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Dear Sir or Madam,尊敬的先生或女士:
I am very happy to recommend to you MsXXX, an excellent intern assistant of our company. 
She now majors in accounting in XXX in the United XXXX. As a Director of Finance, DuPont Shanghai Branch, I have a close contact with her. Although Ms XX was only a temporary assistant of accountant in our company, in the months of June-July, 2015 of her being with us, she was mainly responsible for dealing with various bills and banking business. She has accomplished splendidly in assisting us in handling cases with her acquired professional accounting knowledge. In June, 2016, she practiced in BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs (hereinafter referred to as "Shu Lun Pan CPAs"), which has business contact with our company. In Shu Lun Pan CPAs, Ms XXwas mainly in charge of dealing with various statements of accounts involved in an audit project from other local subsidiaries of the company, where she got more practical work and opportunity, she was also very hard and cherish the company's trust in her. As far as I knew, with her outstanding performance in that company, she won praise from the leadership and colleagues. Therefore I believe that Ms XX has got potentials for a fine professional accountant. She has chosen judiciously to take your university’s master degree courses of accounting. He is beyond any doubt an excellent applicant.
As her former leader for two months, I have learned that Ms XX is really a hardworking person and a promising young scholar with great motivation to aspire after higher learning. As an assistant, she had achieved more than normal assistants due to her persistent pursuit of her goals.
From her internship process and information, I was impressed by her good academic record at the university. Her proficiency of making use of accounting theory in the course of her internship impressed me a lot. It was precisely because of her solid theoretical foundation and hard-working attitude, she could quickly and accurately understand the intentions of the boss, as well as what customers required, so she was always able to complete her work actively and independently. Our company has a lot of business in China, which brings our staff a lot of work load, complexity and pressure at work. Ms XX has shown enough resilience and confidence in the internship process. She did not fear and evade the challenges that the company has brought her, and she always regarded as the opportunity to improve her ability. In team work, she could also play a good role, she could not only enthusiastically help other members to finish work together, but also learn from other members to make a common progress, making her a leader of the internship team in our company.
Ms XX came to work for our company to practice what she had learned about accounting and gained experience. Through the internship, she has acquired knowledge relating to cost inscape, cost planning situation and cost controlling system in enterprises. Then she could classify these situations and made a piece of investigation report. In the months of her internship, she has demonstrated strong ability in independent learning and adamancy. Furthermore, she also has the ability to absorb new knowledge conscientiously and keep communications with his colleagues. She has always made unremitting efforts to learn and to do her job until she was satisfied with the results. Besides working, she also tried her best to do some extra studies on some theoretical issues. Her solid theoretical foundation, serious and responsible attitude to work, as well as her innovative ability demonstrated in her work impressed me deeply. She was always able to put forward new solutions for problems met in the process of internship and eventually find a satisfactory solution. For instance, she has proposed to improve personalized accounting services, which effectively improved customer satisfaction. Ms XX is also a rigorous person, for work of her internship, she has always made a gallant effort and maintained a modest and prudent attitude, during the two months of internship, I remembered clearly that she was one of the interns making the least mistakes in the process of internship, which is very important for the work that she was engaged in. In a word, I really appreciate her abilities and talent in accounting. Maybe she is not the most talented student but I can say that she is the most industrious young person I have met.
Ms XX's skills and the ability in using English language are also impressive. She could communicate with clients and colleagues fluently in English and familiarize herself with accounting terminology, which has laid the foundations for her further education and work in international accounting firms. At the same time, Ms XXis a kind person who is able to maintain a good relationship with colleagues. She has a good relationship with many employees and other interns in our department. In fact, after she finished her internship in our department, she still keeps a close contact with me. She often asks advice about how to be a professional accountant and discusses the future directions of career development with me. Once she has told me that she has a dream that one day she would be a good accountant. She is ready to pursue further studies of an accounting professional graduate student. Her ultimate goal is to obtain the qualifications of accountants in the United States to prepare for working in the top four accounting firms in U.S. in future.
With Ms XX's character, her team spirit, enthusiasm and capacity, I think that she has all the essential qualities for an excellent accountant. If she could have further education and experience, she will ultimately become an outstanding accounting professional. That is why I am willing to write her this vigorous recommendation. It has been a great pleasure of mine to work with Ms XX and I strongly support her application with my recommendation without any reservation. I sincerely hope that you could consider her application favorably. If you need any further information about her please contact me without any hesitation. 
Sincerely yours,
Manager of Finance Department
xxx BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs
Tel: xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx