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个人陈述:建筑学专业个人陈述Architecture Personal Statement

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我一直是一个非常有创造力的人,所以通过我受的教育我热切地研究艺术和设计,最终我拿到了A级。我自学Adobe PS图象处理软件而且对这个软件的应非常有自信,所以我决定把这些技能与我对建
My interest in Architecture developed from a very young age and has since been a long-standing passion of mine.  It is the combination of art, technology and communication that makes this profession so appealing.  It was a family holiday to Barcelona that confirmed this interest, where Gaudi’s architectural innovation inspired me to actively seek a career in this profession.  My academic and personal experiences so far have therefore fully prepared me for a degree in Architecture and after having researched the options, I believe that the course at Anglia Ruskin University offers the ideal balance between design and theory to fully develop my skills for the future.



I have always been a very creative individual and so I have fervently studied Art and Design throughout my education, culminating in my achieving an A grade at A-Level.  I am a self-taught user of Adobe Photoshop and have become very confident with this software, and so I decided to combine these skills with my love for architecture and for the geometric nature of cubism in my final A-Level Art & Design project.  My cubist representations of landmark buildings were described as ‘technically and visually astute’ and earned me the highest marks in my year.  In addition to Art and Design A-Level, I also studied English Literature and Business Studies.  My decision to select English Literature stems from a love of reading and I fully believe that my exploration of the arts and literature heightens my creativity.  My A-Level in Business Studies, meanwhile, has enabled me to develop problem-solving skills that are crucial for a career in Architecture.

我一直是一个非常有创造力的人,所以通过我受的教育我热切地研究艺术和设计,最终我拿到了A级。我自学Adobe PS图象处理软件而且对这个软件的应非常有自信,所以我决定把这些技能与我对建筑的热爱和对立体几何的热爱融入到我最后的A级艺术设计项目中。我的关于地标建筑的立体陈述立被概述为“技术上和视觉上非常敏锐,赢得了我这一年最高的成绩。除了我取得了艺术和设计的A级,我还学习了英语文学和商业研究。我决定选择英国文学源于热爱读书,我完全相信,我的探索的艺术和文学提高了我的创造力。我的高级企业管理学位,同时,也激励我提高解决问题的能力也对我的建筑事业起到关键的作用。

Whilst at school, I took part in the Young Enterprise competition where my peers nominated me to be the Creative Director.  We set up an e-commerce greeting card service and my responsibilities ranged from the design of the website and brand image to the design and creation of the end-product.  In addition to this, due to my excellent communication skills, my business teacher selected me to represent our company in each competitive round, involving presenting clearly and competently to large audiences and answering ad-hoc questions from the judges.  We received orders for our product from across the world and made it through to the national round of the competition.  Not only did this experience provide me with a deep understanding of start-up businesses but it has also developed my ability to work as part of a team and to think on my feet.  Learning how to address large audiences has prepared me for ‘critiques’ at University, and dealing with the pressure of answering impromptu questions has prepared me for conveying ideas to other professionals engaged in architectural projects.

As well as studying for my A-Levels, I have been volunteering at a local Architect firm where I have worked as Assistant to the Senior Architect.  I was initially employed to conduct administrative tasks only, but due to my enthusiasm and imagination I have been given the opportunity to work more directly on client projects.  As such, I have hands on experience of planning a project and a very real understanding of the fundamental processes involved in seeing a project through from start to finish.  Throughout my employment at this company I have been commended for my understanding of the aesthetics of architecture and my ability to transform client requirements into new and innovative designs.  Also, under the supervision of the Senior Architect and through my own determination, I have developed a strong foundation in the use of AutoCAD and this has enabled me to transform my ideas into real, workable drawings.

I am an active individual and in my spare time I am a very keen runner as well as a dedicated member of the local girls’ football team.  At a recent awards ceremony, I was presented with the ‘Most Promising Player’ award due to my dedication in perfecting my football skills and ability to work effectively in a team.  In addition to this, I subscribe to The Architects Journal, am an avid reader of The RIBA Journal web pages and often read the design pages of broadsheet newspapers such as The Times and The Guardian.  Also, on the rare occasion that I am at home, I love to watch the TV program, ‘Grand Designs’, and very recently travelled to London to attend the Grand Designs Live show.

I am very excited about the prospect of studying Architecture at Anglia Ruskin University, as I believe it will open the doors to a wealth of opportunities in the future.  I am particularly attracted to the environmental aspect of this degree as I am committed to using my career in Architecture to champion sustainable living.  I believe that my communication skills, creativity and technological curiosity combined with an innate architectural interest make me the ideal student for this course.

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