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美国留学生termpaper:Extended Communication Analysis Project

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福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Company)在市场上的EDSEL获得了巨大的利润。这个乐队在年轻人和老年人中很流行。这款车设计优雅,质量上乘,性能卓越,最能满足客户的需求。汽车是人类用来驾驶的,因此汽车的质量应该得到保证,以避免汽车本身造成的任何危险(Dahristos,1996)。Edsel由福特于1958年推出。当时,福特已经投资2.8亿美元将这辆车推向市场。这辆车对美国汽车市场的历史有着重要的意义,当Edsel汽车进入市场时,福特公司利用海报作为广告,使这种汽车为人们所熟知。这辆新车的海报广告既用图片也用文字来表达其特点,以吸引潜在的顾客。海报中的话语并不是那么复杂,而是非常简单和明显的话语,让人们去识别和理解。这些海报体现了其优雅、品质优良、创意新颖的特点,充分传达了其活力和家庭观念。这种海报可以为社会的和谐和家庭的幸福做出贡献。
The Edsel by Ford Motor Company in the market has made great profit. This band has been fashionable among the young and old generations. This car has been designed as elegant, high-quality and great features, which satisfies the customers most. The car is used for human being to drive, so the quality of the car should be ensured to avoid any dangers caused by the car itself (Dahristos, 1996).  The Edsel is introduced by Ford in the year of 1958. Ford has invested more than $280 million for selling this car to the market at that time. This car has great meaning to the history of the automobile market in the USA. When the Edsel car enters into the market, Ford Company has employed the poster as ads to make this kind of car be known by people. The posters advertising of the new car have been used both the pictures and words to express the features to attract the potential customers. The discourse in the posters is not so complex, instead, the discourse is very simple and obvious for people to identify and understand. The posters have indicated the elegance, the good quality and new ideas, which has communicated the vigor and family concept properly. This kind of posters can make a contribution to the harmony of the society and happiness of families in society. 

The posters of the Edsel car launched in the year 1958 used two great posters to publicize its new features. The poster 'More new ideas, more YOU ideas - in the Ford family of fine cars' has conveyed the nature of the new Thunderbird Edsel in the automobile market in the USA. The words described in the poster have offered the humanistic caring for the potential customers. This is connected with the social culture in America. The American culture has belief in freedom, equality and democracy. The social care expressed in the poster is very obvious to fascinate the potential consumers on the car to make a contribution to the posit gaining(Fagan, 2001). ‘YOU’ has also added one human being who stands quite upright in the letter ‘O’. This kind of design is full of love for human beings, which displays the meaning that the car is very comfortable and proper for the potential customers. The word ‘YOU’ has been used the red bold style to make it more attractive and obvious in the poster, which has also emphasized the humanistic concept of the car. This kind of red bold has formulated great contrast with the other words in the light color.  As is known to all, the society should be harmonious to support the development of the society. In the peace years, everyone hopes the country or the world can be more developed to make people live good lives. Harmony is important to the whole country. As has been shown in the poster, the humanistic ideas displayed in them may contribute to the social concept of human beings. The humanistic concepts are beneficial to the progression of the society and the culture of countries as well. More and more social experts are studying the way to make the society become more beautiful both in the material aspects and the thought respects of human beings, which calls for the united power of organizations, government departments and the individuals. It is really a hard job to do and has a long way to run in some countries or parts of the world. 

By watching the poster carefully, one can find the family ideas in them. The happiness of the family in the poster has been conveyed vividly with words and comic pictures. The idea ‘families’ has been emphasized in the poster as well. The poster has not displayed any kind of sex discrimination or race discrimination, which also does not exist in the cars of Ford. This is why many people hate the Abercrombie & Fitch to a great degree, but Ford cars have not been involved in this aversion attitude (Meveten, 1999). When human beings consider the families, they will think up of a picture full of all the family members of him or her to enjoy the happiness together.  This idea calls for the bigger space of the car, which also needs the car to be more beautiful and comfortable.  The Edsel car has been designed to satisfy the needs of families with great features. Everyone has some kinds of aesthetic views in some aspects of an object. The Edsel car is very pretty in looking, which can draw the attention of the potential customers in the automobile car market(Gratten, 2003). As is well known to everybody, the family is one kind of group in the society. Families and countries can not be separated, for the connection between them is intense. No families, no countries; or otherwise. The family ideas in the poster of the car can reflect the importance of families in the society, which will affect the development of the society positively to some degree. The development of the society needs more positive ideas and concepts to support, which will finally contribute to the development in the economy and the living standard of human beings (Panney, 2002).  
The poster has employed the bright colors to attract the potential customers, which shows the enthusiasm of the car and the energy of the car drivers. The red color and blue color have been combined in the poster to make the readers of the poster to generate the feelings of visual simulation. The real feelings enhance the purchasing desire of the potential customers to some degree. The reality is the reflection of the present conditions of one or another. Everyone should live in reality. The imaginations are always to perfect for people to realize. It is not sensible to live in imaged conditions not in the reality (Jattern, 2006).  Although the reality sometimes is filled with troubles and unhappiness, the life still needs to go on. This kind of visual simulation can remind human beings to consider the true reality and not to just stay in the imagination or pictures. 
In the comic pictures of the poster, the car has been parked alongside the river, which apparently exhibits the scene that the family members can go on a trip together to have fun near the beach to relax and play. The car has been displayed in the features of large space for holding all the family members and all the needed objects.  The pleasant daily life has been depicted in the poster, which has expressed the demands of all the potential customers to some extent. The frameworks of the posters are well designed, which communicates with the potential customers more simply and naturally. The social ideas and the family meanings have been shown in the poster vividly and smoothly. The frames have been employed to make the context in the poster for readers based on the needs of the Ford Company, which has supported the dominant ideology in the car (Meveten, 1999). The discourse and the comic pictures have been combined properly to frame the poster. The discourse can be easier for people to read, and the comics can be more direct for readers to feel and think of. Both elements are key to the successful design of the posters. 
The discourse has the feature of simplicity and the humanistic ideas of the society and families. There is a difficulty in understanding whether the Ford Thunderbird Edsel is truly including the social ideology of harmony and happiness of the individuals and family members in the long run. Since the Ford Thunderbird Edsel was launched in 1958, the car has gone through more than 56 years (Andson,2003). There are many changes in the years passing by, which may lead to the alteration in the idea of the humanistic aspects.  What is more, various people and diverse cultures have dissimilar point of views on the happiness of the families and the harmony of society. In some certain cultures, the main ideology of harmony and happiness of the society and the families may have contrast with the Ford Thunderbird Edsel’s definition of the main ideology of harmony and happiness of the society and families. 

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