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代写英国essay:Study on brand strategy of Apple and Starbucks

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1.0 Introduction引言
Brand is a kind of long-term evaluation and cognition from people on a company and its products, after-sale service and cultural value. Successful brand strategy has become one of the key factors of success of a modern enterprise (Truong, Klink, Simmons, Grinstein and Palmer, 2016). Meanwhile, the implementation of brand strategy also has a certain influence on a society and consumer behavior. In this study, it takes Apple and Starbucks as the research objects, from the perspectives of brand awareness, consumption culture, consumption behavior to study the two company's brand strategies, as well as the impact of the brand strategies on a society and consumer behavior.
2.0 Literature review文献综述
2.1 Brand awareness品牌意识
Brand awareness refers to an enterprise’s basic concept for its brand and brand building, it is the comprehensive reflection of corporate brand values, brand equity viewpoint, brand competition concept, brand development concept, brand strategy concept and brand building view (Truong, Klink, Simmons, Grinstein and Palmer, 2016).
一是树立品牌意识,即企业对品牌效用和价值的认知和认可,以及品牌使用的重要性。企业通过在经营活动中积极创造和使用品牌,使企业的品牌形象或标志得到消费者的认可(Hjelmgren,2016)。二是品牌保护意识,品牌保护意识是指企业对品牌保护的重要认识和认识。品牌创造是发挥品牌效用作用的基础,但更需要有效地保护品牌,为品牌提供保护,发挥品牌效用作用。如果产品质量不好,企业信誉不好,或者品牌被他人任意模仿,很难树立品牌声誉(Hjelmgren,2016)。最后是品牌发展意识,品牌发展意识是指企业不断丰富和创新品牌文化,不断提升品牌的市场形象和品牌竞争力,充分发挥品牌的内在价值(Truong、Klink、Simmons、Grinstein和Palmer,2016)。In modern economy, brand is a strategic asset and an important source of core competitiveness, brand awareness provides a solid rational foundation for enterprises to develop a right brand strategy, it becomes a strategic awareness to lead enterprises to win in modern competitive economy (Truong, Klink, Simmons, Grinstein and Palmer, 2016). Brand awareness includes the following three aspects.
First is to establish brand awareness, which is corporate cognition and recognition towards brand utility and value, as well as importance of using brand. An enterprise is through active creation  and use of brand in business activities to make the brand representation or symbol of the enterprise, so that it is recognized by consumers (Hjelmgren, 2016). Second is awareness of brand protection, brand protection awareness refers to corporate cognition and understanding of the important significance of protection of brand. Creation of a brand is the basis to play the role of brand utility, but it more need to protect the brand effectively to provide protection for brand to play the role of brand utility. If a product has poor quality, the enterprise has low credibility, or the brand is imitated arbitrarily by others, it is difficult to establish brand reputation (Hjelmgren, 2016). Finally, it is brand development awareness, brand development awareness means that an enterprise constantly enriches and innovates its brand culture to continuously improve the market image and brand competitiveness of the brand to give full play to the intrinsic value of the brand (Truong, Klink, Simmons, Grinstein and Palmer, 2016).
2.2 Consumption culture
Consumption culture refers to the sum of the concept of consumption, consumption patterns, consumer behavior and consumer environment demonstrated by people in material production and spiritual production, social life and consumer activity of a certain historical period (Montgomerie and Roscoe, 2013). Development of the concept of consumption culture in general includes three stages. Due to the low level of development of social productive forces before the 19th century, there was not too much material means of production produced in the community, so during this period of time, people paid attention to the use value of materials. At the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century, after the baptism of the capitalist industrial revolution, the level of development of social productivity in western countries has been greatly improved, which greatly enriched the type and quantity of goods, development of modern capitalist economy taking the United States as the center has greatly led consumption of a variety of luxury goods, so that the consumer society taking hedonistic concept as the core began to form. During this period, people paid attention to exchange value and conspicuous consumption. After the 1960s, personalization and rational choice became the theme of consumption, consumers were no longer scrambling to pursue conspicuous consumption, they more choose those which could show their personality and reflect their own status, the post-modern consumer society taking symbolization and representation as the main manifestation has come into being (Montgomerie and Roscoe, 2013).
2.3 Consumption behavior
Consumption behavior refers to all mental, psychological, physical activities exhibited by consumers in finding, buying, using and evaluating goods and services for meeting what they need. Consumers are both affected by their internal needs, and impacted by external environmental stimuli. Research on consumer buying behavior provides the foundation for enterprises to develop a correct marketing strategy (Galmarini, Symoneaux, Chollet and Zamora, 2013). The key to research on consumer purchasing behavior is to understand a consumer’s decision-making on the following series of questions. First is who is involved in purchase activities (Who). Second is what products they buy (What). Third is why they buy (why). Fourth is when at they buy (When). Fifth is where they purchase (Where). Sixth is how much they purchase (How much). Seventh is how they will buy (How) (Galmarini, Symoneaux, Chollet and Zamora, 2013).
2.4 Conspicuous consumption
In addition to representing high-quality goods and services, some excellent brands also reflect corresponding cultural connotation and the social classes they belong to. Consumers are through the consumption of these brands to show off their money, financial and social status to other people, as well as their glory, prestige and reputation brought by the status obtained, this is the so-called conspicuous consumption (Truong et al., 2016). Consumers’ conspicuous awareness is actually affected by the consumption concept, lifestyle, fashion and other factors of a modern society. It is worth noting that the connotation of conspicuous consumption in the current society is very different from the connotation in the past, what people show off are not only their own wealth and status, but also  personal spirit, personality, culture and so on.
3.0 Apple and Starbucks
3.1 Introduction of Apple 
Apple Inc. is an American high-tech company. From 2012 to 2014, Apple has been the company in the world with the most market value for three consecutive years. In 2014, Apple went beyond Google and became the most valuable brand in the world. Its products include: iPhone, iPad, PC and so on (Lazonick, Mazzucato and Tulum, 2013). 
Apple products have their own distinct personality, powerful functions and good appearance, its brand image is cool, stylish, sexy, elegant, possession of Apple products is what consumers pursue, which also become what their brag. Just because it has a brand with the personality that consumers appreciate, making it be accepted by consumers and the are willing to buy it. Every time when Apple releases new products, consumers are waiting in lines to buy Apple products, showing the brand value of the products. Thus, Apple's brand personality is the core of its brand value, Apple create a distinctive brand personality, which is one of the keys to its success (Lazonick, Mazzucato and Tulum, 2013).
3.2 Introduction of Starbucks
Starbucks is a leading coffee chain established in 1971, it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks develops and forms a unique, long-lasting, high value-added brand, which is inseparable from its "experience culture" and its unique marketing tools that it has insisted at the beginning of entrepreneurship (Hossain and Islam, 2015). Starbucks products is not only coffee, coffee is just a carrier. And it is through this carrier: coffee, the individual, elegant life style and attitudes of Starbucks is transferred to customers. Consumption of Starbucks coffee is largely an emotional consumption of a cultural level, in a "Starbucks" coffee shop, the emphasis is no longer just coffee, but experience, culture and knowledge, environmental culture created by Starbuck can infect customers and form a good interactive experience with consumers (Hossain and Islam, 2015).

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