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Coverage Report
Read a screenplay of your choice from a film that was released by a major studio within the last three years.
Write a two to three-page, single-spaced coverage report on that screenplay, including one to two pages of synopsis and one page of comments. Consider the following categories when evaluating the screenplay:
1. Quality of Writing: Is it well written and structured?
2. Premise: What is it about? Is the story fresh and new?
3. Appeal: Who will want to see it? What are the key demographics?
4. Conflict: What's the hero's central conflict? When is it introduced?
5. Characters: Does the main character have an arc? Are the roles well-defined?
6. Dialogue: Does it evoke emotion? Does each character speak in a unique voice?
Follow the basic format used in the ICM sample coverage report. While not every item used in that report is required, you MUST include title, screenwriter, logline, synopsis, and comments. 
Title: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Screenwriter: Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Production Company: Marv Films, Cloudy Productions, Shangri-La Entertainment, TSG Entertainment 
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
At the beginning of the movie, after couple of showoff bombing, a bunch of heavily armed men burst into a building and start shooting everybody in somewhere in the Middle East. Masked gunmen Harry Hart, Merlin, Lancelot and Eggsy’s father tie some guy to a chair and interrogate him. Seventeen years later, Eggsy entered the Kingsman agent school and turns out to be a qualified agent after a series of harsh training with the help of Harry Hart and other friends. 
At the Hollywood kind of beginning of the movie, a team of agents flew to somewhere of Middle East in 1997, after a series of explosion, a bunch of masked and heavily armed men speaking Arabic surrounding a man tied, who look like some Middle East terrorist at each corner of the room. However, during this usual and easy daily Hollywood style interrogation, the tied man decides to commit suicide by detonating a hidden bomb to kill everyone in this room. At this very moment, Eggsy’s father jumps to the tied man and brings him down. Meanwhile, during the congratulation, it introduces the relationship of them, Merlin, the mentor of the dead agent, Eggsy’s father, the mentor of Harry Hart and Lancelot, the leader of the team. It also implied the training and difficulties to become a Kingsman. 
Seventeen years later, Eggsy become a grown street boy in London. With the help and introduction of Harry, he enters the Kingsman school. In the absence of the same variant as Spider-Man, the only possibility is to experience rigorous training to become an outstanding agent. This training school of Kingsman agents is like Ivy League colleges. So Eggsy, the street boy has to start training and compete with the elites from top universities, such as Oxford and Princeton etc. The advantages and disadvantages of Eggsy’sfrom the bottom and the Ivy Leaagues’ from the top are obvious, the underlying knowledge structure of Eggsy is clearly weak, but the more knowledge they have, they are more likely to be restrained by it. Knowledge can only let you live, but action force and life experiences and wisdom Eggsy learns from the bottom could help him change the world.Before he officially becomes a qualified agent, the super villain was found, the tech genius and millionaire. Finally, Eggsy turns out to be a qualified agent after a series of harsh training and beat the villain with the help of Harry Hart and other friends.
It is quit easy to consider Kingsman: The Secret Service much similar to traditional Hollywood spy movies. However, as a 7.8 rating of 10 IMDB movie, which is much higher than common spy movies, this one stands out by its ingenious quality of writing and story setting. Its appeal is also very clear, people who like teen movie, comedy or spy movie would like to pay for the ticket, which is also consistent with the key demographic of box (The Guardian, 2014). The conflicts of this movie, along with the dialogue and the character building, are three of the most attractive factors of this movie. In this movie, though many of the main character die, the dialogue is full of British humor, which makes it a successful comedy. Meanwhile, another highlight of this story is the setting of the villain and the death of Harry, since to establish an African American as a tech genius and as well as a villain, who is willing to clear this world is almost unprecedented. And in most Hollywood adventure movies, good guy usually don’t die.On the other hand, during the growth of Eggsy, especially when he is in the “school”, he never has the arc of main character. He makes his success due to the merits and smartness at the end of this movie, which he earns from his humble life. He is never heroism. 
IMDB, Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Kingsman: The Secret Service, scrip.
The Guardian, 2014, League of gentlemen: Kingsman and Britain’s posh-boy spies, retrieved on August 17.

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