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Analytical Report of M&S
This M&S analytical report is based on the external and internal influences on the company strategies and discussing the affecting business strategies factors are directly related to major M&S advantages and make it possible and successful business plans. But there is unfortunately some disadvantage as well .Here are discussed how much M&S effect or how can they survive in competitive market. Furthermore, during analysis also take a look on micro environment and affecting the business plan also strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and also related threats. In January 2007, M&S revise its marketing segmentation that gives a positive effect on its market that they are divided efficiently into segmented markets and provide the quality effected consumer services successfully.
The M&S is multinational organization; they serve their products in Europe, North America and Asia. M&S main products are cloths, footwear, gifts, house appliances, and food. We divided our report into three parts. Firstly, affect of macro and micro-environment, Second, SWOT analysis of M&S. Finally, business strategy Plan A after that has drawn the bottom line and gives the recommendations for M&S future.
* Vision: M&S vision is to build the standard.
* Mission: The mission is to make inspirational quality accessible to all.
* Values of M&S: M&S success depends on company values that have never changed since its beginning.
* Quality: Consistently deliver excellent standards.
* Value: Exceptional value delivers to our customers.
* Innovation: General merchandising and food innovation in front position.
* Trust: Build customer trust, for taking care of them, welfare of staff, and involve in the community changes.
* Service: M&S provide higher standard services to their customers. They have increased their set values.
1.3 ABOUT:
In 1884, where the most famous brand started first in the Kirk gate Market, Leeds, Now Marks & Spencer are opening a stall on the same root. M&S has established from one single stall to multinational retailer over the last 129 years. In 2013, Marks & Spencer open a heritage and coffee shop just nearby the famous M&S clock in the 1904 building of the Kirk gate Market. Customers will have the chance to learn more about the traditional brand since it was start as a penny bazaar in a same stall; furthermore, they enjoy a coffee and buy M&S branded gifts and products. Now M&S work in more than 250 territories all over the world and about 82,000 workers are employed. Diversification of store locations, outlets, and product range are reducing reliance on the UK and rising international market. M&S UK turnover for Food is 254 percent and General Merchandise 46 percent of its 766 stores. Through e-commerce, M&S sells high-quality and valuable foods and women swear lingerie and menswear in the UK leader markets. M&S main objective to provide a better shopping facility for their valued customers either they buy through stores, websites or by phone, M&S gives comfortable service for all customers. Mark & Spencer mission is to become the world's most sustainable business. Since
Launching a plan A, M&S continues to expand their control of engaging employees, suppliers and customers.
M&S GM performance was unsatisfactory but they took action and have set out a clear plan for improvement.
PLAN A: In January2007, Plan A has launched by M&S. Inprevious 5 yearsM&Swere achieved 100 commitments. By the end of 2015 they willachieve 180commitments according to their plan A, with thebasic fundamental goal to world best sustainable measure retailer. According to Plan theycommitments for 2010 to 2015, they are working how to tackleclimate change, reduce waste, use raw materials, trade ethically, and help customers to lead healthier lifestyles.
M&SWORKING ON PLAN A: They are covering the five key areas that represent the biggest challenges as a retailer is:Climate, Waste, Natural resources, Health and being a Fair partner.
Climate: In the UK and Irish operations M&S has managed to reduce carbon footprint in the last five years and also they have compensated remaining emissions to turn into carbon neutral.
Waste: In 2007, M&S has reduced its non-glass wrapping by an average of 26 percent of its products. They have saved 1,100 tones per year on food packaging and clothing packaging was decreased by 46 percent. A M&S commitment to reduce landfill and in 2012 they fulfill his commitment saw us send zero waste to landfill.
Natural:In the UK allM&Sfresh turkey, duck andOckhamchicken are grown on special farms M&S have sustainable fishing and farming. M&S have very high standards when it comes to animal welfare.
Fair Partner: M&S have strong communities in which they keep trading with them. So it makes good sense of being a fair partner. M&S want to pay a good price to suppliers, also support to the local communities and give a guarantee of good working circumstances for everyone supply chains.
Health: An unbalanced diet is the causes of health problems. M&S has committed to improving the life of the customers, for that reason M&S create its own website for health and nutrition, they help their customers to enjoy a well-balanced healthy diet and lifestyle. M&S has reduced salt, fat, and saturated fat levels across its food. They also provide health advisors to their customers in 1,500 stores.
The HR function allows M&S to ensure staffs continue to be regarded as the company’s best asset.
The first function of human resources management starts from recruiting the manpower. In M&S the function recruits and manages staff and ensures each member of staff is developed to their full potential. M&S has just introduced TALENT PHILOSOPHY which is ensuring the right person is placed in the right job. All perspective candidates undertake an online questionnaire or telephone interview as the first stage of the recruitment process. Candidates need to pass this to ensure that they have the right personality and mindset to fit in with the ethos of the company. The questionnaire has been devised by an external company and has led to a lower staff turnover and higher rate of productivity. This has been measured by performance at appraisal review.
Internal vacancies are advertised on the:
Staff notice board
Company internet
Monthly newsletter
External vacancies are advertised via:
Company website
Careers stall in store
Shopping centre website
Graduate vacancies
New store
Appointment Of Staff:
After completing first stage successful, candidate then invited to a STORE INTERVIEW where they are given a tour of the store and an interview. All candidates are asked the same questions to ensure equal opportunities and are asked to take part in a JOB RELATED activity:
Virtual Merchandise:given a model and a range of clothes and asked to dress and accessorise it for a particular occasion.
Sales: approach two customers on the sales floor and engage them in conversation, or undertake a role play.
Human Resource: situational analysis.
The offer is made by a designated date and is subject to two references being taken up. If the references prove positive then there is a confirmation of the offer with a start date and details of the induction programme which all staff goes on.
Than invite selective candidates to the Training Academy which is in Swindon.
 Development And Training:
The company invests heavily in staff development and training is viewed as important.
M&S has formed a ‘Retail Academy’ which is responsible for delivering training and development programmes for staff at all levels.
Induction programme:
Whole staff training:

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