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3. 经营一个成功的事业需要什么



当今的公关领域比起几年前,需求更多。比起时间,钱更算得上是问题,现在钱是我们追求的目标,而时间却是关键的因素,因为人们总是匆匆忙忙,匆匆忙忙的旅游,也有激烈的竞争,和新老客户保持来往是很关键的,越容易找到一个人,代理机构和客户之间的共同也就越简单,公关公司提供为他们的代表提供以下“钉”;寻呼机,手机和Palm Pilot掌上电脑。在案例中,它是Nextel的和传呼机。对越来越需要与客户和办事处不断沟通的日益需求将不会停止增长。

In order to confirm and find what electronic forms of communication will be needed in the Public Relations field, heavy research was needed.  I consulted not only books, but web sites as well. I wanted to make sure that I had a complete assortment of sources that would be the most realistic and comprehensive as possible.  After sorting out my research, I came to these following conclusions:

1.Communications are widely used through out today’s Public Relation firms.

2.Accessibility is the key to connecting with people in that field.

3.What is needed to run a successful business?

4.What makes a good Public Relations agent?

What forms of communication are used

Today’s Public Relations field is a lot more demanding today than it was just a few years ago.  Money was more of the question than time. Today, money is still an object, but time is the key, with people always on the go, traveling and having to always be on the go, traveling and having fierce competition, staying in touch with new and old clients is key (Heath 34-102).  The easier it is to locate someone, the better the lines of communication between customers and agents is.  Public Relations firms provide the following “staples” for their representatives; pager, cell phone and palm pilot.  In cases, it is Nextel’s and pagers.  The ever- growing need to stay in constant communication with clients and the office will not stop growing.

People need constant communication many Public Relations firms, as well as the companies have intranet, extranet, internet, email programs, laptops, pagers, voice mail and electronic planners as part of their staffs everyday exposures.  The laptop and everything else aids in making sure minutes and seconds.  But this technology must be kept current (Lucenko 1-29).

¨ Companies that grow larger need to keep in constant contact with both their employees as well as their clients.

¨The more technology grows, the greater demand for the company to keep up with it to remain “cutting edge.”

How to access people; in the firm and clients

The main goal of any Public Relations firm is to be able to find someone, more importantly during a crisis.  For instance: you just learn that your competitor is trying to steal one of your largest accounts.  Are you going to just sit there and let that account go to another company? Or are you going to try to get in touch with that client as soon as possible and try to keep their business? Let’s add a twist to the already hectic situation:  You are currently in California, and your client is in Florida.  The best thing to do in this situation would be to call your client as soon as possible and then see if you need to catch a flight out to Florida.  

These questions are easily answered with this – what will be the most productive way for you to ensure you keep your client’s business.  No matter if it is a crisis, or just checking to make sure that they are happy with the services you are providing them with, it is very important to stay in touch.  This is crucial in order to keep the business that you have worked so hard to gain.  These days, most people have cell phones attached to their bodies, so it is easier than it used to be to catch people when they are on the go.  But what do you do when the cell phone and voice mail aren’t doing the job?  Email would be the answer to this question.  No matter where you go these days, there seems to be more and more accessibility to computers and the Internet (www.hallmark.com). A click, write a few sentences, and pressing the send key is all you need to make sure your words are clear to who ever you are sending them to.  Especially if the cell phone is not working, this is the best way to go.  The World Wide Web is one of the most technological inventions since the “New Age” of cars.  The ease and dependability of it makes life for all a lot easier to keep in touch. Despite a few crashes of the computer or server, it is a lot easier and cheaper way to stay in touch.

Price also plays a part in the idea behind accessing people.  Email so far is the cheapest way of communication.  Next to that, face to face communication if the employee is within walking distance.  The factor of human demise is at stake when there is a major lack of face – to - face contact.  The problem with any company, large or small, is budgeting.  Making sure that the amount of money they possess will not only cover bills and salaries, but also allow for a travel/entertaining budget.  Granted, this is not a large part of communications, but in a way, it ties to the whole picture of what everyone is trying to establish –

trying to make a name for themselves in the industry (Newson 300-335).  If there was not a budget, there might not be as many Public Relations firms as there are today.

What is needed to run a successful business

In order to make sure everything within the company is working correctly – most companies have established Intranet within their company.  This system allows for accurate information clarification, reduction of people always leaving their disks to deliver messages or memos, and a reduction in the amount of paper that is used.  Email systems and message boards allow users within the company to a quick answers without having to use up the phone lines or leaving their workspace – which makes their day much more productive (Holtz 48-72).

For users of the Intranet who aren’t physically in the office, they still can have access to the company’s databases through the extranet.  It is password protective and allows users to reach other company members and information while they (the users) are out on the road.  The Extranet might also allow some clients of the company to quickly find out information about what the company is doing for their specific account (Dowling 99-147).  Even more so, the bid information for certain accounts might also be listed.  The east of this accessibility for clients and employees not only saves money for the company, but also a lot of time that is incurred during the process of playing “phone tag.”

The key to any successful business is its people. The more initiative your people, yourself, or who you work with have, the better off your firm will be in the Public Relations field.  For instance, if an agent is completely enthusiastic towards a client, that client will not only spread good words about you to their friends and associates, but will also feel that your firm has an upper-hand against the rest of your competition ( Middleburg 289-307). Your firm, to the clients, is one that cares about its jobs, its people, and how they present themselves.  A lot of jobs can be created through word of mouth, and sometimes, those are the best jobs to have.  

What makes a Public Relations agent?

Many sources have stated that you need to have good listening skills and enjoy working with people as the top qualifications to become a Public Relations agent,

representative, or just to work in the business of people, period.  But out of common knowledge, one must also be able to speak clearly, must be willing to travel, and even more so, must be enthusiastic about their jobs.  Why would you want to be a client of a firm that has an agent that could care less about your

ideas?  You would not want this.  You also would not want someone who is launching your book promotion to not know anything about your book, would you?  You would want your agent to have knowledge of whatever it is they are

representing for you.  The more knowledge an agent has of a product they are promotion, or a company they are representing, the more creative ideas they will be able to come up with to customize your products launch into the market.  A non-informed agent can equal disaster around certain people and markets if they are not checked into first.  Companies are doing what they can to ensure who is working for you is not only qualified for the position, but also wants to be there, therefore, their teams remain “cutting edge.”  Table 1 in the next section will show why someone would want to go into Public Relations, as well as how everyone works together to do so.

Why chose to work in the Public Relations field?

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