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学生在生活中需要写多种类型的coursework。 在所有这些人中,他们大部分时间都必须提交作业论文。 对学生来说,理解coursework至关重要!什么是coursework以及如何撰写coursework。 小编为大家提供的文章是一个指南,可帮助英国留学生们了解完成coursework的方式。 该文章还提供了与coursework有关的完整细节,包括如何开始coursework及其过程直到最后。希望大家顺利搞定coursework。www.ukassignment.org
1.Rules of Writing a Coursework编写课程作业的规则
Coursework writing tips是要求学生撰写高质量作品的重要元素。以下是一些Coursework写作技巧,可帮助学生撰写Coursework。
1) Choose a topic that tells the goals of your subject clearly and set the goal for your coursework.选择一个主题,可以清楚地告诉您主题的目标,并为您的课程设定目标。
2) Take advice from experts, especially from your mentor about the choice of the coursework and the objectives you want to achieve with the essay. 征求专家的意见,尤其是您的导师的意见,以选择课程以及您希望通过本文实现的目标
3) Plan for the coursework essay structure. 制定课程作业结构计划。
4) Choose your research method relevant to your topic or nature of work. 选择与您的主题或工作性质相关的研究方法
5) Collect all the essential tools you will need for the research. 收集研究所需的所有基本工具
6) Perform in-depth research about the topic and make notes. 对主题进行深入研究并做笔记
7) Create an outline for a coursework essay. 为课程作业创建大纲
8) Create a draft. 创建草稿
9) Write the final essay or improve the draft to be the final essay. 撰写最终论文或将草稿完善为最终论文
10) Before submitting your work, make sure it is not plagiarized. 提交作品之前,请确保其未被剽窃
11) Re check citations and reference page. 重新检查引文和参考页
12) Proofread and edit your work and check all data included in the essay. 校对和编辑您的作品,并检查论文中包含的所有数据
2.1How to Choose Coursework Topic如何选择作业主题
  • Do Brainstorming on different topics and choose the most appropriate one for you. 在不同的主题上进行头脑风暴,然后为您选择最合适的主题
  • Choose a topic that has your personal interest. 选择一个您个人感兴趣的主题
  • Define the field of research and narrow down it to a specific topic. 定义研究领域并将其缩小到特定主题
  • Ask your mentor for the choice of topic, he/she might help you to narrow the topic further向您的导师询问主题选择,他/她可能会帮助您进一步缩小主题范围
  • Ensure the topic is narrow, clear and straightforward 确保主题狭窄,清晰,直接
2.2Coursework Writing Process课程作业写作过程
Coursework writing requires good planning and in-depth research on the topic. Coursework writing varies across colleges and universities, and it is essential for you to understand each structure. Coursework writing also varies subject wise.。编写课程作业需要对这个主题进行良好的计划和深入研究。不同大学之间的课程作业写作各不相同,这对您理解每种结构至关重要。课程写作也因学科而异。
  • Manage your time well and assign each task proper time. 妥善管理时间,并为每个任务分配适当的时间
  • Consider the structure of the coursework essay. 考虑课程作业的结构
  • List down research questions it will help you in your research. 列出研究问题,这将对您的研究有所帮助
  • Define the scope of your work. 定义工作范围
  • Familiarize yourself with resources that are required to accomplish the work熟悉完成工作所需的资源
  • Find out where you can find reliable information for your research. 找出在哪里可以找到可靠的研究信息
  • Choose the most suitable tools for research. 选择最合适的研究工具
  • Gather all the tools needed for the research. 收集研究所需的所有工具
  • Make notes. 做笔记
  • Make sure that your notes are easy to read and help you throughout the whole work. 确保您的笔记易于阅读,并在整个工作中为您提供帮助
  • Ask your mentor for reference materials as you have to do the research. 在进行研究时,请您的导师提供参考资料
  • If experimentation is required, plan for them and observe health and safety precautions. 如果需要进行实验,请对其进行计划并遵守健康和安全预防措施
  • Analyze and write up the results for each experiment. 分析并写下每个实验的结果
  • If traveling is required, plan and allocate necessary resources for the trip in advance. 如果需要旅行,请提前计划和分配旅行所需的资源
5.Structure Planning结构规划
  • Choose a structure that is within the scope of your research. 选择您研究范围内的结构
  • Create an outline for the essay. 为论文创建大纲
  • Write down the topic and subtopics. 写下主题和子主题
  • Write down the first draft of your work. 写下您的工作初稿。
  • Edit the draft. 编辑草稿
  • Check the word count and writing accordingly. 检查字数并相应地书写
  • Stay focused. 保持专注
  • Include citations where necessary. 必要时包括引文
7.Support Materials辅助材料
  • Ensure the support materials that need to be attached as appendix/ references. These headings are written at the end of the essay. 确保需要随附的支持材料作为附录/参考。这些标题写在论文的结尾
  • Insert the support materials where appropriate. 在适当的地方插入支撑材料
  • Avoid cluttering support materials together without any formal organization. 避免在没有任何正式组织的情况下将支持材料弄乱
  • Ensure all support materials are easy to understand. 确保所有支持材料都易于理解
  • Index all support materials for easier referencing within the essay. 将所有支持材料编入索引,以便在论文中更易于参考
8.Finalizing coursework完成课程作业
It is necessary to understand how to finish a coursework essay. Here we will tell you how to finish a coursework essay. After writing the essay, it is important to proofread your work multiple times. Correct all grammatical and syntax errors. Always make citations of each source used in the work according to a specific referencing style you are using. Citations are mandatory to avoid plagiarism. Make sure a reference page is included in the cited work.

范文 INTEL Knows Best?
A Major Marketing Mistake
Problem Statement
When Thomas Nicely, a mathematician at Lynchburg College in Virginia, first went public with the fact that Intel's new Pentium chip was defective Intel admitted to the fact that it had sold millions of defective chips and had known about the defective chips for over four months. Intel said its reasoning for not going public was that most people would never encounter any problems with the chip. Intel said that a spreadsheet user doing random calculations would only have a problem every 27,000 years, therefore they saw no reason to replace all of the defective chips. However, if a user possessed a defective chip and could convince Intel that his or her calculations were particularly vulnerable to the flaw in the defective chip then Intel it would supply those people with a new chip. This attitude of 'father knows best' fostered by Intel created an uproar among users and owners of the defective chips. Six weeks after Mr. Nicely went public, IBM, a major purchaser of Pentium chips, stopped all shipments of computers containing the defective Pentium chips. Intel's stock dropped 5% following this bold move by IBM. IBM's main contention was that it puts its customers first, and Intel was failing to do this.

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