国际建筑设计International Construction Design

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Executive summary执行摘要
每当消费者或企业购买服务和产品时,它们就表现出由许多因素决定的购买者行为特征。 Harwell Ltd在这种情况下也不例外。他们还需要有一个如何进入市场,获得更多客户并保持相关性的计划。 Harwell应该采用SWOT方法,因为他们有进入市场的方式。在他们的战略规划中,如果他们采用SWOT方法或模型,他们将熟悉他们在市场中的表现,他们表现良好,他们不在哪里,他们可以改善(Barney,2014)。如果Harwell必须成功,他们应该能够将从SWOT中获得的理论付诸于应用或现实。
Whenever a consumer or a business buys services and products, they exhibit buyer behavior characteristics which are determined by so many factors. Harwell Ltd is not an exception in this case. They also need to have a plan on how to enter the market, get more customers and remain relevant. Harwell should use a SWOT approach as they come with ways of entering the market. In their strategic planning if they employ SWOT approach or model they will be to familiarize with their performance in the market, where they are performing well and where they are not, and they can improve (Barney, 2014). They should be able to put into the application or reality the theories derived from SWOT if Harwell has to succeed.
1.0 Introduction简介
1.1 Recommendations for Harwell LtdHarwell Ltd的建议
为了让Harwell取得成功,它应该了解当地市场的需求,并提出一种协作方法,可以吸引客户的注意力,而不会让他们感到被束缚或被迫,甚至被剥削。它不应该以其规模为借口学习和理解当地客户及他们想要的东西,他们的行为,他们的文化以及竞争对手之前就营销而使用的方法;那些有效的和那些没有的。 Harwell应该记住,与其他地方的客户相比,美国的客户有很大不同;因此研究当地市场是关键。
For Harwell to succeed, it should understand the needs of the local market and come up with an approach that is collaborative that can attract the attention of the clients without them feeling conned or compelled or even exploited. It should not use its size an excuse of learning and understand the local customers and what they want, their behaviors, their cultures as well as the approaches that have been used before by its competitors as far as marketing is concerned; those that worked and those that didn’t. Harwell should bear in mind that a customer in the United States is much different compared to a customer elsewhere; hence study of the local market is key.
Harwell should also make sure that they over communicate.  They should understand the effectiveness of communication which is very critical to the success of any business, especially during marketing.  Research has shown that it was easier for people working for the same company but living in different parts of the world to feel disconnected if there is repeated and constant communication (Barney, 2014). This may hinder the strategies the company had. Therefore, Harwell should establish the relationship among her employees to succeed in international marketing. Harwell should use an open communication approach which will lead to the development of trusts and relationships. This will keep the strategy on course hence, success.
1.2 Fashion Business
Fashion business has attracted a huge following across all parts of the world. It is considered an essential resource as far as fashion is concerned. It has excited executives, entrepreneurs and people in the creative industry a lot as they get its benefit, for example, it acts as a source of information and knowledge that can be trusted. An estimation of 200 countries in the world is linked to fashion business (Brito et al., 2015, p.95). Those who access fashion business have described it as being indispensable. Others have said it requires a lot of reading, while others have asserted that fashion business is addictive.
Imran Amed founded the fashion business in the year 2007 and became its advisor. He also coupled up as a digital entrepreneur and a writer. Research has demonstrated that the project of Fashion Business emerged out of passion as people were become aggressive and in need of filling the emptiness of the fashion business. They were developing different opinions about fashion, they were gaining information of fashion from other parts of the world, and they became analytical and wanted something out of the normal.
Currently, the business fashion website has attracted a majority of professional writers as well as insiders in fashion globally (Jia, Choi, and Rajendran, 2015, p.1610). They are coming up with different styles and fashions from different parts of the world out of research and amassing knowledge and information on fashion. They are being aided by the ever-spreading technology as well global varieties that are branding them in the fashion industry.
1.3 Strategy for Group
Harwell should compete to be unique among its competitors but not to be the best. If the group wants to remain relevant in the game and still reach more client, it should focus on being unique because trying to be the best especially in business has been proven to be catastrophic. Harwell should know that trying to equate business with sports is the worst comparison they can ever make because in sports there is a sole winner but with business, there can be multiple winners, and the best thing that the group should focus on is to be unique.
It is important for Harwell to understand that they are going to be so many competitors in one industry. Each competitor will have a strategy they will be using which may be different from each other. The risks involved to each competitor may even be lacking. Many of them will win. Therefore, the worst mistake that the group can make is to come up with a strategy of seeking to be the biggest winner in the industry by emulating everything the competitors do. It won’t get the group any further.
1.4 Develop Zest
Harwell should make sure that her website is user and mobile friendly. This will make it responsive, and many clients will not have interest in accessing it because of there inability to access anytime they want, and it won’t be significant. Harwell should make sure that the website is fully and properly optimized (Orr, 2013). It should load faster notwithstanding the place or region the user is.
As a way of marketing, Harwell should develop their app that can be used on the phone. Many people around the world can access and afford a smartphone, and they are searching and consuming information online every day. It is important for Harwell to bear in mind that technology is not waiting for anybody. And Harwell should too take the advantage of reaching many clients using an app on their smartphones. Harwell should consider all devices when developing their website. The first device to be considered is the mobile because a majority of people possess them and therefore it will be easy for the brand to reach more clients.
1.5 Management of change of new IT system
For Harwell to manage its change in IT systems, it should, first of all, align its vision as well as its organizational goals with its investments. Harwell must evaluate and assess the anticipated information needs of the company and come up with priorities of information systems they need in their projects. They should, therefore, set forth plans on how they will finance the IT resources. More so, Harwell should develop the plans for the new IT systems on how they can be financed annually to avoid technical or financial issues before the end of a fiscal year.
Harwell should have a planning process that is good which will help them learn more about who they are and what they do. The use of resources will be effectively and efficiently used, and this will make them adapt to new change in the company as far as IT systems are concerned. When a company evaluates the needs of the information systems and the resources needed, they lower the risks of buying software or hardware that is irrelevant. If the implementation process of change in IT will be effective, there will be a transformation in a new IT system that will be efficient for the clients and the company.
2.0 Assumptions
The first assumptions made is that the needs of the customers, their perception including other parameters like culture and purchasing behavior are the same regardless of the region, time, and age of the customers. This assumption may be held very strongly despite the contradictory data from research. Research has shown that the clients in the United States are not similar to clients in other parts of the world regarding tastes, economy, purchasing power, cultures among other things and it is important that the company does a lot of research and abide by the findings if it is to attain success.#p#分页标题#e#
The second assumption is that the prices in the market will remain unchanged or relatively stable. Such an assumption is both conservative and realistic. For instance, if Harwell assumes that because the market price is going down annually by 3% than assuming that it will go up next year by 4%-5% may still be appropriate. There is a probability of nearness of numerous rivals in the market that will affect the falling of the market value; the lower the contenders, the stable the market value; the numerous the contenders, the flimsy the market cost.
3.0 Analysis of the fashion business
It is unlikely to find that the market prices are fairly stable in the fashion business because of the so many competitors in the game. When there are so many competitors in the market, there is a likelihood that fashion products will stay in the store or the market for quite some time until it outdoes its usefulness (Brito, et.all, 2015, p.98). The clients will not need it anymore as they will be moving on to the latest fashion. This is likely to lower the prices of the products. To meet this challenge, the fashion business should not produce too much fashion products for the market. They should release according to the market demands. This is especially important where the market is flooded by competitors.
In the fashion business, the needs and taste of customers change with time it is not static, even their culture and perception changes. According to sociologists, culture is not static; it is the man who makes a culture. Fashion products that are fashionable today won’t be fashionable in the next five years. This means that the fashion business should invest in serious research on the culture, perception, taste and the needs of the clients so that they can give him or her what is needed at the moment.
4.0 Strategic Management Model
Image from webcrawler.com
4.1 Environmental or Organization Analysis
The environment of an organization may be external or internal, Harwell must be very clear on what it wants while analyzing the environment. Environmental analysis is when the organization evaluates itself through monitoring and comprehension of its diverse factors that may affect its operation (Rothaermel, 2015). Harwell will be able to identify its threats and opportunities and diagnose itself for success. These environmental factors may be; competitors in business, customers, and suppliers, political, technological, economic and social factors. Using this model, Harwell will be ably equipped to meet its challenges. 
4.2 Strategy Identification Alternatives
Consistent with Glueck & Jauch, this is based on whether the organization will continue or it will change its business. There is a large number of choices or alternatives that Harwell may be presented with. Gluek proposes four mega alternatives in strategy; expansion, combination, stability or retrenchment. Instability, for instance, the organization does not change what it does, it operates in the same market and sells the same service or product using the same technology. The organization adopts expansion when it’s demanded by the environment. Considering the increasing demand of fashion business today, Harwell should consider expanding its business to meet the demand of its customers. 
Retrenchment is adopted by the organization when it has to lower its scope of operation regarding technology and the customers. Lastly, combination occurs when the organization has a large portfolio.
Harwell should consider adopting modernization strategy; i.e., use of technology to increase its productivity and production while reducing the cost given its vast market in the fashion business.
Through integration as another strategy, Harwell must think of introducing new products into the market to strongly compete with other businesses given the change in the demands of the customers who want new and trending products.
Harwell can also think of joint ventures or mergers with other organizations to gain synergy. It can as well share risks that may arise due to vast market and the cost of production involved, be able to maneuver the political as well as cultural barriers, diversify its market and expand it to other places where there is an unexplored market (Wheelen, and Hunger, 2017).
4.3 ThePESTLE model
This model refers to all the external factors that can affect a business.PESTLE is an acronym for political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors.
4.3.1 Political Factors
Harwell should consider and analyze the political factors like the intervention of the government into the business. It should consider things like political stability, government policy, foreign trade policy, labor laws, and tax policy among other factors that can affect its normal operation of the fashion business. Political factors can affect Harwell’s fashion business as there might be a restriction of some fashion products from getting to certain regions or may attract higher taxes.
4.3.2 Economic Factors
Harwell should consider things like exchange rates, economic growth, inflation, interest rates as well as disposable incomes among its target markets. This will inform its decision on investing in the fashion business. People might have money but they are not ready to dispose it on fashion products.
4.3.3 Social Factors
It is important that Harwell analyses the social factors that can affect its fashion business. It should analyze and evaluate the population in its market target, the age of its target clients, their attitudes on the fashion products; their tastes and preferences and so on. This way, Harwell will be able to make informed choices.
4.3.4 Technological Factors
This model will allow Harwell to decide on what current and best technology to use as it analyzes its market. Harwell should bear in mind that marketing today has gone digital and it's important they move with pace and embrace technology.
4.3.5 Environmental Factors
Being in the fashion business, Harwell requires raw materials to make its products. It should there analyze the environment in which it wants to operate in. It should know where to discharge its waste and evaluate the best ways of doing business that is ethical and sustainable.
4.3.6 Legal Factors
Harwell must consider that it gets it right as far as legal matters are concerned to avoid frequent court cases. It should pay close attention to issues like the safety of their fashion products, consumer laws and rights, standards of advertisement, tough issues of its products and premises and so on. Harwell needs to be familiar with what is needed and what is not to be able to engage successfully.
5.0    Summary and conclusions
The success of Harwell group lies in the research of the market before its formulation and ultimate execution. The strategy should be unique and capture the aspiration of the company. It should take into consideration all the requirements when being formulated. It must consider the economic or cost, political, social, cultural, environmental and human resource requirements.
The biggest challenge that Harwell Group is to deal with is the environmental, cultural and sociopolitical environment in the countries they intend to expand to. Most countries with mega projects to be constructed have their loyalty attached to a certain company or a certain country and breaking it will require a strategic approach.
Finally, Harwell should invest in new markets with courage, care and be flexible to any unexpected eventuality. They should come in with their own culture and products that are unique to customers and quality customer services if they want to successfully compete with the others.
6.0    Recommendations
Harwell Group should be ready to take risks involved, costs incurred and resources needed, logistics, the size of the market; political, cultural and sociopolitical environments of other countries as it keeps on fluctuating, among others. 
Providing the same service with the legendary companies requires a lot of modern strategies and clicking on the right button as far as marketing is concerned.
Harwell Group should capitalize on promotions and marketing. They should carry out intensive research on what the market needs and how best they can deliver before entering the field. 
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