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澳洲本科课程termpaper作业:集团规划项目Group Planning Project

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International Tourism and Hotel Destination Development国际旅游与酒店目的地发展澳洲本科课程作业写作要求:国际旅游管理学课程
Type: Project类型:项目


Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3学习目标评估:
Due Date: 截止日期:
         19 May 11 12:00    Thursday Week 11
Weight: 35%
Task Description: 任务描述:
1000 words per group member (tolerance level: +/- 10%)每个组成员需要写1000字左右的内容


Criteria & Marking: 标准及标识




The Group project component is designed to encourage students to develop research, writing and group development skills. The primary competencies addressed are communication, literacy, problem solving, critical evaluation, and innovation skills.本集团项目的组成部分,旨在鼓励学生发展研究,写作和集团化发展的技能。解决的主要能力是沟通,素养,解决问题,批判性评价和创新能力。
Students will be required to analyse published research related to international tourism and hotel planning and development, assemble information gathered on a particular tourism area (region, destination or site) and to present their research findings effectively in a written form.学生被要求-将发表的研究与国际旅游和酒店的规划和发展进行分析对比,组装聚集在一个特定的旅游区(区域,目标或站点)的信息,并以书面形式有效地展示他们的研究成果。
Your task, as a group, is to investigate what planning procedures have been used in your choice of international tourism or hotel development case study. Your group can choose one example/ case as a ‘country/ region’, ‘destination’, or ‘site’. Using the planning discussion from Hall (2008) as an initial framework together with lecture contents, you should then also make use of academic literature (books or journal articles), original plans (if accessible), and relevant & reliable internet resources to document the development and planning of tourism in your example/ case.作为一个群体,你的任务是调查规划程序已被用于在您所选择的国际旅游或酒店发展的案例研究。你的组可以选择的一个例子/箱,作为一个“国家/地区”, “目标” ,或“地盘” 。使用霍尔(2008)作为初始框架,配合讲座内容的规划讨论,你应该也利用学术文献(书籍或期刊文章) ,原计划(如果访问) ,相关和可靠的互联网资源记录在你的例子/箱,旅游业的发展和规划。


Questions you should answer in your group project include:在你的小组项目,你应该回答的问题包括:


1. What was the original impetus for tourism or hotel development, as derived from or according to, development theories of tourism (‘why’ and ‘interpretations’)?
2. What were the principal dilemmas faced in your example?
3. What are the main strengths and weaknesses in the tourism/ hotel offering?
4. Who are the key stakeholders in your chosen case, and how has the community been involved?
5. How has (local) politics influenced tourism development?
6. What evidence of both a planning project (established plan) and continuous planning is there?
7. How has planning for tourism been tied into broader development strategies?
8. What evidence of a sustainable strategy is there?
9. What controls have been placed on tourism development?
10. What mistakes do you think may have been made – is there anything that you would have done differently?
There should be 4 members in a group, taking up 2 questions each (approx. 1000 words per group member).
Items 9 and 10 should be worked-out involving all group members and these need to be tied to the Conclusion.
Introduction and Conclusion sections (approx. 150-200 words per section) of the project must be included and should be written by all group members.
A group-mark is given to ALL group members without disparity. Continuous and frequent joint-work efforts are essential for this project


1。什么是旅游或酒店发展的原始动力,来自或根据旅游发展理论( “为什么”和“解释” ) ?
4 。在您选择的情况下,谁是主要的利益相关者,社会以及如何参与?
5 。如何(本地)的政治影响旅游业的发展呢?
6 。规划项目(既定计划)和连续规划是什么样的证据?
10。你认为什么样的失误可能已经 - 是有什么事,你会做不同?
•应该有4名成员在一组, 2题,每(约1000字,每个组的成员) 。



The following are minimum requirements for the project:以下是该项目的最低要求:


Reports must be typed using 12-point font. Please make sure your work is 1.5 lines spaced, typed on one side of the paper only. Please leave 2.5 cm left and right margins so that the marker has some space for comments. The report must not exceed the stipulated word length (+/– 10%http://www.ukassignment.org/dxaztermpaper/). You may wish to include supporting information as appendices at the end of the report. Note that appendix material is not included in the word length.
The paper is required to be a in a report format with the following sections:
A title page, which includes all names, student numbers, title of the paper, date, course name and your tutor's name.
An introduction, body and conclusions.
A list of references (the reference list is not included in the word length).
Any relevant appendices
An executive summary is not required
All assignments are expected to have correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing and use the APA style of referencing. Please refer to learning resource materials posted on the course web site.
Grading Criteria: These include general areas only. A detailed project grading sheet will be provided on the course web site.
1. Analysis and conceptual clarity (10%).
2. Structure & development (5%).
3. Research (10%).
4. Grammar, spelling & presentation (5%).
报告必须输入使用12点字体。请确保您的工作是1.5行行距,只在纸的一面上键入。请留下2.5厘米左,右页边距,使标记的意见有一定的空间。该报告不得超过规定的字长( + / - 10% ) 。您可能希望年底的报告附录包括支持信息。需要注意的是这个词的长度,不包含在附录材料。

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