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Executive Summary执行摘要
近年来,随着人们生活水平的提高和精神文化生活的追求的人,户外运动逐渐显示出其独特的市场前景和巨大的经济价值。并与多家户外用品店也应需而生,创造了一个新的市场消费点。 120十亿元入市潜力,年销售额20十亿人民币,1亿人参与范围,户外运动已悄然成为一个新兴产业。不名山大河,名胜古迹和背部帐篷袋并发挥回归自然的户外运动,如今已经成为越来越多的人,知识和选择。户外运动在中国成为一种时尚运动,这也孕育着无限商机。但是,只有创意,善于捕捉机会学习是活动。然后,户外店成为必然。虽然国内户外运动仍处于起步阶段,现在,在这一趟早班车似乎别无选择。In recent years, as people living standard enhancement and the pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, outdoor sports gradually showed its unique market prospect and huge economic value. And a number of outdoor goods store should also need to be born, has created a new market to point of consumption. 120 billion yuan of market potential, annual sales of 2 billion yuan, 100 million people participate in scope, outdoor sports has quietly become a new industry. Not famous mountains and great rivers, places of historic interest and back tents and bags and play a return to the natural outdoor sports, now has become more and more people, knowledge and choice. Outdoor sports in China becoming a sports fashion, which also gestates unlimited business opportunities. But only the creativity, good at capturing the opportunity to learn is the activity. Then, an outdoor shop became a necessity. While domestic outdoor sports is still in its infancy now, on this trip to the early bus seemed to be no choice.
1. With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to their health. To participate in outdoor activities, get some exercise is good for their health. 
2. The city life rhythm makes many white-collar feel exhaustion of body and mind, to nature is a very good way to relax and recuperate. 
3. Take part in outdoor activities can meet many people of all ranks and classes, you have no interest in an acquaintance happened under the relationship of become a good friend is also a lot of people. 
4. For the current society, outdoor is a kind of new move, can let people especially white-collar people will experience the feeling of early adopters. And outdoor this two word, itself has a lot of appeal, and that's what people of a certain culture like the pursuit of things.
 5. For many lone noble, to participate in outdoor activities can find their other half. 
6. Participate in difficulty big outdoor activities is also a rich life, but is the test of endurance and willpower for you.
 7. Take part in outdoor activities can let a person the real return to nature, get real relaxation. Why this, now more and more people are playing outdoors, so the outdoor market all the way. But the growth of the outdoor shop far cannot satisfy the market's gains. 
So the outdoor shop has a large living space and development prospects.
General Company Description一般公司介绍
Star Camping is dedicated to provide natural experience to the camping lover and persons who are willing to close to the nature, far from the city and relax. 
Business Structure:
The form of the business is based on the sole traders. In the guideline of the government, as a sole trader, i run my own business as an individual. I can keep all your business’s profits after you’ve paid tax on them. In addition, I can also employ staffs who arecoaches, sealers and manger etc. 
Company Financial Goals and Objectives: 
Financial Goals
Achieving profit in the fourth year.
Second store would open in Sixth years from the foundation of the shop
Financial Objectives 
Increase revenue from selling the equipment
Decrease costs from the direct sales
Improve the quality of the service. 
Brief Description of theBusiness: 
Star camping is an outdoor specialty store on shooting sports, hunting, fishing, camping, marine, apparel, footwear and outdoor lifestyle which makes us the most convenient outdoor retailer. Besides the top brand camping equipment, we also provide the coach service to new to the camping. 
The target of the customer is planning provide the best selection of new and used firearms, ammunition and equipment from beginner to expert
Camping and caravanning refers to holidays that use tents, trailer tents, touring caravans, caravan holiday homes, park homes and motor homes as accommodation.According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS), £18.1bn spent by British residents on domestic overnight tourism, £19.1bn spent by foreign visitors. That means that camping and caravanning industry is a huge financial market in the United Kingdom (UK).  However, the official figure of the registered company is up to 208,880 VAT registered businesses in England in tourism sectors in 2011, so that there are so many competitions in the industry. 
I believed that more persons are willing to get to the nature, the Camping and caravanningwould be getting popular in the UK.  In addition, the industry could be more competition in the markets. 
Catch the trend of the tourism and getting to the nature, the camping would like to spark in the economic growth, with the more investing in the healthy and far from the city. 
Products and Services产品和服务
The camping equipment as the categories of shooting sports, hunting, fishing, camping, marine, apparel, footwear could be indicated as follow: 
Equipment name Picture
Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Geodesic Tent with Fiberglass Poles – 4-Person
Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Geodesic Tent with Aluminum Poles – 8-Person
Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Geodesic Tent with Aluminum Poles – 6-Person
Kodiak® Canvas Flex Bow Tent – 10 x 14
Cabela's Deluxe Tent Cot – Single
Cabela's Backwoods Three-Room Cabin Tent – 12 Person
Eagle's Camp 14-ft. x 10-ft. Cabin Tent – 10 Person
Shimano® Sienna Spinning Reel
13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel
St. Croix Avid Ice Rod
Cabela's Outfitter Bow and Rifle Hunting Pack
Badlands Sacrifice Pack
Garmin® GPSMAP® 64S
Cabela's Roughneck™ 6" NMT Ledger Work Boots
Top new brand camping equipment selling is offered in the store. Renting is also available to the new to the camping. Besides that, the coach service is also provided in the store. 
Marketing Plan and Sales Forecast营销计划和销售预测
Market research 
Economics for decision-making
According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS), £18.1bn spent by British residents on domestic overnight tourism, £19.1bn spent by foreign visitors. That means that camping and caravanning industry is a huge financial market in the United Kingdom (UK).  
In the future, the store would like to take 1% of the total share of the total markets.  In the part of the business, the target market is locked on primary to professor level. In the central of the business, the employees are mostly suffered the sub-health in the process of the working, they are willing to close to the nature. Furthermore, the growth trend of the camping and caravanning is high. 
In the demand of the camping and caravanning, the high demand from the market is from the university and community, so that the store would like to increase the sales on the camping.  In the cooperation with the university, the coach service would be highly demanded. E
In the consideration of the camping store, the high capital costs, high production costs, high market costs, consumer acceptance and brand recognition and Training and skills. In the central of the factors involved in the store open, the general selling price of the equipment is over 100 Pounds in the store, so that most persons are willing to sell in the store. 
Product or Service
Features and Benefits

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