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原油价格与美国股市关系的实证研究Empirical study on the relationship between

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Oil is the foundation of modern economic and social development, which is also called as the blood of modern industry. In specific, crude oil plays an important role in most industrial productivity and economic development for every county. The supply of crude oil will cause crashing halt for most industries of the economy. There had been a high-level overview of the importance of crude oil “ Who occupy the oil, will have the whole world”. Moreover, the United States is the greatest crude oil trading market all over the world. 
In the corresponding aspects, the stock market was known as the barometer for the macro-economy, which plays a role of economic projection and value discovery. The trend of the stock market also simultaneous with the development cycle of the world economic. A national economic development can directly determine the trend of the stock market. Moreover, the stock market trend can also directly reflect the economic development. Many scholars propose crude oil price as the main factor of supporting economic development is inevitably associated with the stock market. The change of crude oil price may affect the stock market to a certain extent. For example, after the outbreak of the first oil crisis (1973), the crude oil was suddenly soared from $3 per barrel to $13 per barrel. Then, the SP500 index fell by as much as 40% during the period from 1972 to 1974 (Brown &Yücel, 2002). These historical facts show that the crude oil price is closely related to the stock market.
该分析侧重于调查原油如何影响美国股市。该测定的结构如下所示。第2节将显示文献综述。第三部分将展示数据描述和许多方法将用于数据分析,如单位根测试,协整测试,VECM和格兰杰因果关系测试。最后,该测定将得出该实证研究的结论并提供一些建议。This assay focuses on investigating how the crude oil affects the stock market of United States. The structures of this assay are shown as follow. Section 2 will show the literature review. The third part will show the data describe and many methods will be used in data analysis, such as, Unit root test, co-integration test, VECM and Granger Causality test. Lastly, this assay will draw the conclusion of this empirical study and provide some recommendations. 
Literature Review
In history, there was three dramatic volatility on the crude oil market, which inevitably affects the macro economy of each country. For example, after the outbreak of the first oil crisis (1973), the crude oil was suddenly soared from $3 per barrel to $13 per barrel. Then, the SP500 index fell by as much as 40% during the period from 1972 to 1974.After systematically investigating how the crude oil price affects the stock market, Chen, et al. (1986) believes that the risk of oil price cannot significantly embedded in the return of stock market. However, after analyzing the updated data in the same method, the risk factor of oil market can significantly affect the return of stock market (Kaneko & Lee, 1995). After taking VAR analysis on how the daily yield of oil futures affect the stock market return of United States. According to Brown &Yücel, (2002), the crude oil price can significantly affect the both indictors of GDP and GNP, that is, the relationship between oil market and macro economy is significant. Based on the study of oil crisis from 1973 to 1974 by Darby (1982) and Alpanda& Peralta-Alva (2010), the crude oil can negatively significant affect the macro economy. Moreover, Mork (1989) deeply studies the asymmetrical relationship between crude oil price and macro economy market. He believes that the asymmetrical relationship is significant. However, after studying the monthly data of a mount of industrial sectors, Nandha& Faff (2008) believes the asymmetrical relationship between crude oil price and macro economy market is not significant. 
It is clear that the impact of crude oil price on the stock market is significant. However, the crude oil price is also closely related to the macro economy. Thus, this assay will also include many control factors of macro economy. Papapetrou (2001) constructs the VAR model on the monthly data to research the dynamic interaction effect among crude oil price, stock market and factors of macro economy. He claims there is significant bidirectional correlation between crude oil price and stock market. Park &Ratti (2008) focuses on investigating the relationship between the shocks of stock market and the volatility of crude oil price. The results of multivariate VAR model including industrial production, interest rate and the index of stock market show that the crude oil price can positively significant affect the stock returns of the oil exporting county. However, the crude oil price will negatively significant affect the index ofstock market of the oil importing country. 
Data and Methodology
3.1 Variable definition
This assay will deeply investigate how the crude oil price affect the stock market of United States with many control variables of macro economy. The time series in this research are monthly data of Consumer price index (CPI), Crude Oil Prices (OP), S&P 500 index (SP500), and Industrial production index (IP) over the period from 2000 to 2014. In specific, the oil price is measured by dollars per Barrel of WTI. The S&P500 index measures the stock market of United States. On the other hand consumer price index and industrial production index are parts of macro economy. These time series are selected form the Federal Reserve Bank. The natural logarithmic form is a good way to eliminate the effect of heteroscedastic. In the following of this assay, all time series are translated to logarithmic form. The variables abbreviations are shown as follow. 
3.2 Unit root tests
The phenomenon of unit root is the data in current time spot t equals the data in the previous time spot t-1 plus a random variable ε. If there is unit root, the time series will be unpredictable. This assay will use the ADF test to determine the stationarity of variables of LSP500, LOP, LIP and LCPI. The form of ADF test including constant and trend is 

The null hypothesis for the test including constant and trend is H_0:β=δ=0. The form of ADF test without trend is 

The null hypothesis is H_0:α=δ=0. If one of the above null hypothesis are rejected, the time series of LSP500, LOP, LIP and LCPIare significant stationary and the order of the integration is 0. However, if the time series of LSP500, LOP, LIP and LCPI are not stationary and the time series of the time series of DLSP500, DLOP, DLIP and DLCPI are stationary, the order of integration is 1. 
3.3 Co-integrating test
Engle& Granger (1987) describes the movement of variables connected to each other in the long run. The Co-integrating test can be used to determine spurious regression and research the long run relationship between time series.The general methods for co-integration test are Engle-Granger two step method and the Johansen test. This assay will apply the Johansen test on VECM including trace statistic test and Max-Eigenvalue test. The null hypothesis of both above Johansen test are H_0:r≤r_0.
3.4 VECM
When there exists no co-integration among variables, we can establish the VECM to optimize the VAR model.The VECM sets all series endogenously, which make predicted variable explain itself. 
The formula of VECM for each variable are 
Where ∆ denotes the first lag difference, (ε_(t-1 ) ) ̂ denotes the error correction term, α_1 denotes the short run coefficients, and u_t denotes the white noise. 
Empirical results and analysis
4.1 Results of data description and unit root test
This research will use the monthly data from the Federal Reserve Bank from 2000 to 2014.In the following, the level of significance is 5%. The time series plot of logarithmic form for OP, SP500, CPI, and IP are shown as follow. 

So as to avoid spurious or misleading predictable, the results of unit root test (ADF test) for all variables are shown as follow. 

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