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Press Release新闻稿 2016年2月10日晚,BBC播放了一部西蒙宾纳安乐死的纪录片,数百万人观看了该纪录片。这部纪录片引起了英国社会和世界对安乐死的极大关注和讨论(Alwakeel,2015年)。西蒙是一
Press Release新闻稿
In the evening of 10th February, 2016, BBC broadcasted a documentary about euthanasia of Simon Binner, which was watched by millions of people. This documentary led to great concern and discussion about euthanasia from the British society and the world (Alwakeel, 2015). Simon was known as a British millionaire who graduated from Cambridge University, he was fluent in four languages and had his own nursing home. In his family's eyes, Simon was a very good and humorous person with strong leadership. However, the misfortune of his life took place in January 2014.
That day, Simon was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which is a kind of disorder leading to weakness of people’s brain and muscle. Patients with this disease generally have only six months to two years of survival time. Simon was told that he would gradually lose the ability to speak, his bodily functions would decline every day and gradually lose the ability to take care of himself, when his breathing muscles were failed, he would go to the end of his life. For Simon who had a successful career and strong self-esteem, it became the nightmare that he was most reluctant to accept.
半年后,他的病情发展迅速,他口齿不清。所以在很多情况下,他不得不依靠打字机来“帮助”他说话。于是西蒙做出决定,他想在2015年11月2日在瑞士进行安乐死(安乐死在英国是非法的,2014年9月,英国议会投票否决了安乐死提议),那天是他的生日。他联系了瑞士一家从事安乐死的诊所,给医生发了一封电子邮件,描述了他的情况。然而,他的家人和朋友真的不能接受这个事实。在一次与两个朋友的聚会上,西蒙告诉他们他的计划,他的妻子黛比觉得这是不可接受的。西蒙说他的身体正在下坡,他的手开始不由自主地颤抖,他感到非常虚弱。这次聚会结束了,西蒙仍然坚持要去瑞士看医生。因为接受安乐死必须经过医生的医学面谈,医生需要与患者进行长时间的交谈,以评估患者的精神状态,从而确定这是他故意的选择而不是冲动。在这次采访中,他告诉医生他已经考虑过了,他希望安乐死结束他的生命。最后,医生说西蒙的情况符合他们的条件,他可以预约安乐死。这样,西蒙和医生有了最后的约会,他离开世界的最后一天定在11月2日,他的生日。在约定的日子里,在完成一系列手续后,医生给了西蒙一个开关,他只需要按下开关,麻醉剂比平时高出30倍,就会注射到他的体内。他将在30秒内失去知觉,4分钟内死亡。在打开开关之前,他拿出电话,让其他人播放他事先为妻子录制的录音。他描述了他们之间的爱情,他无奈地选择了安乐死,他作了最后的告别。最后,他按了一下开关,就过世了。After half a year, his disease progressed rapidly, he had slurred speech. So he had to rely on a typewriter to "help" him to talk in many cases. So Simon made a decision, he wants to carry out euthanasia in Switzerland on November 2nd, 2015 (Euthanasia is illegal in the UK, in September 2014, the British Parliament voted and rejected euthanasia proposal.), that day was his birthday. He contacted a clinic engaged in euthanasia in Switzerland, he sent an e-mail to a doctor and described his situation. However, his family and friends really could not accept the fact. In a gathering with two friends, Simon told them his plan, his wife Debbie felt that it was unacceptable. Simon said that his body was going downhill, and his hand began to tremble involuntarily, he felt very weak. This gathering broke up, Simon still insisted on going to meet the doctor of the clinic in Switzerland. Because accepting euthanasia must undergo a medical interview by the doctor, the doctor needed a long talk with the patient to assess the patient's mental state, so as to determine that it was his deliberate choice rather than impulse. In this interview, he told the doctor that he had thought it over, and he wanted euthanasia to end his life. Finally, the doctor said that the case of Simon met their conditions and he could make an appointment for euthanasia. In this way, Simon had a final appointment with the doctor, the last day for he to leave the world was scheduled for November 2nd, his birthday. On the appointed day, after completing a series of formalities, the doctor gave Simon a switch, he just needed to press the switch, anesthetic which was up to 30 times higher than the usual would be injected into his body. He would lose consciousness in 30 seconds and he would die within four minutes. Before turning on the switch, he took out the phone, letting others to play the recording that he had recorded in advance for his wife. He described the love between them, he was helpless and chose euthanasia, he made a last farewell. Finally he pressed the switch, passed away.
In Australia, there were about 1,200 people who died for skin cancer each year, and there were about 27 million patients who went to hospitals for diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, there was a skin cancer among less than 100 people. Because of the ozone hole, as well as Australian culture of advocating daylight, the skin cancer rates in Australia is the highest in the world, which is 13 times over the global average. If skin cancer is detected and treated early and more appropriately, in general, the efficacy and the prognosis is good, but if there is lymph node metastasis, the prognosis is serious (Cancer Council Australia, 2015). For the latter, for skin cancer patients, there is enormous suffering, in the following contents, the situation of an advanced skin cancer patient will be shown through a video.
It can be seen that there are more ulcers in the skin of the advanced skin cancer patient, the ulcers are butterfly-shaped, deeply infiltrate obvious, they are devastating largely and involve the bones. Accompanied by purulent infection, stench, pain, the ulcers are stinking, there are more purulent secretions and they are easy to bleed; and there is occurrence of metastasis of cervical lymph node.
Doctors point out that, due to invasion and destruction of advanced cancer towards normal tissues, adjacent nerve roots are compressed and destructed, leading to local tissue necrosis and blood flow obstruction, bone and periosteum are infiltrated, these factors lead to the patient’s severe pain, such pain is severe pain and persistent pain, the pain can not be relieved without medication, the patient only relies on morphine large to ease the pain a little.
Because of taking a large number of anti-cancer drugs, violations of digestive or nervous system by cancer, as well as psychological anxiety, the patient suffers frequent vomiting, nausea, the patient said that the nausea and vomiting are more distressing than the cancer pain, he also can not eat normally, there is a serious shortage of nutritional intake, we can see that the patient has become very thin.
Meanwhile, as the cancer cells have transferred to the lungs, leading to dyspnea caused by bronchospasm and lung infections, the patient has to rely on life-support machine. In addition, due to skin damage and secondary bacterial infection, as well as strong growth of cancer cells, the advanced cancer patient has persistent fever, which is even up to 39 degrees, the persistent fever makes the patient look very apathetic, lethargic, he is unwilling to communicate with other people.
It can be seen from the video of the advanced skin cancer patient that, afflicted by the disease, the quality of his life has become extremely low, while considering from the current medical conditions, his chances of cure or remission is very slim. Thus the patient would rather give up the opportunity to accept continue treatment and choose euthanasia, but euthanasia is illegal in Australia. There are many such patients in Australia, how to deal with their demands deserves the care of the whole Australian society.
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