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ASSIGNMENT 2 2007/08

Krystal Meadowhall loved to shop - clothes, cars - you name it, she shopped  
for it. It was her grand passion for all things retail that led to her relationship 
with Kevin, the love of her life. For ever - well, for a couple of months at least. 
Krystal was out on the town one Saturday night when she heard her friend Chardonnay talking about where she had bought her new (used) Ford Focus - at 'Kevin's Kool Konvertibles' in Crouch End.     
As Krystal's white Vauxhall Nova was a little past its best, she decided that a trip up to London from Essex was called for. She dressed in her best Primark top, a Burberry short skirt, put on her fake Ray-Bans and some serious bling and set off at high speed to the sound of Girls Aloud at a decibel level that would kill any sensitive hamster passing by and made the furry dice on the rear-view mirror vibrate.   
Krystal's job as hairdresser meant her disposable income was quite high - her salary kept her in white stilettos and leopardskin print dresses from Miss 
Selfridge - although she did aspire to a little black Versace number like Posh Spice. She lived in her own terraced town house in Billericay, with its patio at the back and en-suite pink bathroom.    The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org 
Anyway, back to the car showroom. When Krystal met Kevin it was love at first sight. Krystal came away with a new pink Ford Escort Cabriolet RS Turbo, the furry dice were transferred and she had a hot date for Friday night.

Krystal and Kevin soon were 'together' - so much so that nights out with the girls became a rarity: There was much gazing into each others eyes and sickly smiles - to the disgust of most of their friends. Then came the commitment stage - the buying of matching designer jackets and the inevitable names on the windscreen stuff. Finally there came the family show-downs and the row about whose Auntie was coming to the wedding - Four Weddings and a Funeral had nothing on the language!     
The big day came and Krystal's mum Sharon wept a lot and her mascara ran. She had bought an especially tasteless outfit for the occasion and as an afterthought had invested a lottery ticket for the bride and groom and one for her husband Shane.
The night of the reception passed off relatively uneventfully - only three arrests and one innocent bystander floored, and in the morning Krystal was sitting in bed with a big smile and a copy of the Sun when she realised that the numbers on her ticket were the winning numbers - she and Kevin were millionaires!  
They shared the jackpot of £6,100,000 between them. They bought a brand new house at the posh end of town and went on holiday with a group of friends in August 2006 to Ibiza, two months after their big win.   
Then disaster struck. Kevin, a non-swimmer, decided after a number of lagers that he would like a ride on an inflatable banana round the bay, fell off and was tragically drowned. Krystal was distraught and bereft … and a bit sad, too.The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org 
Luckily, after their big win they had made a quick visit to Kevin's lawyer, Sid 
Snake, and had put into place some basic mirror wills, leaving the whole estate to each other on death. The one exception was Kevin's business, worth some £200,000, which he left to his brother Elvis in the vain hope that he would leave the sofa, where he was accustomed to spending his days watching the telly. 
Krystal got all of Kevin's lottery winnings and the other half of their house, less what they had spent, and after the funeral expenses. The funeral was a sad affair, and although there was a great big hole dug to accommodate Kevin and his old Chevrolet convertible, Krystal thought the expense was worth it. Krystal received cash of approximately £1,000,000 after everything had been taken into account, including inheritance tax paid of £1.1 million. She also received Kevin’s half of the house, furniture and his new Jeep Cherokee.      
Her assets were now as follows, after including the legacy from Kevin: 
• Joint Property (now wholly owned)  £1,500,000  
• Furniture and carpets  £75,000  The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org
• New Jeep Cherokee  £35,000  
• Ford Escort Cabriolet  £15,000  
• Caravan (for mum to use) £30,000  

In addition to the above she had £3,200,000 in the building society.  
Krystal decided it was time to do some future planning, and, guided by 'Hissing' Sid Snake she approached Kevin's former accountant, Sam Swindells, for advice.        
In the meantime she decided to spread her good fortune around a little, and made the following lifetime gifts in September 2006:   
• Her mum Sharon  £60,000     
• Her friend Chardonnay £25,000     
• Her brother Kyle  £50,000     
• Her dad Shane  £60,000     

She also paid off her mum's mortgage of £55,000 in October 2006 by giving her a cheque, made payable to her, which Sharon paid into her own bank account and from which she paid the Building Society.   
Krystal agreed with all her family and friends that if there was any tax to pay she would settle it on their behalf: she wanted them to be able to spend the money freely and not worry about it.    
However, Krystal did have some good news in all the grief - she discovered that she was pregnant.     
Sam Swindells was his usual creepy self, but he did mange to come up with a plan for her which took into account her wishes (to a certain extent) and this is reproduced overleaf:       The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org 
Krystal had given Sam the following information:   
"I would like to give my mum some money as she has had to put up with my dad for so long. I really just want to make sure she is looked after for the rest of her life."
(Sharon is 45 years old and in good health)  
"My brother Kyle is really into this environmental stuff. He's already blown the £2,000 I gave him on putting a wind turbine on his roof. And anyway he's so gross - he's always moaning around and saying "Get real" and "Get a life" and stuff. He’s such a geek!"     
(Kyle is 18 and a real pain)    
"I really want to do something for Kevin's mum, Doreen. She didn't get anything when he died and she's not very well off. I'd like to pay off her mortgage and give her something nice to spend. "    
(Doreen is a real treasure and loves Krystal to bits)  
"Now I'm pregnant I need to think about the future for my baby. When it arrives I'll have to do some real planning."  
"Chardonnay’s been a real mate. She's offered to look after my house while I'm at work. Now I'm a career girl I need some help."     
"I've found this really neat little salon in the town centre, and they're only asking £200,000 for the leasehold and the business. What do you think?" (Krystal works in the ‘Hairapy’ salon in Billericay, but would really like to own her own hair and beauty salon and boss everyone around).

“Finally, I’d like to know what to do with the rest of my money. Will it be OK to leave it in the Building Society and just get it out as I need it, or should I buy some shares or something? I can afford to take a bit of a risk, as I’ve got so much money now”   

Sam Swindells         
Plan produced for Krystal Jade Meadowhall   
I have devised the following plan in order to carry out your wishes as far as possible:    

• Give £150,000 to your mum immediately so that she can buy a car and have enough left to give up her job.     
• Put £200,000 into a child trust fund for your baby which will pay out when he or she reaches 21.     
• Give Kyle £1,000 per month for two years. This way he won't be able to spend it all at once.      
• Give your friend Chardonnay £20,000 to look after your house while you’re at work.     
• I think the asking price for the new salon is realistic at £200,000. Ten times profits is OK.(the salon is owned by a friend of his) 

On the subject of your investment advice, I would suggest you contact your bank to get advice – they have some good people who don’t charge much. On the other hand, I could put you in touch with my mate Brad…”   The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org 
    Sam Swindells - the best advice in Essex   
1. Review the current investment plan prepared by Sam Swindells. Comment critically on whether Krystal received the best advice and suggest areas where the planning could have been different. You have power to change the amounts involved or the way in which they are gifted.   

2. Outline your own revised plan of action and state why you have amended Sam Swindells’ advice. Your aim is to fulfil her wishes but to minimize any potential problems.  
(Weighting 40%)   

3. Using your revised outline planning, advise Krystal on an investment strategy for the remainder of her funds, bearing in mind both her wishes and her future needs. You may make such assumptions as you see fit about her future plans, and about her attitude to risk.   
(Weighting 60%)
The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org
Assignment Advice

For Krystal, first, work out what the problems are, then think about possible solutions or courses of action which might mitigate or help her financial position, and advise her accordingly. In your advice address future courses of action for her, given her current circumstances.

You will need to do some calculations, but this is not the essence of the assignment.  You need to clearly identify problems and work out how to invest her funds in a balanced portfolio. You will also need to take into account her attitude to risk, which you will have to assume.  There is no one ‘correct’ solution, and you need to support your recommendations with product research, for example, unit or investment trusts, tax-efficient investments, balancing the portfolio etc.

Marks will be awarded as follows:

Overall structure & presentation  10%
Identification and analysis of problems  15%
Presentation of possible solutions  20%
Creativity of solutions   30%
Research and referencing             15%The Essay is provided by UK Assignment http://www.ukassignment.org

Just to reiterate, what I mean by ‘creativity’ is that marks will be given for trying to devise solutions which may be complex, and may not succeed. This will get more marks than something safer and more straightforward. This creativity mark has been increased as the level of complexity increases. I am aware that at this stage in your studies you do not necessarily have all the tools necessary to produce a full answer to all aspects of the case study, but you do have the basic principles. Any research you do on areas not yet covered will be useful for you in the future, and your current stage of learning will be taken into account in my marking.

You will need also to link your solutions to current research and/or theory, and ensure your recommendations are realistic by searching the market for possible investment products to support your solutions.

Try not to advise a single product, but give a range of unit trusts, shares etc.




Word limit:  2000 words




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