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Project Report格式范文- Proposal on the rail connect between Ebb

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Project Report- Proposal on the rail connect between Ebbw Vale and Newport, South Wales.项目报告-关于EBBW Vale和新南威尔士州纽波特之间铁路连接的建议。
Executive Summary执行摘要
1.0 Introduction引言
UrbanlinkInc(以下简称“本公司”)已要求Kedcomplan Associates提供一份关于EBBW Vale和新南威尔士州纽波特之间可能的投资机会的商业报告(参考图1)。此外,可能的投资与这两个城市之间的铁路连接有关。但是,之前的连接仅在ebbw vale和cardiff之间。因此,该公司认为,铁路连接将带来铁路沿线的商业机会。铁路为城市提供了像静脉一样的资源,把城市自身的资源输送到外部,促进城市经济的发展;引进外部资源来填补这座城市,提高城市的质量。铁路不断地向城市外部提供信息,从事各行各业的人才,以及城市与其他城市之间的输出关系。城市本身就是从铁路建设开始的,不断丰富和完善自己,铁路商业的兴起也清楚地表明了这一点。
UrbanLinkInc, (hereinafter called “the company”) has askedComPlan Associates for a commercial report regarding possible investment opportunities between Ebbw Vale and Newport, South Wales (referred to the Figure 1).In addition, the possible investment is related to the rail connection between these two cities. However, the previous connection is only between the Ebbw Vale and Cardiff. As a consequence, the company believed that the rail connection would bring the business opportunities along the rail ways. Railway for cities like veins, sends the city has its own resources to the outside, and urban economic development; Introducing external resources to fill in this city, improving the quality of the city. Railway constantly is giving city outside information and engaged in the talents from all walks of life, and the city relations between outputs to other cities. City itself begins with the construction of the railway and constantly enrich and perfect myself up, railway around the rise of the commercial is clearly shows this.
Besides that, Railway has played an important role, whichleads the corresponding opportunities brought huge crowd for the city, thus naturally formed a business circle at its periphery. To the railway station as the core to the surrounding radiation, the greater the traffic location, commercial value is higher than other sites. Based on the theory of land rent, land to realize value maximization is the main way in the form of business to achieve. According to the characteristic of city, near the railway station commercial form are also different.
As a professional planner consultant of the ComPlan Associates, I would like to provide professional proposals on the commercial (retail, office,leisure) location and development to the company on the new connection between these two city to achieve the best outcome on the business investments. 
Figure 1: the new connection between the Ebbw Vale and Newport, South Wales
2.0 Terms of Reference
Using information from any scheme currently proposed by Network Rail, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, and Newport City Council, the report is prepared with this necessary important information. 
Besides that, the other second hand information is including the academic journal article, newspaper, and books and others. Through collected the information, the proposals could be better performed in the logical structure.
3.0 Background or Context
3.1 The brief introduction of the “New ports”
Newport is a multi-cultural city with its own unique atmosphere, where traditionalindustries sit alongside new electronics and financial service sectors.Standing at the gateway between England and Wales, Newport covers a geographical area of just over 73.5 square miles and is a vibrant, forward-thinking city steeped in a rich industrial heritage, dating from the nineteenth century when its important strategic location was first recognized.After losing some of its core industries, the city is successfully proving that it canre-establish and adapt itself as a centre of modern industry and commerce.
3.2 The relationship between the rail connection and business opportunities
The two main relationships for mutual benefit, a total of prosperity, but from the perspective of existence and development, between the two railways dominate. Because the cause of the railway is not because of a business or commercial requirements of the construction of the system, but a city the necessary channel to contact each other with the outside world. While railway surrounding commercial development relies on the rail of the crowd, Railway station is the largest population in the city's most densely populated, liquidity, creating a large number of fast consumption and targeted consumer demand, and then at the railway station around the corresponding commercial form of the form.
Transportation system integration can help the commercial development of high-speed railway station. High speed railway station is different from other business resources, the passenger flow, business flow and logistics has strong connection. Massive passenger flow, fast and efficient evacuation to focus arrive, huge current passenger flow will result in potential of catering, shopping, leisure, and other consumer demand, the station and its surrounding commercial will gradually due to passenger flow driven toward prosperity. At the same time, the business flow of agglomeration will drive and matching of commercial facilities and services, and promote the development of the business circle. Reasonable planning of the high-speed railway station, promote the integration of logistics business, will be to gather the passenger flow and business flow provide abundant, diverse and convenient choice. Therefore, high speed railway station has the property of commercial center, and at the same time in the beginning of the station construction, should according to passenger flow and flow requirements, to conduct on-site and station surrounding commercial facilities and commercial function layout design and planning business state, to ensure that the station after operating passenger and commercial function matching, meet even direct passenger consumption, promote the passenger flow and business flow of the benign interaction.
4.0 Analysis
In the analysis, the two analysis models are applied in the proposal, they are “SMART” and “PESTLE”, based on the investment opportunities on the rail connection between these two cities 

4.1 ‘SMART’
The SMART model is a popular goal-setting tool. As an acrostic, it is easy to remember. Each letter in the word "SMART" represents a key element of a complete and actionable goal. SMART is referred to five items; they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timing. 

4.1.1 Specific
The business investment opportunities are referred to the rail connection between these two cities compared with the previous connections. In the business investment of the rail connection, the company should consider the business models associated with the rail connections to achieve the business profit in the operation. 
Rational utilization of the characteristics of high speed railway business resources into submitted, realize the commercial scale operation, and achieve business resources value maximization, the cross railway high-speed railway business resources overall planning and management puts forward new requirements. According to characteristics of high speed railway business resources, reasonable organization, planning and business development of high speed railway, high-speed railway was fully business resources advantage, is the development of the high-speed railway business facing the challenge.
4.1.2 Measurable
Business operation and management mechanism establish and improve the high speed railway station through a series of system construction, strengthen the plan of commercial operation, coordination, guidance and supervision. The operator evaluation system is established, to determine the standard constraints the behaviour of the operators; Improving regulation means, strengthen service supervision; Strengthen diagnostic analysis of management, perfect the management appraisal mechanism; With merchants to establish good relations of cooperation, create the good faith, standard, a win-win situation; Investment management, the rent to pay, credit evaluation, access to exit, franchising management and a series of high-speed railway system of business management related.

4.1.3 Achievable
Full introduction and use of professional research, design, consulting, planning, operation and management of resources, reasonable assessment of high speed railway business value, professional development, planning and management of high speed railway business resources are applied. Through professional management, it ensure that the national railway high-speed railway resources overall planning; A single high-speed rail and bathed unique style; in each station, to ensure that the commercial layout is reasonable, the fusion of the formats and the outstanding quality, avoiding homogeneity management and disorderly competition. And according to the characteristics of the different stages of development and project operation, instalment, cent point to plan as a whole to carry out classification management, do big, do strong, and do best.

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