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essay格式范文:How the Music Influence Fashion

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essay格式范文:How the Music Influence Fashion



It’s quite obvious that fashion are influenced by many different factors. Many people consider music an important factor. In this essay, the author will analyze the relationship of music and fashion, especially focuses on how the music influence fashion through three aspects, namely the shaping of identity, tastes and consumption of the fashionable items of the customers who are into different kinds of music. Thus, the conclusion that music can be of great effect to fashion will be concluded.
在1964年和1966年之间,这是很时髦的男孩和男人穿了一个名为“扫荡顶”发型,这在英国街头是相当普遍的外国人发型,我开始认识到相当多的人开始梳这种发型。因为披头士乐队的广泛流行,这个发型在世界范围内被广泛模仿。披头士的发型,也被称为“拖把”,或“亚瑟”的球迷,是一个中等长度的发型命名并推广了披头士乐队,并广泛被模仿。 (Kornell,2015年),这是一个直切领长在后面,在耳朵两侧,与直条纹(刘海)。
Between the year 1964 and 1966, it was quite fashionable for the boys and men to wear a haircut named "mop-top", and it was quite commonplace for the foreigners who walked on the streets of the Great Britain to realize that the quite a number of passers-by wore that kind of hair style. The haircut was widely imitated worldwide because of the immense popularity of the Beatles. The Beatles’ haircut, also known as the "mop-top" (or moptop), because of its resemblance to a mop, or "Arthur" among fans, was a mid-length hairstyle named after and popularized by the Beatles, and widely mocked by many adults. (Kornell, 2015)It is a straight cut -collar-length at the back and over the ears at the sides, with a straight fringe (bangs).

As can be seen from the fashion initiated by the performers of music, Beatles, as an extremely popular band made up of four musicians, has built a bridge and thus help build a relationship between music and fashion. What is quite familiar to the ordinary people is that, Beatles’ music creates their popularity among people as well as lead them to be the ones that could be imitated by people, which leads a straight way to fashion.

Music and fashion, two different things in definition, with time going by and, have combined together and create more and more myths. In the past several hundred years,music has played a key role in the shaping of identity, taste and consumption which will result in fashion(Miller, 2011).
Main body主体
The shaping of identity
Music plays an important role in the shaping of identity of the people who are into different styles of music, just like some people who are in favor of Hip-hop and others who have a desire for punk music.
The people who play with Hip-hop music have the some more passion for the hip-pop clothes or even something more than that, even wider scope of fashion.Hip-hop is the style adopted by them.
Therefore, the author would like to introduce to the reader the influence of Hip-hop music on Hip-hop style. It took at least 100 years for the French fashion to influence the fashion industry, while it only took black people’s Hip-hop music less than 30 years to influence the same scope(Wang, 2015). In just ten years, the High Fashion designers have been under the effect of Hip-hop music. It caused the designers to imitate the clothes, garments even the over-sized trousers of the Hip-hop musicians. 
In the late 1980's, Issac Mizrahi was inspired by an elevator operator’s heavy gold necklace to design a series of Hip-hop fashion clothing effected by Hip-hop. The models were dressed in black catsuits, wearing a gold necklace, big gold belt, and pilot jackets trimmed with fur.  In the early 1990's, a lot of designs by Chanel leather jacket were decorated with a gold necklace, which was quite the same with the necklace worn by Treach in the Hip-hop band Naughty by Nature. Thus, the Hip-hop fashion made them feel like a real Hip-hoper and then helped them identity themselves.


Meanwhile, the example of several quite more well known magazines in the western European countries also stood for the same opinion. During the time of last 19th century to 20th century in French, with the increasing number of the sales of the famous magazines such as La Gazette du Bon Ton, Vanity Fair, and Vogue - Davis illuminates for the first time the ways in which fashion's imperatives of originality and constant change influenced composers such as Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, and Les Six(Davis, 2008). 
Seen from the fact that music did have some connections with fashion, we can clearly find some of them in the river of history.
At the beginning of the twentieth Century, Impressionism was still a dominant art style, but Satie and Les Six’s proposed anti-impressionism in France,who consciously raised the banner of anti impressionism. Satie (1866 - 1925) believed that the colorful, complex and far too much exaggerate language of the impressionist music couldn’t be the representative of development of music in the future. Also, he believed that the French music should be simple, natural, clear, plain. His creative ideas influenced a whole generation of composers in France. 
However, few people knew at the time of his works until the 20's when he was widely recognized. Because of the harsh reality of the first World War, people had some other different feelings and requirements from music. The clearness and rigorousness of Satie works made people feel liberated from the shackles of impressionism music,and led them back to simplicity. Thus, people who would like to create his/her own fashion or run after fashion also smelled the importance of being concise, natural, clear and plain. 
The name Coco Chanel was a worldwide well known one. As a leader who created the famous band Chanel was influenced by Satie. Once Coco Chanel admitted that some of the inspirations came from the music she had heard. In the works of her ,we may easily come to a conclusion that her works also chase for and stood for simplicity and the desire of being concise. In 1910, Coco set up a millinery shop in Paris,with a special needle sewing skills, she created a top and a concise style beautiful hat. Two of her friend introduced many celebrity guests for her. When the ladies had been tired of fancy trim, so Chanel’s simple, comfortable hat was like a quite cool oasis to them, thus contributing to the popularity of Chanel’s style of being simple and concise.
Meanwhile, the consumption of Chanel’s clothes and other garments also stood out for the fact that music would have some influence on fashion.
Music and fashion are two parts that are connected closely by quite a lot factors. As Davis put in his book Classic chic:Music, Fashion and Modernism, the deep connection between these two expressive worlds is firmly entrenched, even some music creative a few famous magazines(P1). As is known to all, when the fans of fashion are reading a magazine which will illustrate a particular kind of music and express it advantages and strengths, it won’t be hard for the magazine to persuade its readers into consuming the products and services the book is advertising, which is even obvious in nowadays society. Once as a Beijinger who studied in the capital of China, the author used to buy a magazine named ELLE. At that time, Recommendation on Dressing is the most popular section in the magazine. Quite similarly, it’s easy for you to notice that some of the readers are dressed in the recommendation clothes from the magazines.
Walking on streets, we can also notice someone who are in favor of Punk music and its fashion. From the book Punk: music, fashion, attitude!(2010), we have found how punk music has a effect on punk clothing :through the style of anti-society and weird. There was a time that the people preferred to wear clothes seemingly over-exaggerate to their parents, however quite a popular style in the fashion industry.Punk does not only belong to the punk music, but also fashion! As Daft Punk’s interpretation: black is mainly the background color, the metal was used to stand for the punk fashion.And they would always consume rivets, metal buckles and etc. Therefore, an aggressive and arrogant high-profile style has been formed.So, the punk music also affected people’s choices of picking their own fashion and paying for it.

Nowadays, we are living in the circumstance of being influenced by almost all the factors of fashion, one of which is certainly music. Taking a piece of the music clips in Chinese popular music area--Blue and white porcelain, sung by Jay Chou(a quite popular musician)--as an example, once it was published, the entire countries was fancy with the retro style of dress, just like Cheongsam and wedge heel shoes, which stand for the ancient culture of China and they are brought back to fashion. Certainly, now with more methods of advertising and making fashion more accessible, the videos of music can cause people to pay attention to the actors and actresses inside including their garments and the decoration around their bodies. Also, an the modern age, we are tend to wear gorgeous clothes which will attract opposite sex because songs sung today are full of love stories. Therefore, we may find it quite easy for us to come to a conclusion that music will certainly have an impact on fashion through many ways, and it can influence music in an indirect way or a direct way.

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