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对社区专业化的参与研究Response to professional and community engagement

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Section One: Scope范围
场景四(巴塞特,迈凯轮,特洛伊和稀缺的2011,pp.6-9),阐述志愿服务的意义和问题的提出如何促进志愿者项目。根据材料的“青年志愿服务”一文,指出研究中的两个主要问题,这是“酷”和“未知”(巴塞特,迈凯轮,特洛伊和稀缺的2011,pp.6-9)。第一个问题“不酷”是指内容或志愿服务的促销方法是不是很棒,对年轻一代的激励(巴塞特,迈凯轮,特洛伊和稀缺的2011页)。对于年轻人来说,他们不仅是为社区或社会做出贡献的愿望,而且还渴望寻求一些机会,获得一些有趣的和有意义的体验。因此,志愿服务的推广方式显示了它在吸引和招募志愿者中的重要性。因此,要解决“不酷”的问题,管理者要真正实现从新媒体技术,如智能手机和互联网,增加参与志愿者项目的兴奋。第二个问题“未知”意味着在课程服务,目前尚不清楚志愿者认出什么利益或社会技能可以让他们(巴塞特,迈凯轮,特洛伊和稀缺的2011页)。Under the influence of new media technology, the future of traditional media, such as newspaper industry, looks troublesome. Internet and mobile phone, as the typical new media presently, play certain significant roles in leading the mass communication industry. They serving as the main platform severely hit traditional media a lot in showing the outstanding spreading speed. The biggest advantage for new media is to get various kinds of information or news in time and conveniently, which is a difficult goal for traditional media to reach. For traditional media, they primarily rely on providing audiences sufficient information, which contain both authenticity and depth. Based on the very different advantages between traditional media and new media, the issue is triggered because in the real world, it is tough to maintain both truth and speed. Reflecting on Scenario four and Youth Volunteering Policy Paper, how to avoid “uncool” and “unrecognized” issues in spreading volunteer program (Bassett, McLaren, Troy &Scarce  2011, pp.6-9). 
In Scenario four (Bassett, McLaren, Troy & Scarce 2011, pp.6-9), it states about the significance of volunteering and raise the question of how to promote the volunteer program. According to the material “Youth Volunteering Policy Paper”, it states out two primary issues in the research, which are “uncool” and “unrecognized” (Bassett, McLaren, Troy &Scarce  2011, pp.6-9). The first issue “uncool” means the content or promotional method of volunteer service is not fantastic and exciting to young generation (Bassett, McLaren, Troy & Scarce 2011, p.7). For young people, they are not only desire to make contributions to communities or society, but also eager to seek some opportunities to obtain certain funny and meaningful experience. So therefore, the promotional way of volunteering shows its importance in attracting and recruiting volunteers. Hence, to solve the “uncool” issue, managers should really implement technologies from new media, such as smart phone, and Internet, to increase the excitement of participating volunteer program. The second issue “unrecognized” means that in the course of serving, it is not clear to volunteers to recognize what benefits or social skills they can get (Bassett, McLaren, Troy & Scarce 2011, p.7). Frankly, lacking of enough information is a representative drawback of new media, even though it is understandable to have it. Thus, to cope with the “unrecognized” issue, managers should learn from traditional media, which concentrate more on offering people a true, authentic, and deep information. 
Overall, according to Gracie Lawson-Borders, convergence is becoming a window of opportunity for traditional media to align itself with technologies in this information era (2003). Additionally, it should be a tendency in the future communication industry on the results of majorities of information and news are now based on Internet. So therefore, for resolving the issues produced from spreading volunteer program, convergence will be a strategy to managers in spreading the ideas, content and excitement of the program and event.
Section Two: Outline 概述

The project in scenario four is about student leadership in UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Bassett, McLaren, Troy & Scarce 2011, p.8). The purpose of UTS to hold this program is to develop their connecting and social skills, which might be fairly beneficial to their future career (Bassett, McLaren, Troy & Scarce 2011, p.9). The issues that have been discussed in Section One might still be raised here. Hence, the potential issues determine that the program manager should firstly clarify the duties of volunteering as well as the skills or benefits volunteers might obtain afterwards. Secondly, manager also has to try some creative ideas for making the program funny, exciting, and meaningful. It is understandable that if the program is not appealing to young people, the impact or purpose of holding this program will be void finally. 
Based on the above possible issues, certain approaches can be applied in decreasing the appearances of these two issues. The first approach is to hold a mock job fair on campus, since this job fair, although it is a mock recruitment, will directly improve graduates’ social skills and professional skills. The publicity should not limit in using traditional media, such as newspaper or posting, but expand to employ the impact of new media, such as Internet, Smartphone, etc. A benign convergence of traditional media and new media will increase the population of the event. Moreover, through the publicity of traditional media and new media, students will recognize more contents of this event as well as find more excitements in participating this event.There are two practical approaches that can be used in promoting the event, based on the principle of integrating traditional media and new media. The first one is to create a column in a locallyfamous newspaper to update the newest information of this event. And the second one is to open an event page online on Facebook or Twitter for posting promotion video and pictures (Martin 2010). They also serve as two major platforms to get some suggestions from participants, meaning that people also can give their comments in these two social media platforms. Since in this information age, audience is both the information receiver and provider. So, well utilizing this function can enhance the amusement of this event.
Section Three: Overview of The Outcome and Deliverables成果和交付成果概述

The aim of this project is to introduce students certain jobs that related to their majors or coursework, to help them get the sense of what types of skills are needed in the real world, and to provide them some opportunities to access the real world professions through communication. Moreover, this program also can help student develop their communication or networking skills, increase the abilities of adoption, enhance the knowingness and well manners, and foster their abilities of independently finding jobs. In order to achieve this goal, the outcome should be obtained at the end of program. 
1. Outcome:
a. Promotion and publicity of this Mock Job Fair is effective, making students know what the purpose, content and format it is as well as what part of fun it is. 
b. Graduatesseek certain job opportunities, or at least access some successful professionals through the event.
2. Deliverables: 
a.Determining the local newspaper 
b. Determining the scale of the event
c. Determining the date/time that works for both graduates and employers
d. Determining the numbers of volunteers that need to assist in the event
e. Advertising/Posting on campus
f. Setting a on-campus instructing place for students who are interested in
g. Noticing other colleges to seek some assistance in publicity
h. Inviting on-campus reporters to keep tracking this event
i. Inviting off-campus reporters in local place to promote this university event
j. Opening social media promotion channel, such as Facebook, Twitter, We chat, etc. for the event
k. Opening a Online Check in System in the event day
Overall, the design of outcome and deliverables are the products of combination of “uncool” and “unrecognized”. And the principle of making this outcome is in accordance with the mix of newspaper and new media. For instance, most midsize or big size newspapers (circulations of 50,000 to 60,000) that launched “digital agency” services have increase their revenues quarterly (Dade 2012). Moreover, New York Times also launched their electronic version in order to adapt to this fast track model of communication (Sparks 2004). 

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