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In the era of all-media competition, high-value news release has become the weapon of victory for news media. Reverse discovery can excavate the value in the common information, realize the exclusiveness, depth and excellence of the news report, and obtain the greater dissemination benefit. From the perspective of theory and practice, this paper elaborated the practical value of reverse found in journalism, advocating the mainstream media in today's information competition heats up, attaches great importance to the application of news value method of reverse found in the production of high-quality news products, preempt the highlands of news transmission.
On September 11, 2014, at A time when China's stock market has been in A state of consolidation for many years and the market has been relatively quiet, I published an online blog called li ka-shing: the arrival of a-shares. Then, A shares from Shanghai 2310 points, launched the magnificent super bull market, to the beginning of June 2015 5160 points! Blog so that the prophet first, because using the method of reverse discovery, captured the news value of information.
Reverse discovery is the application of reverse thinking. Contrarian thinking, also known as seeking for differences, is a form of thinking in the opposite direction from the usual, seemingly settled, things or ideas. Reverse discovery is to find the news value ignored by people from the reverse Angle and level by using the independent specialty of reverse thinking and exploring a new way.
Because of the unique advantages of value discovery, in the course of human progress, no matter the grasp of natural laws or scientific invention and creation, the reverse thinking has made great achievements repeatedly. From the discovery of the electromagnetic interaction, for example, to the invention of the motor, the reverse thinking of classical results, it promoted the rapid development of world industrial, on human civilization to a new height.
Reverse discovery based on reverse thinking is undoubtedly important for news practice.
The news obtained by reverse discovery is fresh, original and valuable. People are used to from the positive direction of the development of thinking things, reporters were in the opposite direction to think, found in the same news events, special information value, the resulting often surprising news, don't be innovative, and thought-provoking. This kind of news naturally has a large audience, because of the high value of information and the high dissemination efficiency.
Reverse discovery can lead to blockbuster news products. Because the reverse discovery information is outstanding, it can often be made into exclusive reports, in-depth reports and major reports, forming news products and brands that are superior to their peers. With these products and brands, the media may become the authority and highland of one party's news communication.
In the fierce information competition, reverse discovery can help media stand out from the crowd. In the active era of information dissemination, more homogeneous information, quality information naturally becomes the highlight. Reverse found the news products, because of the depth of information high gold content, information and information value is unique, more news in the world can come to the fore, won the audience, win market.
Entering the new era, the media, especially the mainstream media, needed a reverse found in the production of depth, height and influential in the high value products, news to young flags, guide public opinion, encouraging society in all round the great Chinese dream.
In news transmission, the value of reverse discovery is manifold. The news formed by reverse discovery enables the audience to appreciate the charm of unique thinking mode and its results, gain inspirations, help them develop their thinking in work and life, and find value. Unique visual depth reports, to guide the audience conform to the trend of social development, insist on the socialist core values go through the phenomenon, found that the nature of things, to discern right from wrong, understand the truth, and the synchronization time, self-motivated.
Since the reform and opening up, the domestic media have been developing in innovation continuously, among which the most remarkable is that many media have risen to prominence by virtue of their unique visual in-depth reporting, creating a huge influence. Most of these successful media and its news works shine with the brilliance of reverse discovery.
Before the publication of li ka-shing: the a-share bull, the domestic stock market continued to run at its lowest level since 2008. The reason is that some of the funds followed the same year's urban construction, real estate and other hot spots for investment. In 2014, China's economic transformation gradually entered a crucial stage. Li ka-shing, known as superman, was keenly aware of the strategic transformation of the national economy and began to gradually shift investment to the areas of people's livelihood, such as telecommunications. However, he caused a heated debate when he transferred the assets of a landmark building. "Li ka-shing: the a-share bull is coming" takes A different view when public opinion is largely unanimous in reporting and criticizing li's withdrawal from the real estate sector. It take the pulse of The Times transition, a inertial thinking and the homogeneity of public opinion, at the time the corresponding economic relations in the stock and property markets, reverse dug a has important economic value of information.
Because reverse discovery can often discover unusual information value and generate extremely high communication value, it has become an important means of news creation in news practice. We can also see this kind of good news stories from the news evaluation activities over the years. By analyzing these good works, we can sort out some common ways of reverse discovery in news creation.
Find valuable information from the opposite side of the interviewee. One year, there was a severe drought in guangdong, and a lot of bamboo rice appeared on the market and was snapped up by the citizens. In old China, when there was a great drought, bamboo would go to seed. Journalists realized that more than 20 years after the reform and opening up, famine-tainted bamboo rice was sold on the market and snapped up. Contrary to The Times, information has special value. Therefore, I wrote a TV short message, "the bamboo rice is on the market today and now", and reported on the scene that citizens rushed to buy bamboo rice as a snack, and talked about a happy new life. The report later won the provincial press awards.
Correspondence discovery refers to the discovery of important information ignored by the other party according to the symmetric relation of information. A lot of information tends to have a symmetric response relationship, and we can find more valuable information than the original information in the ignored counterpart. One of the winners of the China journalism awards was originally to interview apple for its bumper harvest, but it was found that the amount of baskets filled with apples was large and even formed an industry chain. The reporter then pointed the camera at the basket and produced a piece of new information and more valuable economic news.
Go back to the source from the results and discover the news value of the information by digging the source. Years ago, a local journalist found two villages with similar resources, but they were rich and poor. An in-depth investigation by the reporter found that there was a good party branch in the rich village, while the party branch in the poor and backward village was weak and lax. Reporters seized on the reasons to find value, highlighting the importance of grassroots party organizations to change the fate of rural and farmers. His works won the China radio and television news award. Subsequently, a deep and lasting rural grass-roots party organization construction is also spread throughout the country.
What is not possible according to common sense happens unexpectedly. This kind of counterintuitive and strange information is often of great news value. "Zhanjiang sea rice: the first harvest in 28 years of breeding", an award-winning work of guangdong radio and television program in 2014, is an example. The fact that the sea water grows rice, and harvests it, is a counterintuitive message. It's impossible, and the news value of this kind of information is very great. The application of reverse principle discovery is quite common, and many abnormal phenomena or events encountered at ordinary times are of great news value. It is worth noting that the more abnormal and counterintuitive it is, the more articles there are and the more information there is, the more valuable the news may be.#p#分页标题#e#
In the practice of journalism, the key to discovering the news value of information in reverse and generating better communication benefits lies in journalists, who must have good professional quality. These qualities should be developed from the following aspects.
Mainstream media as the mouthpiece of the party and the people, professional journalists must establish marxist news view and socialist core values, with the correct world outlook, because this is the basic standard of value judgment information media practitioners and basis. Without a correct view of journalism and values, there is no way to choose the value of information. In the reverse discovery of news reports, "police injured criminals with back injuries" can become a sensational good work, because of the author's understanding and grasp of core values.
The reverse discovery of news value should not go against the rule of news. Performance in mining, and the value of news, the first thing to adhere to the principle of news authenticity, not imaginary, fabricate, tampered with, distorted information, make "reverse", otherwise, the news reported by not only useless, also will produce the bad social influence. That year a reporter concocted "paper stuffing bun" false news, is a lesson. Secondly, reverse discovery should attach importance to information quantity, its timeliness and importance, and try to give full play to the value of information in accordance with the rules of news.
News is the product and expression of the value of The Times, closely related to the ideology and development direction of The Times. As the mainstream media reporters, only grasp the theory, policy and strategy of the party in the new era, to understand the trend of the development of the country and the world, to keep political acumen, unique and advanced professional eye, can closely hold the pulse of The Times, understand the era's most valuable signal, in news reports, or synthetic-aperture, or special, is affected. Therefore, advancing with The Times of thought is a magic weapon for reverse discovery, keeping the news spread up to date, the most important and the most beneficial to the society.
Reverse discovery requires a rich knowledge base. The wider the scope of knowledge and the more thorough the application of knowledge in the analysis of information, the more handy the application of reverse discovery and the more important the value of information can be found. Such as "li ka-shing: a-share cattle", if there is no policy to the national economy, the economic situation, the condition of capital market, the deep understanding of the real estate economy etc., and lee's superman, can't be found in public opinion in the noise of the reverse one of the important information.
Reverse thinking is the basis of reverse discovery of information value. In the interview, the reporter should consciously observe and collect information from various angles, trying to find different information from conventional phenomenon or event, from the perspective of others ignore to think and analyze information, explore different results and value. At the same time, we should be good at learning the application methods of reverse thinking from excellent news works and excellent cases in other fields, so as to improve the sensitivity of reverse discovery of information value. If you stick to this habit, you will get a good harvest.
The media should consciously cultivate journalists' ability of reverse discovery. It is the most effective method to train journalists' reverse thinking and contrarian discovery ability in news practice. Discussion of news topic selection, analysis of news materials, writing guidance, and presentation of news works are all good steps to cultivate the ability of reverse discovery. Through the training, journalists can be active in divergent thinking and seeking for differences, and develop the habit of extracting value from different viewpoints and opinions. "The key to media competition is talent competition, and the core advantage of media is talent advantage". As to raise the level of overall business, build an effective means of media competitiveness, the media should be planned and institutionalized to train the ability of reverse of the editorial team found that, even will have this ability, can achieve a certain amount of tasks into the team performance and professional promotion evaluation.
News is the main and most important information consumer product in the society, and it is also an important expression of the guidance of public opinion. "New information age", in the face of unprecedented media competition heats up, the war intensified, news media in the development, strive to move forward, the mainstream media is more significant historical mission given by the performance of the new era, a banner, led oriented. At present, the mainstream media to brush up on general secretary's important speech spirit, as he visited the central media in the innovation of the party's news public opinion work concept, content, style, form, method and so on at the same time, the core of the talent advantage into competition advantage, cultivate a high-quality, discerning, news unique vision, good at reverse found the news value of outstanding staff, with high value of exclusive news, latest news, in-depth reporting, focus and major report form the brand advantage, to forge a strong media influence public opinion flagship, thus in the fierce competition strength, speakers, dashing.

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