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Academic Report学术报告
Art & Design艺术与设计
Attainment B Effort 2成就B努力2
During this lesson, Anna has been working well and carefully studying a wide range of artists to help inform the direction of her work. She is strong in visual works and hasgrasped a range of techniques.Besides, most of her homework areof high standards, and though sometimesshe handed over thembehind schedule, I could tell that she paid efforts to perfect her works as much as she could. In the meantime, Anna also struggles to work effectively outside school in the activities. like many more support sessions, which enhanced her overall work. It does concern me that she will miss out on the grade she deserveswithout the work completed in time. Anna attends after school clubs and also spends some time during her non-contact periods. It might be advisable that she set herself more stringent targets and continue to attend more regular sessions to help with her general contextual research and primary image gathering. I will continue to endeavor to do everything I possibly can to support her in achieving them. 
Mrs S. Crawshaw

AS Art & Textiles作为艺术和纺织品

Attainment B Effort 1成就B努力1
安娜在课余时间花在纺织室里。她努力工作以创作出完成得很好的作品,并且在思想上富有创造性。她已经开始提高工作的速度,但她需要进一步提高速度,以确保她能达到一定水平所需的工作量。安娜很擅长对艺术家的作品进行视觉分析,并复制出类似的东西,但她的作品或其他人在她的素描本中的作品都缺乏分析或注释。现在,安娜需要考虑生产大规模的作品,包括许多不同的纺织技术。她目前的工作成绩是A B。
Anna spends a lot of time in the textiles room outside of lessons.  She works hard to produce well finished works and is creative in her ideas.  She has begun to increase the pace of her works, but she needs to further increase it to ensure that she meetthe volume of work required for A Level.  Anna is very good at visually analysing works of an artist and reproducing something similar, but her workor the work of others in her sketch pads lackwritten analysis or annotation. Now, Anna needs to think about producing large-scale works, incorporating many different textiles techniques.  Her current working grade is a B.
Mrs S. Holmes


Attainment B Effort 2
Anna has tried hard this year and has made significant progresses. She is still reticent in class. At first, I was sometimes concerned that she didn’t cover sufficient works in lessons. However, she completes homework tasks and will ask for help if she is unsure, and that convinced me that my worries were not necessary. Besides, I also find out that she has enjoyed the Decision Maths module. I believe this is why she has made such significant progresses this year. However, there are still works to be done with C4 which encapsulates all that Anna has learnt so far. Anna still need to practice as many past papers as possible to in order to attain sound knowledge and achieve a creditable grade.
Mrs D. Kennedy


English as an Additional Language
Anna works well in class, and she now shows a greater understanding in lessons, participating more readily in speaking activities. There are still areas of pronunciation to improve, and she should now aim to answer questions in more detail. There are, however, gaps in her knowledge of vocabulary and grammar which affects the level of accuracy of the language she produces in both written and oral work. I am concerned about the standard of her IELTS style essays and Task One answers when she has to describe a graph or diagram. There are too many sentences which do not make sense due to misuse of vocabulary or grammatical errors. This means that her written work is of a Band 4.5/ 5 standard, in my estimation. To improve this, she needs to use words and phrases she is already familiar with, as opposed to looking up and using translations which do not communicate her intended meaning. We will spend more time going through her written work individually, but she should read her work through again once she has written it and refer to the examples of good examples of essays and Task One pieces we have looked at in class. Anna also needs to do the grammar exercises in her workbook and the “Grammar in Use” book and CD on a regular basis, asking for help with anything she does not understand. The IELTS reading tests are a real challenge, but we are practising different techniques in order to skim and scan the texts, identify where the answer is and then read the sentences in detail. Anna is achieving a Band 5 / 5.5 in practice reading tests set for homework. To expand her vocabulary, she should ensure that she writes down every new word she comes across, learns it and then uses it. Every week she is given a newspaper and a magazine which contain up to date, interesting and informative articles to read which are designed for learners of English. There is also the Mary Glasgow Plus website with video clips and other activities to improve her listening skills. Anna shows a positive attitude in class and always completes her homework. She does have to realise, however, the importance of doing extra English practice outside school such as listening to podcasts, watching television, reading the newspapers and magazines and learning and using the new vocabulary. This will help her to make the progresses I would have expected her to have made already. 
Mrs F. Wilson


Form Tutor
 Anna is a polite member of the form. She is noticeably more studious than last year, and she is doing what she could to follow my advice to her regarding the way forward to secure good grades in the A2 examinations. She is regularly staying after school to work on her art. I am glad that she is developing a mature approach to her studies, and I hope her hard work pays off for the summer examinations. I wish Anna the best of luck in her examinations and I hope her future bring her great successes.
Dr S. Newton


It has been a pleasure to watch Anna settle into a new way of life here at Gateways, and she indeed to begin to thrive in the environment.  There are still some ways to go to finish off what is needed for the summer examination season, and Anna is making good progresses in the right direction.  The challenge now is to sustain this in the last few months remaining to her.  I wish her the very best of luck.
Dr T. Johnson

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