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Connection and differ

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作业要求: Write a 1-page double-spaced, statement about the connections between the ideas in the Kwon reading and the ideas in the Komar and Melamid reading. What do they share in common; how do they differ? EMAIL ME THIS STATEMENT ON OR BEFORE
Write a 1-page double-spaced, statement about the connections
 between the ideas in the Kwon reading and the ideas in the
 Komar and Melamid reading. What do they share in common; how
Bring your two readings (Kwon and Komar & Melamid) back to
class so I can collect them to grade your annotations.
What do they share in common?他们有什么共同点?
In the works of Kumar and ME lamed, the triumphant style of the triumphant, the architecture frame popular with the dictator replaced the natural frame; the artificial light replaced the natural light; the huge body in the uniform of the "general" replaced the young naked Greek hero. Painting still exists as an act of love, but its conversions of meaning are often the product of Freudian "conversions", which completely change its meaning; love has become fawning. The annotation structure of Soviet painters is like a word game, which must be interpreted in two different but complementary ways. The first uses the symbolic language used by artists of the former Soviet system: drawing or writing with the left hand indicates that they do not believe in the aesthetic value of the finished work, and that their creation is either expedient or forced. The second hint is more literary, or more rational, and involves the language of intellectuals: the left hand is not only an artist practicing the art of the "left", but it is also the left hand that reveals the true nature of things: here it refers to the dark, evil side of this clear-cut shadow.
以“地方性”概念为核心,郭美美探讨了艺术作品与其所处环境之间可能存在的关系,以及由此产生的美学、批判和伦理问题。Miwok Kwon认为,“地方”一词没有被一些主流文化机构批判性地吸收和使用,从而降低了它的艺术和政治功效,成为一种“问题观念”。艺术家、策展人和评论家对本土艺术进行了批评和质疑,产生了“特定场景的艺术”或“特定受众的艺术”等一系列新的表现形式,破坏了“本土”概念的稳定性。郭美美意识到,由于历史和理论基础的缺乏以及现有艺术体系的局限性,本土艺术已经成为主流艺术研究领域中一个薄弱而零散的理论研究领域。
With the concept of "locality" as the core, Miwok Kwon discusses the possible relationships between works of art and their situations, as well as the aesthetic, critical and ethical issues arising therefrom. Miwok Kwon believed that the word "locality" was not critically absorbed and used by some mainstream cultural institutions, thereby reducing its artistic and political efficacy and becoming a "problem-idea". Artists, curators and critics have criticized and questioned local art, leading to a series of new expressions, such as "art in a particular scene" or "art with a specific audience", thus undermining the stability of the concept of "locality". Miwok Kwon realized that due to the lack of history and theoretical basis and the limitations of the existing art system, local art has become a weak and scattered theoretical research field in the mainstream art research field.
How do they differ?它们有何不同?
KumarandMalamud’s attitude is very ambiguous. In the whole series of "nostalgic socialist realism", almost the same as this work, from the works are very orthodox, classical, rigorous, no pop, no hippy. The work of the Kremlin (View of the Kremlin in a Romantic Landscape, 1981-1982) is more like "sublimation" than "deconstruction." Of course, they also have less serious works, such as this self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, The Portrait of the World Leader who Cuts His Right Ear (Arles, Portraits of World Leaders with Right Ear Cut Off, 1978)。
In addition, she takes "culture in action" as a case to show the transformation and development of public art from "locality" to "community". The event was held in Chicago in 1993 to propose a new genre of public art that seeks greater participation of urban community residents in (public) art. "Culture in Action" is a typical case showing the contradiction between public art system standards and the public and community. It criticizes the Chicago Sculpture Organization and realizes greater artistic democratization by intervening in public space.Miwon Kwon summed up the three forms of public art, corresponding to the three paradigms of locality. Firstly, the art of public space, that is, the works of famous artists in museums and galleries are enlarged, reproduced and transplanted into public space; secondly, the public space of art, mainly embodied by sculptures of urban furniture; and secondly, the public art of community participation characterized by activities. In fact, public art is often classified by critics as "art of the earth" or "art out of the base". It is more a decoration to beautify urban space than a way to enhance and create urban image or architectural features. In response, the National Arts Foundation incorporates local features into the guidelines of public art creation in order to achieve the urban benefits of public art, requiring artists to pay more attention to the urban environment, design the coherence of urban space, and thus obtain more socially valuable works of art.
Miwok Kwon defined "culture in action" as a community-oriented work of public art, and divided the community into four types. The first is to view the community as a fictional unity. For example, in Suzanne Laci’s Full Circle, the community defined in the work is actually an entire group of women, although the author interprets a particular individual from Chicago. The second is a specific location of the community. Such communities already have clear geographical and cultural attributes, and community residents share common values and lifestyles. Simon Renan and Christopher Operando designed billboards for the International Union of Desserts and Tobacco Unions. The third is a temporary built community. Artistic works are integrated into art education or art activities, so that people can be gathered together to form a community. The fourth is the extension of the third type of community, from a temporary community constructed by works of art to a sustainable community.

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