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1.0 Introduction 引言
1.1 About social networking system关于社交网络系统
Online social network has been widely used all over the world. For the concept of online social networks, in general, many people puts forward that the concept of online social networking is a web service, and the service is based on a restricted system which allows the user to construct a public or semi-public space, and users can explicitly list links in space. At the same time, users can also view himself or other related links. Online social networks is the online community where people can find friends with same background and share common interest and activities. Most of the online social network is based on a platform, where allows users to upload documents (text, images and video) and communicate with others in variety of ways. For the employers, it is a kind of attraction mechanism which links employers and employees and the links could be strengthened by three mechanisms: branding, transparency and data specificity (Ollington et al, 2013).  
1.2 About Introduction of LinkedIn1.2关于LinkedIn的介绍
LinkedIn was established in 2003, which is known for the world's largest professional networking sites, and it aims for setting up career development platform, including three core value professional status, knowledge insights and business opportunity (Zide et al, 2014). Linkedin is committed to provide communication platform to global professionals. Ana as the world's largest professional networking sites, membership of Linkedin has reached to more than 300 million all over the world. The main revenue comes from three channels: providing employment solutions, marketing solutions and paid accounts. The headquarters of Linkedin is located in silicon valley of California, and Linkedin has set up branch and offices in 27 cities around the world, the mission is to connect the professionals around the world, and provide a platform to make them communicate in their respective fields, and create value.
Linkedin has a long-term vision, which is to create business opportunities for 3.3 billion employees globally, so as to create the world's first economic map. On February 24, 2014, LinkedIn introduced a simplified Chinese beta version, and started to provide better localization service for Chinese users, and establish a joint venture with Sequoia Capital China and jointly explore to develop business in China. In 2014, Linkedin faced a lot of doubts when entered into the Chinese market. As an Internet companies which comes from silicon valley, Linkedin are easily to be positioned as a mere "social media"just the same as Facebook. In other words, Linkedin can enter into Chinese market, but it does not stay for long. After two years of effort, the doubts are less and less, instead, the industry started to support Linkedin, and now, Linkedin has become the first successful multinational Internet companies in the Chinese market.
2.0 Advantages of LinkedIn
(1) The agglomeration effect of LinkedIn
Milgram, the famous American social psychologist, put forward Six Degree of Separation in 1960th . Six Degree of Separation means that one can know a stranger through six people at most. Therefore, scale-free is one of the architectural feature of social networking. In the online social networks, most of us only have a small number of connections with others, while a tiny fraction of the users have a large number of connections. And those who owns most of connections are pivots in the social networking and plays an important role in the Internet. LinkedIn used the theory of six degrees of separation and gather the working people and provide them the platform to share their work experience. Its pattern of community and brand enjoys a good reputation degree which contribute to the agglomeration effect of talent groups. In addition, its functions charge to C terminal (Users) according to the hierarchy. And charging through the C terminal actually raised the threshold of the website, so it can set up its brand image of professional social networking site with high-end, high quality and strong purpose. In addition to this, we customers will understand it and feels that the services is valuable. To some extent, employers are happier that the website can improve the quality of the user, and strengthen the user's purpose. 
(2) The direct connection between employers and employees
The uniqueness of LinkedIn platform make the user data more accurate and high-end, LinkedIn platform has the largest business decision makers, and the high-end business people who are above the level of the manager. In terms of the connections between employers and employees, LinkedIn is an professional social media platform for work, can satisfy the demand of users whether he is employers or employees. In other words, the platform map the valuable information to the demand of talents. Besides that, it allows users to truly to receive valuable content. 
(3) Employers could not only seek the employer and find jobs in Linkedin, they can also expand their connections and conduct business social networking. 
In fact, only a small number of people are not satisfied with the current work status and they want to change their jobs, so, this part of the people are regarded as "active candidates". These people will go to job site to upload their resume so as to search jobs or want a friend to recommend work. And the other people actually don't want to change their jobs, and they think it is good now. But if there is a good chance to find, they must also have a look, this part of the man are referred to as "passive job seekers". LinkedIn and other recruitment website can both help the active job seekers, but LinkedIn can serve far more than other sites, it can help passive job seekers group, who is unable to service for other recruitment websites before they figured out how to serve professionals.
(4) Global recruitment solutions
Though recruitment service is one of app of LinkedIn platform, the biggest advantage of Linkedin is its globalization compared with other recruitment websites and other relative ratio. Not only enterprise can hire local talent, they also can recruit talents from other countries. The future there will be more and more domestic companies going abroad, so the demand for overseas talent will be more and more intense, and LinkedIn is the best partner to help them due to Its globalization. Globalization platform is an unique advantage for both companies and employees.
3.0  Impressions of Linkedin
The first impression of Linkedin is its abundant content and different value levels, including our identity, insights and others. For the identity, its main product is profile. This is the most important and also it is the most basic functions for all users, Both employers and employees display their own experiences, evaluation from others, contact information, and so on. As for the insights, it is also known as intelligence or insider information. These includes what happened in your connections, news in your industry, the successful experience of sharing and so on. And there are also much other information includes company information, job opportunities, anyone's resume and so on.
And the second impressions of Linkedin is that the Linkedin is considered more professional tools than Facebook no matter for students or people who have already worked (Caers and Castelyns, 2010). The information that is uploaded is all about working. This is in accordance with the position of Linkedin, an professional social networking website. 
The third impression of Linkedin is its convenience. Making connections with people is really easy and straight-forward. If someone would would like to find customers, employers, employees and so on, there is not only some tools that help people to find them, but also some groups can be taken part in (Thew, 2008). These groups contains similar persons where people can save a lot of time to meet their needs. 
The last impression is that its advancement. In this changing world, everyone need to show their creativeness and become more attractive when apply for jobs. The traditional way such as newspaper is less effective than before (Schawbel, 2013). Otherwise, employers or employees who are stick to the traditional way will be weeded out sooner or later. And Linkedin provide an advanced platform for people.

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