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New York Hotel 




纽约赌场饭店(下面简称NY-NY)的主题是都市。在1997年1月3日,花了将近一年半时间将它完成。项目于1994年首先宣布,它属于合资公司米高梅大国际ResortsA安达Primadonna度假村,它在2006年被翻新。直到今天,NY-NY已经15年商业运行。米高梅的董事长兼首席执行官詹姆斯·j·穆伦(米高梅年度报告,2010)和主席NY-NY叫做McGladrey &普伦LLP(国际购物中心协会的年度报告,2011年)和销售的执行董事NY-NY叫克里斯托弗·邦德(主要经济复苏,2011年4月)。

This essay is concentrate on the New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas which was opened in 1997. It describes in details of the current performance of the construction, the targets and the strategic, the opportunities and the problems it may create after being opened from several aspects.

Located at Las Vegas, New York-New York Hotels and Casino becomes the important part of the whole Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Resort. The report also analyses the impacts from PESTEL several aspects and the reason why the investors want to invest the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The report analyses how New York-New York Hotel and Casino still survived from the other competitive resorts and how it can make the high revenues for the companies and government and improve the level among the other integrated resorts. The report will show the forward view and the targets in following years of New York-New York Hotels and Casinos as well.

Actually, New York and Las Vegas are the coolest cities in America, the clever point of Las Vegas city is that it combines the famous spots around the world together into one place called Las Vegas.

New York-New York Hotels and Casinos (NY-NY for short below) whose theme is urban was finished and opened on January 3,1997, it takes 1 and half years to be built. The project which was announced firstly in 1994, it belongs to the venture of MGM Grand International Resorts? and? Primadonna Resorts and it was renovated in 2006. Until today, the NY-NY has already run 15 years in business.The chairman&CEO of MGM is James J. Murren (MGM Annual Report, 2010) and the chairman of the NY-NY is called McGladrey & Pullen,LLP(Annual Report of International Council of Shopping Centers,2011) and the executive director of sales in NY-NY is called Christopher Bond (Leading the Recovery, Apr 2011).NY-NY is located on the north-west corner of the? place called Tropicana. It is the Boulevard intersection of Las Vegas. NY-NY is linked from pedestrian bridges to its close casinos. What's more, next to the east is? the famous resort called MGM Grand which manage NY-NY. It uses the? NewYork City? effects of the name in several aspects. The architecture there means to evoke the New York City skyline and the hotel.?

In the resort, lounges, gambling areas, meeting rooms, F&B outlets are all named with New York landmarks or neighborhoods. For example, the main casino place named as? Central Park when the retail shops are modeled as Greenwich Village.

There are several attractions in NY-NY. For example, The Roller Coaster, formerly? Manhattan Express which is replaced the traditional? trains is the most exciting attraction at NY-NY travels through the indoor and outdoor of the whole structure.

NY-NY also got? Zumanity which is the third show from? Cirque du Soleil? and is the first to be allowed to adult audiences to take up long-time residence in Las Vegas. It is a only show that allows audiences over 18 years of age.

ESPN Zone which? is located in NY-NY in June 2010 is a sport theme restaurant with the games like basketball, bowling ball, auto racing, horse racing, boxing, golf, and football. It is available from the street level to the area of the casino.

NY-NY with casino is a kind of urban theme resort in Las Vegas. It's dedicated to fun and urban scenery. The resort market is targeted at the individual leisure. The motivators of NY-NY are the government decided to make the IRs work, or more specially the casinos from 1940s to 1965; In order to make more the benefits in economic aspect and increase more the jobs at the same time to reduce the social effects (Integrated Resorts Management,2012); The availability of over 1500 jobs, beefing up the tourism industry, etc.

The mixed-use of NY-NY is that NY-NY is not only a hotel and casino for tourists, but also combines retail, F&B outlets, attractions and entertainments together. As we all known, Las Vegas is a place surrounding by desert, it can be a green land in the desert and blend with nature very well.


There are several reasons for the government of Las Vegas city to build New York-New York Resort Hotels and Casino.

First, from the policy aspect, Since 1830, the Spanish expedition found here, and named this place "Vegas" in Spanish, the meaning of Vegas is pasture and the name still in use today. During the early 20th century, Vegas became a city in 1905. In the 1930s, Nevada decided to make gambling to be a legitimate business, the government encouraged the casinos to attract the tourists and make more profit for the government. so, urban casinos seems like to been established in one night and Las Vegas was spread as the city of gambling and tourism today. The investors were willing to build the resorts with casinos that would make profits for them.

From the aspect of environment, we can realize that New York-New York try to make the largest effort to be a sustainable and environmental friendly integrated resort in Las Vegas. As we all known, the location of Las Vegas used to be an oasis surrounded by the desert. By finishing Las Vegas city, it provides the modern elements around the word to tourists and it looks like a shining star to the whole world. More and more tourists are showing their interests about this place and because of the reasons, the investors also focus on the place that can make more profits for them, especially for the unique desert surroundings. With the development of Las Vegas, the main revenues are relying on the tourism industry and the company realized the environmental responsibilities they have. From the MGM company which owns the NY-NY is considered to be a global leader in sustainability of the environment. The company which can bring the value to communities and shareholders operates more efficiently as all the people extend sustainable business practices to properties and projects. The results that they achieve include using efficient resources, managing supply chains, reducing construction impacts, increasing awareness and reduce to minimize waste. This one helps they grow responsible business.

From the social aspect, this modern desert city has 1.7 million populations, it attracts 38.9 million visitors every year which becomes the first prize of the whole U.S. The city's economy is dependent on tourism and there are more than 300,000 people working there. For NY-NY, it attracts more than 100,000 tourists per day and it offer more than 1,500 jobs for the people who wants to work here. It's a win-win aspect for both the social people and the government. The rate of unemployment is effectively reduced, the staff there can make money for themselves and the investors are happy as well because the staff there can bring the more economic benefits for them.

From the economic aspect, NY-NY can earn for the MGM over 46million in one and half years (MGM Annual Report, 2010). That a considerable economic benefit for the company. So, they want the NY-NY with the specific feather there to attract more tourists.

From the technology aspect, as we all known, America is the nation that own the most professional engineers, designer and the labs around the world. Once the company can invest the money, they will finish the building soon.

From the law aspects, it almost has links to the policy. In the 1930s, Nevada decided to make gambling to be a legitimate business, the government encouraged the casinos to attract the tourists and make more profit for the government. So, the building of IR of course is legal. Urban casinos seems like to been established in one night and Las Vegas was spread as the city of gambling and tourism today. The investors were willing to build the resorts with casinos that would make profits for them.

For the good aspects that the IR has already finished recent years are MGM Resorts company set up the environmental and energy services division for ensuring the effects about the environment aspect of the Company. It is absolutely considered and the processes or programmes are target to the place for mitigating some bad environmental effects (2006). Then the resort is the Company has carried out many protect ways that can reduce gas, water and electricity in the resorts substantially. From the NY-NY aspect, it tries to become more environmentally sustainable with actions below.

They are Green Key Certified. As the largest program round the world, the Green Key Program can evaluate hotel operations sustainably.

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