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英国English Literature Coursework:我生命中难忘的日子

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我一生中不能忘记的日子是我的学生时代。我读书的那所学校是东tambaram SSV。日子过得很甜蜜,很愉快,我常常希望那天晚上不该过我的生活,因为我想呆在学校里,但生活不允许。我在那里学习,直到我进入毕业典礼。让我分享我的一些美好回忆。
The days which I can't forget in life are my school days. The School in which I studied was SSV East Tambaram. The days were sweet and pleasant and I used to wish that night should not come through my life, because I wanted to stay in school but the nature didn't allow me. I studied there till I entered my graduation course. Let me share some of my sweet memories.
One fine Morning, my parents took me into the school campus while I was holding their hands tightly as if I was about to go into a lion's mouth. I still remember that I was screaming like anything when my parents left me in the hands of my teacher. I was made to sit along with other children and they too were crying loudly by seeing them I cried even more. Like that the whole day went on with full of tears all around the classroom. After one week I was used to it and I made my first friends.
All my kinder garden classes were finished with some of the basics in my mind which is still helping me around my life. When I was in class 3 a boy came into our class, and there were some boys who were bullies of the class at that time. When he came those boys went over him and they teased him to the core and I went over and scolded them, from that time the class admired me, those boys went to their places and we both became friends and I had no idea why I scolded those boys in favour of the new comer. But some magic went through our hearts and we are still friends including those boys who teased him.
My school campus had a very small area for playing, I am sure that no other campus will provide their students like ours. Our playground had an area about 2000sq.ft.In that 500sq.ft was used by the drivers for parking. There was only one hour in a week for playing, on that occasion also there were 2 to 3 other classes of children used to come and occupy the ground. Even though the number was large for playing we used to play all the games including cricket and football. The greatest thing while playing was if we hit the ball slightly above in the air means it will go into the next house. So, we had to ask them and get the ball. In the mean time the master will come and say your time is over get back to your classes. Many a times we go back to class at a speed in which we came. Even though it had a small area we used to enjoy the hour and will be eagerly waiting for next week to come.
Till class 5th I used to write in pencils it was very difficult for me to use that because every time when we do mistakes we have rub it off and if the pencil was not sharp we had to use sharpeners, I hated using them. Then, at last came my day when we entered into class 6th I was given the permission to use pen. It was much better to use, the words were clear and the things which I wrote were catchy and added beauty to the words. Then after two years came another surprise it was all of us came into the school wearing trousers and girls came in churidar. That day was exciting and wonderful because before we used wear shorts which was funny, because some boys will be bulky that it won't suit them. But each and every year apart from birthdays everyone in campus will be allowed to wear causal's on November 14th on behalf of Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday. The campus looked colourful and all faces will be glittering like stars as if we have achieved some great thing. On that occasion the classes will be decorated with flowers, colour papers and balloons all around and will have no classes on that single day. All the students will be engaged in some plays and rest will be enjoying watching the programmes.
The days were moving in a rocket speed, and the day came when we were about to get separated. In our school there was a procedure followed when the students came to 9th.They used to shuffle all the students based upon the results of 8th .On that day all the students will have to stay in the auditorium and they will call out the names and accordingly we move to our respective classes. All the students will be sad and the faces look dull because the friends with whom we were up to 8th are getting separated. I too was feeling sad for a week and then I became normal.
After completing 9th all the students became serious and studious than before because we were in class 10th.Usually all other schools during these periods use to keep special classes and will conduct regular test to make them strong to face the board exam, but my school didn't do such things. We were let free and no special classes were there and had a midterm test for a month. But the students in my class were busy in studies. But I didn't take it much seriously I was what I was before. The days passed on and my first board exam came my way. Our school belonged to Shankaracharya who is famous in the Hindu religion. They used to give blessings before we take our exams. I don't know how much it worked on me. I was very nervous during study holidays, and they too passed on and the day came for me to take my exams. On the first exam I was nervous, after that I was normal, took the exams very easily than the exams taken in the school. After my exams were over I was on a long leave for about 3months, it was the longest leave that I had got in my school days. Our school used to give the groups before the results came on the basis of the performance in the school exams. I got the group before the exam results. Then came the result and it was ok. I was not bothering about the result because I got the group which I needed.
The real world of happiness came to me when I entered into my 11th.After three months of gap I was into the campus and when I entered into the class all of them were new faces hardly 3boys were known to me. It was the class where all the studious guys were placed, I was shocked why I have been to this class and tears were there in my eyes by seeing them. All used to talk about studies and I used to watch their mouths. Like that one week went on, and then one teacher came to our class and said that this class has more students when compared to the other class of similar groups. She told that 3 of them should go to next class, I quickly stood up and told I was willing and thank god I was out of that class finally .When I went to the next class I saw all my friends and I mingled with them and there from my happiness started.
In every school they used to say that 11th is used for enjoying since we have been working hard for last one year and to work hard for the coming year. It was a year to relax and to enjoy the school days. Each and every day my enjoyment kept on increasing. I made new friends and formed a team of 12 members from various groups. Every morning we use to assemble, enjoy cracking silly jokes which still remain in my heart. During those days I was involved in many sports activities.
Our school was famous for a game named kho-kho in our zone. The students of our school were recognised by this game from the day our school was started. I was very much attached to that game and I enjoyed it a lot. We used to practice in the evening after the school hours. Our past passed out school seniors will come daily and we used to play and practice daily for the interschool competition. But this game is not internationally recognised, but it's a game where one can gain stamina and improve his speed. The duration of the game was about 30 minutes but each and every second was interesting. We use to win all the games in our zone and we were the champions for many years.
Our School had many cultural programmes and I used to participate every year. We used to form a group of members and used to do some innovative things. I still remember we did a mime program with paint all over our body and were standing like statues in different positions and it was the best show ever done in our school days and we use to dance in some functions. In most of the functions we used to do mischief and get scolding from our principal. After every function gets over the next working day our principal will make our group to stand in the auditorium for the whole day but they will allow us in the break to have lunch. It was very interesting to stand in front of all others. Everyone who passes will laugh at us and we loved those moments.
In every year we will be waiting for the sports day to come because during those days we will be practicing march-past with group captains of every house leading in the front. And during my 11th I was the sports secretary for my school. I used to light the lamp. That time I was on the top of the world. During sports Day everyone used to wear school uniform but I used to wear jerseys and will instruct all the students. Everyone will be looking at me and they will announce in the mike that so and so student has achieved in the field of sports. Like that I was enjoying each and every moment in my higher secondary.
My experience in 12th was also very interesting as I was thinking of college. During those days many test were conducted and we were not allowed to play any sports. We were made to concentrate on our studies. Usually our school used to get the top rank among other schools in our zone. In my batch one student bagged the top mark among all other schools. The staffs who took our subjects were fabulous and they thought us in such a way that we were able to implement in our college studies also. That year too went on nicely but the only thing which I didn't experience was farewell, due to our senior's misbehaviour. But that was not a problem for we used to enjoy every day with full spirit and had no hard feelings for not having it.

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