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Coffee Industry 咖啡产业
Two International characteristics of the coffee industry are highly fragmented coffee planting and processing of highly concentrated industry. In addition, the main coffee revealed that the plot and traditional consumer countries, such as concentrated in Europe and the United States, the coffee plant has a strong regional, mainly distributed in South America, Central America, Africa and Asia, etc. countries(Pakes, 2009).
“Coffee, tea, and cocoa”called the world's three largest drinks. It has rich charming fragrance and unique taste, millions of people around the world have fascinated by this magic drink coffee. The consumer of different drink could be indicated in the Figure 1. Also, coffee is the world's second-largest commodity; only oil is beyond than it.Coffee is popular in the western countries such as America and Canada. However, with the process of the globalization, Coffee is getting popular in the eastern countries such as China, the famous brand of the coffee shops in china are Starbucks.In the form of the coffee industry, the coffee shop is a form of it. As a consequence, from the coffee bean to a cup of the coffee which is delivery to the consumer, the process could be completed in the coffee shop. Thus, the coffee shop is a communication bridge between the owner and consumer.
With the western culture is accepted by the developing culture, the Coffee culture is widely welcome in these countries especially in China. Furthermore, drinking coffee is seem as popular activities in China and other developing countries. 
Economic Situation 
From the economic downturn recovery worldwide, the Coffee industry is getting popular not only in Western Countries, especially in China, the middle income group has the significant development with the economic recovery. 
In the survey of the Chinese Consumers of the Coffee Shop, the result has demonstrated that “All of the respondents have household incomes ofat least 90,000 yuan”.(Smith Maguire& Hu, 2013) That means that the Coffee Consumers are majority from the middle income group to the high income group. As a consequence, the coffee consumption is a popular activity in China. In addition, from the respondents’ age, ages range from 20 to 49, with half therespondents in their 20s, and half in their 40s. (Smith Maguire& Hu, 2013) The coffee is widely popular in the group of the younger generation in China. 
Supply Chain Issues
The coffee shop are allocated outside the country, the supply chain could be a serious issue. The global famous brand coffee also seemed superior quality as the first priority. The quality of the coffee bean, milk, and other direct materials are the key terms of the coffee quality in the coffee shop. 
In the process of the delivery of the direct materials of the coffee, the distance of the coffee is far from the original production location. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee, one-third of the world's coffee is produced from Brazil.Supply Chain should make sure the bean quality and milk quality both in the process of the delivery. The fresh of the bean could have a significant decision on the quality of the coffee. 
The granteeof the coffee bean is from 1 to 2 month. Package of this coffee bean could be a big challenge. UCC and Roman packing as by far the most ideal coffee packaging, all in the type of beans rather than powder type to packaging. It and pinhole metal bag similar, the difference is in the bag of gas can be through the pinhole, and one-way piston can make oxygen into the bag outside the bag.
Business Activities
Coffee consumption is higher and higher grade, culture charm is the charm of the market. Instant coffee has far cannot represent the coffee consumption, consumers begin to cognitive coffee brand, style and pure, know how to enjoy the coffee. "Coffee culture" is now the mainstream of the coffee industry, developing quite rapidly. The rapid development of the coffee market and consumer interest in western culture are inseparable.
After 80 young group, and reactions to new things very fast, they are interested in foreign food culture and easy to accept, this will promote China's coffee market mature. , according to a survey from eight big cities, as a kind of unique tastes coffee drinks, is popular with young consumers, middle-aged and young people is a major consumer groups of coffee products. At the same time, the number of male consumers far beyond the number of women, the reason for this is that coffee as hobby goods are more likely to get the favor of men. That is to say, the young and middle-aged consumer groups for city gens going to work. In terms of economic power, they are spending on this part no pressure. With the expanding of coffee consumption group, the coffee culture also arises at the historic moment; to some extent this has attracted more and more consumers.
Operational Activities
Throughout the development of China's coffee market, the coffee shop can be divided into three representative of the era. 
First stage: nestle in its "good start" day, influence and transform the way of life of the people, let more people to try coffee, coffee. 
The second stage: the island is a cafe, advocacy of freshly brewed coffee, let more public taste coffee, chain business model, and with its expansion in all parts of China, Ucc system cafe at this stage to open more than 2600 coffee shops in mainland China, account for ninety percent of China's coffee market.
The third stage: Starbucks a line to enter the Chinese market. In its drive espresso in the first-tier cities gained popularity, espresso, cappuccino, become fashion consumer drinks. Starbucks in the first-tier cities category business circle and espresso this niche market is a country at that time.
Baidu searches for sorting, keywords are mainly concentrated coffee, coffee varieties, the extension of China's major well-known coffee shop, coffee products, as well as the effect of coffee. The kopi luwak on November 26, 2013 Baidu search volume for 3200, came in second, shows that Chinese consumers in kopi luwak maintained a very high visibility, high quality coffee in the Chinese market has huge potential.
Innovation In These Business 
In the modern age, the coffee shop is combined with the internet bar in the fashion design. The consumers are surfing on the internet with a cup of coffee that is cool activities, which are popular in the younger generation. Besides that, the coffee shop could be getting close to modern shopping mall. When the shoppers are tired, they hang out with a cup of the coffee, the consumers are women. 
With fit closely with human life on the Internet, e-commerce begins to developed in China, people's shopping habits also gradually began to change, online shopping users increase sharply, and the average consumption amount is greatly increased. And with the increase of online shoppers, e-commerce has entered a rapid development stage.
Implication For Future
The coffee industry is growing at 25% and cafes are becoming urban civilization progress and economic growth. At present, the coffee consumption in China's cities, the average per person per year is 4 cups of coffee consumption, even in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai; consumption per person per year is also only 20 cups. In Japan and the UK, the average per person a day to drink a cup of coffee. Japan and the UK are world famous tea culture countries, has now developed into a huge coffee market. Has a strong tea culture has a broad potential of coffee consumption in China, will become one of the world's largest coffee market. The international coffee organization (ICO) operations director pablodubois also believes that the Chinese market potential. He said: "in the 1960 s, when Japan's annual consumption of only 250000 bags of coffee and now its consumption reached 7 million packages. The Chinese market has also show signs of development along the trend, China will become the world's major coffee consumption market."
Education level and family income have the positiveimpact on frequency of coffee consumption; this means that coffee western incoming drinks in China are a symbol of a successful class way of life.#p#分页标题#e#
Go all out to cultivate customer for coffee, especially good coffee drinking habits are the key to solving the immediate problems.In the future, the drink habits of the coffee could be a sustainable development of the coffee shop. Besides that, the quality of the coffee could be a key. Furthermore, supply chain could be a significant term in the management of the coffee shop.
Reference list 
1. Smith Maguire, J, & Hu, D 2013, 'Not a simple coffee shop: local, global and glocal dimensions of the consumption of Starbucks in China', Social Identities, 19, 5, pp. 670-684, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 18 August 2016.
2. Pakes, F 2009, 'Globalisation and the Governance of Dutch Coffee Shops', European Journal Of Crime, Criminal Law & Criminal Justice, 17, 3, pp. 243-257, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 18 August 2016.

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