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Microorganisms in carpets地毯中的微生物

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在一个纺织品生产和纺织品编织变得越来越自动化的世界,手工编织和手工打结出来的地毯都能算是作品了,因而十分昂贵。xx提供了很多重要的研究信息,这些信息是一些新的有关影响到地毯生产质量和数量的研究。它也对印度地毯编织业起到了新的探索和研究,这涉及到了和地毯文化有关的人,和那些有趣的在世界上一些地毯博物馆里有趣的地毯。In a world where textile production and fabric weaving is increasingly automated, hand woven and hand-knotted carpets and rugs are masterpieces which are pricey. XXprovides a lot of important information on new research studies conducted on microorganisms affecting the quantity and quality of carpets and rugs. It would also provide an insight in new loom for Indian carpet weavers, carpet culture related with people, and those interesting rugs and carpet museums in the world.
地毯清洗是一个重要的日常工作,因为这种维护是为了保护健康,人类在活动的时候,所有室内污染物气体通过通风设计,颗粒传播。这是由各种高效的地毯清洗方法得出的,这将最大限度地提取了清洗的力度和最小的留下痕迹。Carpet cleaning is considered to be an important task pertaining to protection of health when factors like activity management, design and ventilation of all indoor pollutants like gases, particles, and biopollutants at sanitary levels, and source control. It is done by various energy efficient carpet cleaning methods which would do maximum extraction and minimum traces of unwanted matter.
Latest studies have concluded that many commercial and residential carpets and rugs are perceived as home to illness, asthma, and allergies. It is been thought to promote as a habitat of microorganisms in the indoor environment.

Present Research Studies on effectiveness of Treatment Solutions Very little is found research on current status of micro-organisms in carpets. Most of the studies were carried out on rooms with carpets and without carpets. It was done in order to compare between the density levels of microorganisms within two categories made.
Earlier, carpet and rugs were hand woven with natural fibers or a blend of them to provide strength. Nowadays, modern technology has facilitated more options as carpet fibers for yarns. Commercial carpets today are seen woven with fibers like nylon, polypropylene, polyester and SBR. An advantage of such manmade fibers is that they do not support any growth of microorganisms in carpets. In addition, they repel moisture and contradictory to natural ones.
Natural fibers such as jute, wool and silk, are susceptible to microorganism attack. Jute, relatively resistant to microorganism, deteriorates fast when moisture laden. It acts as a food source for them. Presence of pests and microorganisms in carpets could be a sign of them feeding on the natural fibers. However, of the carpets are made with synthetic threads then it is a sign that either the carpet is providing a pathway to the food source or there is a spill on it. Overall, there is a very little possibility of presence of such notoriety in modern carpets.
Another study established the effectiveness of the treated carpets with the help of a field study. Two specimens but single type of carpets was installed in two classrooms in an elementary school in North Florida. The commercial carpets consisted one of them to be treated and the other untreated. Both of them had the pile yarn made of nylon. And the antimicrobial finishing was selected to have antimicrobial activity on fungi, not bacteria. The conditions to which both the carpets were introduced were chosen to be of high temperature and high humidity.
After a set period of exposure and experimentation, it was seen that the treated carpets had fewer fungal growth than untreated carpet samples. Therefore, it is established that antimicrobial treated carpets are resistant to fungal species growth.
Such studies like this also facilitated development of such antimicrobial solutions or formula for use in carpet industry too. Such formulas were favored for effective fungal and bacterial resistance initially and post cleaning. Recorded and compared figures showed that chemically treated carpet, when compared with untreated carpet, showed approximately an 80% reduction in the growth rate of microorganisms like bacteria S. aureus and E. coli. The reduction of fungi levels was recorded ranged from 12% to 40% after 10 shampoo cleanings at 6, 12, and 24 hour contact times.
The procedure consisted of 10 shampoo cleanings at 6, 12 and 24 hour contact times. Such impressive working has initiated a U.S. patent for this chemical applied for through the University of Georgia Research Foundation.
Below is a tabular form of contribution of rugs and carpets towards a healthier environment.下面是一个表格的地毯和地毯对健康环境的贡献。
Essential Environmental Design Factor
Health care
Useful Space
Flexible, cost
effective floor
covers, seating and
working area,
additions, restored
areas, basements
Auxiliary work
space, flexible,
rapid change cost
effective, highly
adaptive area
Flexible, cost
effective, primary
work area,
standing, sitting,
Enhances personal
compared to other
floor covers
nurseries, halls
Slippery, hard
floor alternative
Slippery, hard
floor alternative,
impact reducer
Slippery, hard
floor alternative
especially in halls
and common areas,
impact reducer
Color, patterns,
Corporate image
Color, inviting.
Color soothing,
Softening, casual
Softening, secure
Softening, secure
Low albedo
Low albedo
Low albedo
especially in
highly naturally
lighted schools
Low albedo, stress
Vibration control
controlled work
Noise control
essential in school
and not possible
without carpet
Vibration control,
Climate control
Insulator, heat
sink, air resistant
Insulator, heat
sink, air resistant
Insulator, heat
sink, air resistant
Insulator, heat
sink, air resistant
Vacuuming and
Cost Effective
Vacuuming and
Cost Effective
Vacuuming and
Cost Effective
Indian Carpet weaving Loom Structure印度地毯织机结构
Weaving loom structure improvised by Studies Conducted
Historical looms all over the world, especially in India has been in the form of wood, which are susceptible to termite attacks and low service life. It required a strong manual pull through a rope by 2-3 persons. To change such a tiring procedure of weaving textiles and carpets, an improved form of a loom was constructed.
The improvised form was developed at IIT Delhi, 2001, which facilitated weaving easy. However, the cost of the loom is more. This very design is designed as such to be light weight and at reduced cost. It is being verified using the Finite Element Analysis software, ANSIS.
The department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi's Himanshu Chaudhary and Subir Kumar Saha's efforts has been accepted widely. In spite of extensive weaving of carpets done by automated means, handmade carpets always demand high prices. This is due to the no presence of better kind of the carpets and rugs than carpet made by hand.

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