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代写assignment范文:The art of clay animation

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导读:这是一篇assignment范文,讨论了黏土动画艺术。黏土动画是定格动画中最富表现力的一种形式,它要求动画师先将角色用黏土材料做成静态的模型,模型定型后,用摄影机拍摄单帧的画面。一个画面拍摄完成后,由动画师将对象稍作移动,再拍下一帧画面。拍摄完成的所有画面进行连续放映,角色就动起来了。黏土动画艺术并不只代表着一种情感上的回归,它更是从一种全新的角度向人们展现了现实生活中早已失去的童趣和生命自身存在的美,这种童趣和美才是永恒的。 Clay animation is one of the most expressive forms of stop-motion animation. It requires the animator to make the
Clay animation is one of the most expressive forms of stop-motion animation. It requires the animator to make the character into a static model with clay material first, and then use the camera to shoot a single frame after the model is finalized. After a frame is shot, the animator moves the object a little and takes another frame. When all the pictures are shown continuously, the character "moves".
Clay animation is called "old animation" because it has as long a history as hand-painted animation. In 1907, at the New York production site of vitagravf company in the United States, an unknown technician invented this kind of "shot by shot" method of shooting scenes in one grid by camera, and stop-motion animation was born from then on. Stop-motion animation has made waves in early films, such as "the haunted hotel," made that same year, in which a knife automatically cuts sausages. In the development of nearly a century later, stop-motion animation, as a non-mainstream animation expression form, together with hand-painted animation and computer animation, constitutes three major categories of modern animation.
粘土动画被称为“旧动画”,因为它具有与手绘动画一样长的历史。 1907年,在美国纽约的vitagravf公司生产基地,一位不知名的技术人员发明了这种“一拍即拍”的方法,通过相机在一个网格中拍摄场景,并且从那时起就开始了定格动画。定格动画在早期的电影中掀起了波澜,例如“闹鬼的酒店”,同年制作的刀片会自动切割香肠。 在近一个世纪后的发展中,定格动画作为一种非主流的动画表现形式,连同手绘动画和电脑动画,构成了现代动画的三大类。
In October 2005, the clay animated film Wallace and gromit: the curse of the rabbit topped the us box office with $16.1 million in its first week of release, winning the 78th academy award for best animated feature. Grommet and Wallace became famous and went on to become a "British dog" craze around the world. It is remarkable that this "old" animation has survived the siege of computer-animated blockbusters and achieved such a feat far from the British Isles.
After Wallace and Gromit: the curse of the rabbit, audiences all over the world seemed to recognize Gromit and Wallace overnight. However, the British pup's global fame is not just an overnight success. In fact, as early as 16 years ago, the two protagonists of the cartoon have been well-known super animation stars in the UK.
For Wallace and Gromit, the animations are related to animations about Nick Park, the author of Wallace and Gromit, and AardmanAnimations about their "birthplace" in the UK.
Nick parker was born in Preston, England on December 6, 1958. In 1980, Nick parker graduated from Sheffield college of the arts with a degree in media arts. He went on to study animation filmmaking at the national film and television school. In 1982, aardman animation founders David Sproxton and Peter Lord came to speak at the national academy of motion picture and television, and came across a proxton slideshow: a six-minute, extremely tacky animated film. The two men immediately fell in love with the two animated characters and warmly invited Nick Park to work for their adman animation company -- Wallace and Gromit were already present.
In February 1985, Nick parker joined the animation company adman, which had influenced his life. This is a historic moment. Since then, the studio has produced all of Nick's animated films, and Nick parker has undoubtedly become adelman's flagship character. The combination of Nick and adman animation company has made the creation of clay animation films in Britain brilliant.
Wallace and gromit is produced entirely by adman animation. Wallace, a middle-aged British man, and his faithful dog grommet have co-starred in three 30-minute novellas and 10 60-second shorts before the feature film came out. The three novelettes are: the moon picnic, the goose in the house and the razor's edge. The first animated film, "picnic on the moon," was nominated for an academy award when it was first shown on television in 1989. "Goose in the house" and "razor's edge" won oscars for best short film.
Wallace and gromit: the curse of the rabbit the iconic character design of Wallace and gromit was the primary factor in its success. Modeling design mainly includes three parts: character modeling design, scene modeling design and device modeling design.
Wallace and Gromit, a dog, are the "original models" of characters in the film. They are simple and simple in design, "clumsy" rather than "stupid". Their design style is different from that of Disney, the world's leading animation company.
Wallace and Gromit, the characters, are characterized by a bald Wallace head and Gromit with "M" ears standing upright on the head. Viewers can identify them even by looking at their silhouettes.
Due to technical difficulties, clay animations are not suitable for situations with large Numbers of people. In Wallace and gromit: the curse of the rabbit, there are more than 40 characters! This is unprecedented. The animators had to create different versions of each character, including a Gromit with 43 different poses and a Wallace with 35. They also created almost 20 different mouth shapes for Wallace, Lady Tottington and Victor -- thanks to Gromit's dumb features. The difficulty of making this long animated film is imaginable.
Founded in 1972, adman animation is a professional clay animation production company that attaches great importance to artistic personality. For more than 30 years, adman animation has encouraged directors to shoot in different styles and styles.
Adman animation company's continuous improvement and innovation in clay animation creation have opened up a new way for the development of clay animation.
Clay animation production is the crystallization of team creation wisdom and labor. Wallace and gromit: the curse of the rabbit is a huge project, and in terms of the design and production of the scene alone, it is considered to be the largest work in the history of clay animation.
Altogether, Wallace and Gromit were present in 32 different scenes, including a moonlit town lane, Wallace and Gromit's power-filled home, the stately Tottington mansion, a vegetable plantation with a large vegetable crop and open farms. The animators spent eight weeks building the scene for ms Tottington's mansion.
Looking at these exquisite masterpieces of scenery, we can see the scene of painters working: they are like gulliver in Lilliput, carefully walking through these miniature landscapes, with various brushes and tools in their hands, building houses and trees. Houses and gardens run through them, clay figures play in their hands, and vegetables the size of fingernails are gently placed into the garden. There are more than 250 staff and more than 30 animators involved in the creation of the film, a total of 2,800 kilograms of clay material, the average monthly consumption of 20 kilograms of glue and thousands of pens to color the model, the film used 15,000 lamps and lanterns of various models,33 cameras and digital cameras,96 lenses with different focal lengths...
Super invincible dog owners: the curse of the creative team members on behalf of the world's top clay animation creation level, they are British, o DE man animation company through the creation of more than 30 years, which made the clay animation art team, from the director, Nick Park and Peter Lord, to the animator group of dozens of people and to the hundreds of professional staff, the persistence of British animation elite with hard work to create the clay in one after another myth of the world.
The artistic prowess of Wallace and gromit: the curse of the rabbit is only part of the reason Wallace and gromit won the Oscar. In addition, suspenseful "hollywoodesque" plot, British humor and the successful commercial marketing operation of "dreamworks" have all contributed to the success of the film.
Today, with the rapid development of computer animation technology, clay animation, an ancient and simple animation art form, seems to have left us. However, it is this ancient simplicity that brings us a bright color in front of our eyes in today's overwhelming CG animation. The real texture of various objects in the film and the exquisite light all make us feel intimate. Audiences who have some understanding of clay animation production can feel the hardship of work and the wisdom of creation from the film. These great and dedicated British artists, with their persistence and hard work, saved and promoted this kind of almost vanished animation art.

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