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代写留学生作业:Music and culture

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Music and culture promote and restrict each other. Culture is a nationality or the country in a period of ideas and thoughts, it represents the nation and the country's values and behavior, reflecting the life of this group in a certain period. Music influences and infects people's thoughts and minds through the edification of beauty. It is a bridge connecting national culture and regional culture, and the best way for the lasting continuation of national culture.
In the development process of Chinese traditional music has a long history, under the influence of different culture, class, and formed the Chinese literati music, religious music, court music and folk music genre, the literati music best on behalf of the Chinese humanistic spirit.
In the representative of ancient culture of "qin, chess, books, paintings", the piano was placed in the first place. Because the piano can best represent the spiritual pursuit of ancient literati. The ancient and elegant music not only shows that people pursue the transcendental and refined artistic conception of holy elegance, but also has the philosophy of the unity of man and nature. For example, the ancient piano music "the fishing firewood question and answer" shows the elegant and free style of the literati. The echo of the upper and lower sentences makes the fishing firewood question and answer interest increase sharply. "The question and answer" in the development of the tonic tuning changes constantly adding new tones, whisk in rolling section 7th join techniques make music to the climax, vividly depict the hermit, uninhibited and natural and unrestrained feelings, left a deep impression to the person.
Chinese ancient poetry, based on tonal language, further generates the rhythmic beauty of ups and downs in the rhythm of ups and downs and flat rhythms. The innovation of music in combination of lexical tone music and lyrics and music is an important part of music culture in China. For example, the classical lexicon music, such as yu meiling and shu ying, has become very mature in form, which means that the level of ancient Chinese lyrics and songs and classical music has reached a certain height. Chinese culture influenced all kinds of cultural creation of ancient literati and formed unique literati culture. In the ancient Chinese culture, the literati music not only realized its own improvement and development, but also infiltrated into other cultures and arts in the form of profound deposits and flows. For example, in calligraphy, the rhythm of running pens is emphasized. The spatial development of painting art shows the charm of time flow. The use of flying white and splashing ink in painting techniques is similar to the ups and downs and leaving white shown by literati music. Music lines can also be found in the design of curved Bridges and eaves in architectural art. These are the embodiment of literati spirit.
Music is culturally representative. It can play a role of evoking people's minds and boosting morale in certain environments and regions. Music can turn people's spiritual power into unlimited material power. National music can put the civilization history of a region or a nation, it can confirm the region or a nation of human civilization development, can also make a person under the guidance of music towards a better tomorrow. For example, the "silk bamboo" in the south of the Yangtze river, the "sheng guan" in hebei and the "ancient music" in xi 'an are all Musical Instruments that have been handed down from generation to generation. Even today's popular music, with its strong local color, can reflect the past brilliance of these ancient regional cultures and the glorious splendor in today's music world.
Among ethnic music, fujian "nan Yin" is the most representative. The "dial" used in the performance of the pipa in "nan Yin" retains the performance style of the tang dynasty. The "clappers" and the "clappers" in the southern tones are almost a replica of the "kabuki music" murals in dunhuang. For example, the "xintianyou" melody is bold and unrestrained, wide and exciting. The rhythm is very free. Due to the limitation by local landform, the local people used to stand in high pitched, groove to cry at a distance, communication, makes your voice very big, very long, it formed the evacuation, the rhythm of freedom. "Sheep belly towel three lines blue, see one side easy to talk difficult, one in the mountains one in the ditch, can not pull the words to beckon." The northern shaanxi folk song "tearful egg" really reflects the relationship between the pronunciation characteristics of people's original ecology and the northern shaanxi landform. "Xintianyou" sings highly concentrated on the loess plateau's natural landscape, cultural landscape and local humanistic spirit.
Music itself is a tool of human society, and the correct use of music can play a positive role in promoting the development of human society. Music has its own special mission in each historical period. While fully reflecting the social features of the time, music can also play a role of inspiring people and promoting integrity. In Anti-Japanese War, for example, in order to boost morale, called on the people of the whole country in its fight, defeat Japanese imperialism, chairman MAO, combined with the yanan literature and art at that time in the work actual situation, the yanan literature discussion meeting, called for the literary and art workers deep into the masses, devoted to anti-japanese to learn, to create a line. During this period, music and other excellent works of the Anti-Japanese War were created, such as the Yellow River chorus, the military and civilian production, the heaven in the liberated area and so on. All these works show the heroic resistance of our army and play a leading role in arousing public awareness and promoting self-reliance. These excellent works reflect the spirit and background of the people in a period, from which we can see the determination and courage of the Chinese nation to defeat the Japanese invaders.
Therefore, music shows its unique artistic charm and appeal in different historical periods of China. Music can promote cultural exchanges among different ethnic groups and expand the innovation and research of new culture. Music plays a driving role in the development of culture and human progress.

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