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Essay 开头段落写作指南「2021通关技巧」

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Essay 开头段落写作指南哪里找?一个有趣的essay开头段,即introduction段落,能够激发评审老师阅读的兴趣,更是会对这篇essay的好坏有一个深刻的印象。因此,写好开头段(introduction)在essay写作中尤为重要。然而,对于很多同学来说,不知该从何处下笔写这个开头段。今天,本文将通过引用各学科的优秀essay案例来分析essay开头段的写作格式和技巧,帮助你在essay 开头段(introduction)写作上能够不假思索,提起笔来,一挥而就。

一、Essay 开头段写作格式

首先,essay开头段(introduction)的功能是提供读者本篇essay的中心思想和主旨大意。那么,在这个部分中,你应该提供一些背景信息,说明这篇essay论述的核心问题的社会背景或学术背景是什么。此外,你还需要清楚地罗列并概述你对于此问题的’答案’是什么。这个’答案’可以是你的立场(position)、观点(contention)、论题(thesis)或主要论点(main argument)等等。



接下来,为了帮助同学们进一步了解essay开头段的框架结构和写作技巧,小编来举例分析开头段写作格式: 以marketing专业标题为‘Analyzing the performance of Vedanta Resources’的essay为例: 该标题说明本篇essay最核心的关键词就是Vedanta Resources。那么本篇essay开头段的起始句,就是从描述Vedanta Resources的大致的社会背景(general background)开始。以下为本篇essay开头段第一句: Vedanta resources is the first Indian company to be listed in the London stock exchange in December 2003. It is an FTSE 100 metals and mining company with its headquarters located in London, UK and is India's largest non - ferrous company based on their revenues. The company is principally situated in India, although they have possessions and operations in other locations such as Zambia and Australia.

接下来,introduction段落会将上述背景进一步具体化,通过‘however’, 层层递进,引出essay关键词Vedanta Resources的具体的问题背景, Vedanta Resources is mainly invested in copper, zinc, Aluminium businesses, however the company is now adding to their portfolio by diversifying into a commercial power generation business. The group has experienced a significant growth in recent years on grounds of various expansions in projects owing to a world class resource base containing copper, zinc and Aluminium, the result of this being the acquisition of Sesa Goa in April 2007, which enabled them to penetrate into the iron ore market. Therefore, the organization is actively participating in the iron - ore, zinc, Aluminium and copper businesses. Vedanta has a precise vision and mission statement, vision being to be clear and committed so that they might become the market leaders in the non- ferrous market segment and their mission is to be a low cost, million-ton per annum producer, the ultimate goal however is to make the company a success, needless to say that such a mission will certainly put India on a global competitive platform, in the metals and mining segment. The company has continuously demonstrated that they are able to bring - in projects that are of high significance thereby contributing unmatched growth at minimum pricing while ensuring high returns to all their shareholders. Also, the organization makes certain that they meet the high conservative standards that are set, so that unjustifiable numbers are not shown in their balance sheets. Vedanta Resources deals with a diverse portfolio of mining and metals business as they make available eminent proceeds to their shareholders even as they make sure that they are socially and environmentally accountable, as the management keeps track of their employees’ health and safety, community issues and of their surroundings. Several of Vedanta Resource's operations are authorized by International Management Systems Standard ISO 14001, proof of it being the many awards won by the company such as Recognition of Commitment Award from the Institute of Internal Auditors, USA in 2005, Vedanta Resources being the only manufacturing company out of a total of four Indian companies to have ever received this award, not to mention the numerous safety and environment awards.

最后,作者通过引用他人的论述,提出自己对于该问题的答案(观点和论点): To quote the chairman of Vedanta Resources, Mr.Anil Agrawal 'India is a fast-emerging and attractive resource destination, and we believe our strategy and business objectives will harness India's high-quality wealth of mineral resources at low costs of development, positioning it as a leader on the global metals and mining map.'




以下是经常会被用到的开头段英文短语和句式: This essay discusses … /… is explored … /… is defined … The definition of … will be given/ … is briefly outlined … /… is explored … The issue focused on …. / … is demonstrated ... / … is included … In this essay …. / … is explained …/ … are identified … The key aspect discussed … / … are presented …/ … is justified … Views on …. range from …. / … is evaluated …/ … is examined … The central theme … / … is described … / … is analyzed … Emphasized are … / … is explained and illustrated with examples …


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