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代写美国文学essay范文:Whether gay marriage should be legalized

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Whether gay marriage should be legalized同性恋婚姻是否应该合法化
Recently, a topic about whether gay marriage should be legalized has caused controversy, in my opinion, gay marriage should be supported for the legalization. Although in most countries of the world, gay marriage has not been legalized, because of social pressure, gays and lesbians avoid disclosing their sexual orientation. However, in recent years, there are a growing number of countries such as France, Germany and Denmark, which began to recognize gay marriage and allow it to become legal (Merino, 2013). I think that this is a good social phenomenon. In this essay, it is mainly from three aspects: the objective facts of existence of gay community, homosexuality should be entitled to fairness, respect, and avoiding hurting more people to explain why I support the legalization of gay marriage.
First of all, in the history of mankind, guys as a social group exist objectively. Homosexuality is not a mental illness, it is not social ills either. Studies have shown that the proportion of gays is generally 2%-5% of a social population (Merino, 2013), it is a special group, they have both physical and emotional needs from other people of the same sex, they have their own unique way of life and emotional expression, the legalization of gay marriage will help to meet the needs of the special group in emotional and family aspects.
Second of all, there is also true love in homosexuality, they should also be treated fairly, be respected and enjoy relevant rights. Everyone is equal, human rights are endowed by heaven, love and marriage are the basic rights of people, love exists between two person, regardless of their nationality, religion, race, gender. Heterosexuals can have love, marriage, so can homosexuals, they also need to be respected, protected by laws. Legalizing gay marriage reflects the democracy, freedom, equality, social justice philosophy, it also reflects the degree of civilization and social progress.
Finally, the legalization of gay marriage will help to prevent more people from being hurt. Homosexuals face more or less discrimination in their daily life, which puts pressure on their lives, and some homosexuals can not marry each other, leading to frequent gay suicide case, the legalization of gay marriage helps to increase social identity for homosexuals to protect their rights (Francis, Mialon & Peng, 2012). Meanwhile, legalizing gay marriage is also a guarantee for heterosexuals. For instance, some gays comply with the universal norms of the society by finding a heterosexual partner to marry, so as to cover their actual sexual orientation. This is the least responsible life choice, which would hurt a lot of people, especially their partners, both of them will live in endless repression. In order to reduce the number of people hurt by this situation, it should support the legalization of gay marriage.
综上所述,虽然同性恋婚姻不同于传统的异性恋婚姻,但同性婚姻合法化有助于满足同性恋群体的特殊需要,反映社会文明进步的程度,防止更多人受到伤害。因此,作者支持同性婚姻合法化。All in all, though gay marriage is different from traditional heterosexual marriage, legalizing gay marriage will help to meet the special needs of the gay community, reflect the degree of social civilization and progress, and prevent more people from being hurt. Thus the author supports legalized gay marriage.
Francis, A. M., Mialon, H. M. & Peng, H. (2012). In sickness and in health: Same-sex marriage laws and sexually transmitted infections. Social Science & Medicine, Volume 75, Issue 8, October, Pages 1329-1341.
Merino, S. M. (2013). Contact with gays and lesbians and same-sex marriage support: The moderating role of social context. Social Science Research, Volume 42, Issue 4, July, Pages 1156-1166. 

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