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Electronic shopping Environment

The study of Steckel et al. (2005) suggests during the internet boom of the late 1990s-early 2000s, pure internet enterprises are less common today. Web and electronic businesses are important for today’s industry drivers; meanwhile, it is applying digital technology to commercially transact between units and individuals. Before further discussion, it is important to understand what is online shopping. In Papazafeiropoulou (2010) study “electronic commerce is buying and selling over digital media.”  In addition, Habib (2001) identified that electronic commerce has three digital dimensions. They are: the product (service) being sold, the process, and the delivery agent (or intermediary). Additionally, Keen and McDonald (2000) suggest that online stores are not about the aesthetics that are the processes behind the click (Keen and McDonald, 2000). It means that the capability of the online store of the effect is no need to say.

20世纪90年代末至21世纪初的互联网热潮中,Steckel et al.(2005)的研究认为在纯粹的互联网企业是很少见的。网络和电子商务对于企业今天的发展是很重要的,同时,它采用数字技术的商业化之间,单位与个人进行交易。在进一步讨论之前,重要的是要明白什么是网上购物。在Papazafeiropoulou(2010)的研究“电子商务采购和销售在数字媒体。”此外,哈比卜(2001)指出,电子商务有三个数字的尺寸。他们分别是:所出售的产品(服务)的过程中,并传送代理(或中介)。此外,Keen和麦当劳(2000)认为,网上商店是不是美学,点击后面的进程(Keen和麦当劳,2000年)。这意味着能力的网上商店的效果是不用说了。

However, the new tendency to enterprises is using electronic commerce (electronic or online stores) as a part of business strategy to apply websites in order to enhance their traditional stores or moreover to be their primarily market channel. Accordingly, customers have to determine how to implement on the electronic shopping environment. Online stores provide customers with a vast range of alternative products and immense convenience. Unfortunately, providing the right amount of information and finding products that match the customer needs is not an easy assignment for these online stores (Pfeiffer et al., 2008). As most electronic shopping environments are featured with a dynamic flow of data, a great number of choices, and multiple decision standards, this may defeat customers (Punj and Rapp, 2003). Therefore, an online store applying the right tools can influence its survival; useful product recommender tools are progressively known by online stores as a means to sell more products. Inversely, websites that do not adapt intelligent tools will not only see bad purchase volumes but also undergo poor traffic as customers are more likely to come back to online stores adapting intelligent tools (Castagnos et. al, 2009). Furthermore and more importantly, the process of making purchase decision are represent in Haubl and Trists (2000) study there are two main stages during the making decision process of an online product search environment in order to make a decision. In the first stage, a customer identifies a number of products they want to compare known as the consideration set or the basket. Experts refer to this stage as product breaking (Mase et.al, 1999). As for the second stage, in order to make a decision, the customer will compare the features and details of these products. Experts refer to this stage as product comparison. (Castagnos et. al, 2009) In addition, Haubl et al. (2003) points out that one of the most interesting sights of the electronic shopping environment is that they make enterprises build personalized customer interfaces. It means that customer interfaces of online stores can be designed to be adjustable to particular needs, interests, and preferences of each customer at specific points in time. Such personalization can offer an individual shopper interface, dependent on what the website is able to infer, or what the website knows about specific customers.

 然而,新趋势对企业的电子商务业务战略的一部分,以提高他们的传统卖场,而且是他们的主要市场渠道申请网站(电子商店或网上商店)。因此,客户必须确定如何实现对电子购物环境。网上商店为客户提供种类繁多的替代产品和巨大的便利。不幸的是,提供适量的信息,并找到相匹配的产品,客户的需求是不容易分配这些网上商店(Pfeiffer等,2008)。由于大部分电子购物环境都具有一个动态的数据流,大量的选择,以及多个决策标准,这可能会使客户(Punj和Rapp,2003年)。因此,运用正确的工具的网上商店可以影响其生存有用的产品推荐工具,正逐步被称为网上商店作为一种手段来销售更多的产品。相反,不太适应的智能工具的网站将不会只看到坏的采购量,但也经历了恶劣的交通作为客户更容易回来,以适应智能工具的网上商店(Castagnos等人,2009)。此外,更重要的是,做出购买决定的过程中,是指在Haubl和Trists(2000)的研究有两个主要阶段在决策过程的在线产品搜索环境,以作出决定。在第一阶段中,一个顾客标识号码的产品,他们希望用来比较的被称为审议集或购物篮。专家指到了这个阶段,产品破(濑et.al,1999)。至于第二阶段,客户,以便作出决定,将比较这些产品的特征和细节。专家指到了这个阶段,产品比较。 (Castagnos等人,2009),另外,Haubl等。 (2003)指出,电子购物环境最有趣的景点之一,是他们让企业建立个性化的客户界面。这意味着,客户界面的网上商店可以设计成可调节的特殊需要,利益和喜好,每个客户在特定的时间点。这样的个性化可以提供一个单独的的购物接口,依赖于什么网站可以推断,或特定客户知道什么网站。


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