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英国Marketing Essay:个人销售类型 Types of Personal Selling

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It is used as visualized, when you see a printed or sound based advertisement, you can remember those advertisement for long in your mind.
E.g.: Print advertisements, advertisements in Television, Radio, Billboard, Broachers and Catalogues, In-store display, motion pictures, banner ads, web pages, posters are some of the examples of advertising
The more you advertise, you can develop the brand
Whenever you see the advertisement , you remember the product or service so, the product has long term image
Slide 06 Sales promotion
Examples: Contests, product samples, Coupons, trade shows and exhibitions.
Slide 07 Popular sales promotion
Buy one get one free - when you buy one product you get the same product as free
Customer relationship management - incentive such as bonus points or money off coupons. Customer relationship management is from banks to super markets
E.g.: Apico provides privilege card to the customers
Nolimit provides Arampaima Card to the customers
Nexus Card provide more benefit for the customers
New Media - website and mobile phones that support a sales promotion
E.g.: in UK nestle printed individual codes on KIT-KAT packaging, whereby a consumer would enter the code into a dynamic website to see if they had won prize. Consumers could also text codes via mobile phone to the same effect.
Free gift - Buy one product and get one product free as a gift.
Joint promotions - buy one product of one brand and you get another brand product as free
Free samples - Tasting of food and drinks at sampling points in supermarkets
E.g. Red Bull was given away to potential consumer at supermarkets, in high streets and at petrol stations (by a promotion team)
Vouchers & coupons - often seen in newspaper and magazine, on pack.
Slide 10 Direct marketing
Influential tool for building customer relationship- when you communicate with the customer directly, the relationship between both with be build.
Enable Company to interact with the customer directly- company can directly move with the customers.
Company can get regular feedback from customer - Company can get regular feedback from the customers E.g. Nestlé's baby food records a database of new parents and post them personalized parcels of gift and give them guidance at key phase in baby's life. As they get in touch with more concerned consumer at the best times.
Slide 13 Understanding buyer Behavior
If you want your business to be successful you have to understand their buying behavior. Especially in today's competitive world. Unless you understand it is very hard to gain them as customers and keep them loyal. Buying behavior is one of the elements you need for a customer profile.
Slide 14 Environmental Affects
Multiple methods used to find environmental forces exist. One such method is called the PEST analysis because it lists the political, economic, socio cultural and technological factors that can influence the business' environment. Examples of such factors that can influence personal selling include legislation on fraud and on content in marketing, the average income of potential customers, local etiquette and the technologies potential customers tend to use. Economic, socio cultural and technological factors are particularly important in personal selling because understanding these factors lets management figure out what products to sell and the best sales methods. For example, a business might choose to use an advertising-driven "pull" approach rather than the more aggressive "push" approach in a culture in which approaching strangers is frowned upon. In this example, salespeople would be used more as sources of information to confirm the purchase decisions of customers already pulled in by advertising campaigns.
Slide 15 Managerial Affects
E.g. management might choose a "push" approach to selling in which salespeople are expected to seek out potential customers and attempt to sell to them directly rather than relying on advertising to "pull" them in. In this example, management would plan out the processes needed to support a "push" selling campaign, hire and train salespeople suited to the aggressive "push" mindset, direct them in their day-to-day selling and use this experience to improve on their initial plans.
Slide 16 Main types of personal selling
Delivery people - E.g. Milkman, Fisherman and nowadays bakery staffs are brought through three wheels.
Salespeople - E.g. people who try to sell the company product at supermarkets.
Door to door Selling - salespeople who visits house by house and sell the product.
This is all about the role of personal selling. Hope u guys understood the lectures. Thanks for listening to my lectures.
Task 02
2.1 "There are difference in the nature of sales tasks and skills in variety of contexts" Agree or Disagree
I agree this statement because, the general duties expected of any sales person, the duties and responsibilities hand over to a sales person depend mainly on the nature of business. The job description is evident in multiple industries including Pharmaceutical Sales, Insurance Sales, Retail Sales and Internet Sales. Therefore, the role of a sales person in the Pharmaceutical industry may not be the same with a sales person in the Insurance Sales or in the Internet Sales. While a sales person in the Retail Sales may be in a store attending to customers, an Insurance Sales person is required to be out in the field and sell the insurance to the customers.
Sales Representatives play a major role in the success of their individual companies. They are the reason clients, customers or buyers may either be satisfied or not. And they are required to make the best of this opportunity by offering quality service to customers. They are supposed to know the 'ins and outs' of their company's products and services so they can educate clients on how these products and services can be used to reduce costs or increase revenue. More often than not, a sales person is required to spend much time travelling and visiting prospective buyers and current clients to remind them how committed the company is to satisfying their personal and business needs.
2.2 "Sales staff members who are operating in an international environment should play a different role compared with sales staff member from local environment"
Sales staffs in an international environment and local environment both are similar, both sales persons will be having a good knowledge about the product or service, competitors, buyer behavior and thy directly communicate to the customers and receive the feedback. All these are done by both the salesperson but the different are the sales person in an international environment will be using the language which is understood by the customers and as He/she is in an international environment they knows the customer expectations on the product or service. So, he /she will react according to the customers willingness.
2.3 "there is a possibility to explain the purpose of participating for the trade fairs"
Trade fair is an event dedicated to a particular industry and acts as a platform for bringing together buyers and sellers in different regions, under one roof. The product manufacturers, dealers, resellers, importers and exporters are the main participants in a trade fair. The first consideration for organizing a trade fair is its feasibility. A market analysis needs to be done to get an idea of the response that a trade fair will get, once it starts. The interest shown by the potential visitors and exhibitors decides the success or failure of a trade fair. Just like a well-organized trade fair can benefit the entire industry, similarly fair trading can prove very important for the reputation of companies.

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