineer, which could book the cooking space. 
4. Procurement process would be  higher quality service and higher quality food and forgettable experience in the process of the cooking.
2.2 Boston Group Matrix
According to the Boston Group Matrix (BGM), there are 4 types of products, cash cow, which provides current major cash flow and profit.
According to the principle of Boston matrix, the higher the market share of products, the greater the ability to generate profits; on the other hand, the higher the sales growth rate, the more capital needed to maintain its growth and expand its market share. This will enable the product structure of the enterprise to support each other, and the fund will be in a virtuous circle. Based on the division of the product in the quadrants and the movement trends, the basic principles of the Boston matrix are formed.
This modelwould be  solved the balance of the cash flow and expected sales volume in the kitchen. As the kitchen is fast selling industry, the products would be  positedas cash flow heavying in the industry, so star would be  demanded for a lot of cash in the investment as the high demand products in the markets.
Firstly, political would be  pointed to the location regulations and law on the food safety requirement and healthguild line, also region belief would be  also considered as the menu design. 
Secondly, it is on the aspect of economics. Considering the target customers consuming level with comparatively high disposable income in this region, as long as the unemployment in this region is comparatively stable, the operating of this business should be stable.  Intangible assets are everything else that has no physical presence but can still be owned by the company. Brand reputation, trademarks, intellectual property is all intangible assets. Unlike physical resources, brand reputation is built over a long time and is something that other companies cannot buy from the market. In case of Nok’s kitchen company has a strong brandying, despite its location their very wells know among customers, at one time in 2016 it was ranked No.1. restaurantin Edinburgh now it stands in No. 5. According to trip advisor. Intangible resources usually stay within a company and are the main source of sustainable competitive advantage.
Thirdly, it is on the aspect of social. Considering the target customers consuming level with comparatively high disposable income in this region, as long as the unemployment in this region is comparatively stable, the operating of this business should be stable. In food and restaurant industry people are becoming educated and are now conscious about food products and ingredients. Nok’s kitchen is aware of social trends and they openly advertise all allergens used in their produce as well as informing customers that they avoid MRA. 

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