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导读:本文是一篇美国short essay,也做大学申请用。自愿承担责任感是区分成熟与不成熟的分割线。对我来说第一次意识到肩负责任尽管已经过去了近十年,但我的头脑仍然清醒。这是我在成长过程中学到的最有价值的经验之一。
The sense of voluntarily undertaking responsibility is the watershed that divides maturity and immaturity. For me, the first time I realized the responsibilities that are placed on my shoulders still remains refresh in my head, even though nearly a decade has passed. That is one of the most value lessons that I have ever learned on the process of my growth up.
Back in my junior high days, I was once rebellious against my parents’ will. I got into some bad habits at the age of prime puberty. I pierced holes on my ears, seldom did my homework, slept in the class, and even quarreled with my teacher over my misconduct right in the class. All of those was later noticed by my parents, and they kept nagging at me, telling those old doctrines over and over. I was irritated, lost control of myself, and thus had a sever quarrel with them. Later, one day, I spotted my dad holding my mother, badly crying, keeping saying that he was very concerned about me. I couldn’t restrain myself anymoreat that time, and instantly burst into tears. But, after a while, I chose to wipe out the tears and went to my bedroom, lying on the bed, thinking about the beautiful childhood that I had with my father. Now, long gone was the lovely and obedient obedient who once brought them the greatest joy ever, but this time, I seemed to be their biggest trouble maker.At that moment, I became aware of the hurt that I had done to my parents. I knew I had to make difference right now and shoulder the due responsibilities of my age so as to make my parents less worried. “What a failure daughter I was”, I talked to myself, with tears again running down my checks. It was just half a semester left for Zhongkao, China’s senior high school examination, which was a crazy rat race that could shape the life path of the rest of my life. Given my strikingly poor academic performance then, I asked my parents to isolate me in a room for a half a year, and had tutors teach me in our house nearly every day. During that period, I had noting else to do but eat, sleep, and study. Finally, all my efforts were paid off, and I was admitted to the second best senior high school in our city. When the admission notice reached our house, my parents couldn’t helping revealing proud smiles, but on the hair my parents otherwise shone the sadly silver white. If I had listened earlier, they wouldn’t be that concerned abut them and even got their hair white. I was spontaneously moved, but this time, I chose to hold back tears, because I was not a kid any more. I was responsible for my parents, but responsible for myself. 
萧伯纳曾说过:“我们之所以明智,不是因为回忆过去,而是因为对未来的责任。”对于即将到来的本科生之旅,我认为让我自己和我未来的职业发展进入贵校的商业课程是我的责任。这是我自己设定的第一个也是最重要的目标之一,我将努力实现这一目标,使我的父母不那么担心和骄傲。在未来的日子里,我甚至会致力于为我们的社会做出贡献。George Bernard Shaw one said, “we are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” For my upcoming undergraduate journey, I think it is the responsibility for myself and my future career development to gain admission to your business programme at your prestigious university. This is the first and one of the most important goal that I have set myself, and I will strive to achieve it to make my parents less worried and proud. In the days to come, I will even commit myself to contributing to our society.  

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