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Management Report格式范文:Management report of Coffee City

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Executive summary执行摘要 作为一个低成本的运营商,咖啡城没有专门的人力资源管理,直到最近的人力资源业务合作伙伴(HRBP)被任命为邓弗里斯总部。人力资源部被要求关注一些商业问题。因
Executive summary执行摘要
As a low-cost operator, Coffee City did not have a dedicated human resource management until a recent hr business partner (HRBP) was appointed to Dumfries headquarters. HRBP is being asked to focus on some business issues. Thus, Coffee City can moderate adjustment of HR strategy on the basis of the original selection strategy to attract more consumers. Coffee City can also explore its HRM model to bring the full service to the consumers.On the employee's work schedule, it must be in strict accordance with the standardsin reasonable arrangement of time, which can employees full of zeal attitude to enjoy the satisfaction of work and fun.
Table of contents
Management report of Coffee City 1
Executive summary 1
Introduction 1
To improve the volume and quality of job applicants. 2
To identify, develop and retain employees with higher levels of talent and potential. 3
To manage succession for outlet managers and deputies. 5
to open about 60 new stores over the next 24 months 6
Conclusion 7
References 8
Coffee City是一家成功的独立咖啡连锁店,在苏格兰和英格兰北部的城镇有42家商店。公司在一个小型总部工作,每个总部都有一个由经理、副经理组成的团队,以及大约10名主要为客户服务的兼职员工(Shobaki,2017年)。没有正式的公司招聘流程或人力资源程序来取代经理和员工。员工的劳动力周转率远高于行业平均水平,招聘新的或替代的出口经理和副经理难度很大。也。客户服务指标显示,咖啡市场的员工不如主要竞争对手友好或以客户为导向。
Coffee City is a successful independent coffee shop chain with 42 stores in towns and cities in Scotland and northern England. The company works at a small headquarters, each of which has a team of managers, deputy managers and about 10 part-time employees who are mainly serving customers(Shobaki, 2017). There is no formal company recruitment process or hr procedure to replace managers and employees. The employee's labour turnover rate is much higher than the industry average and there is a great deal of difficulty in recruiting new or alternative export managers and deputy managers. Also. customer service indicators show that coffee market employees are not as friendly or customer-oriented as their main competitors.
To improve the volume and quality of job applicants.  
Because there is no established corporate culture, the present volume and quality situation of the Coffee City job applicants is not ideal. Because the personnel is of low age, record of formal schooling is low, quality is low, they tend to manipulate power and realize the complete control over the subordinate. Good supporting conditions, as well as humanized care, is to ensure the highest quality of Coffee City staff meals and staff dormitory(Matos,2016)..
In the aspect of corporate culture, Coffee City should change from power orientation to personnel orientation.(Shobaki, 2017). Coffee City job application should be based on competency model, through the human resources department to interview, collecting the different Coffee City behavior data every recruitment commissioner with a written detailed question and answer of competency model reference. Job applicants’ index is to interview the candidate as long as unqualified will be eliminated directly(Silva, 2016). 
After accepting the failure, the application will be submitted for resignation, which will lead to the loss of talents(Bowen,2016). Job applicants will be submitted to the human resources department personnel changes and requirements of data, including demand number, the number of departure, transfer the number and leave the number of personnel changes of the information in detail. This is in order to clear HR recruitment direction and effectively avoid understaffed(Bowen,2016). Through competency model, it can improve the volume and quality situation of the Coffee City job applicants to effectively realize the organizational goal of enterprise management, and improve the efficiency and performance of employees(Matos,2016).
The new staff's service process, including order, products production process, delivery process, making a pass at behavior standard and service process standard staff manuals, each service details should be implemented in the text.
To identify, develop and retain employees with higher levels of talent and potential.    
To strengthen the employees of with higher levels of talent and potential Coffee City, reasonable allocation and rotation on a regular basis should establish a promotion system, provide employees with promotion channels, which can effective incentive Coffee City employees work enthusiasm (Naser, 2017). The 360-degree performance evaluation on employees of with higher levels of talent and potential, first of all, should be determined by the direct supervisor of the employee, and set up the appraisal group (Silva, 2016); then higher level employees are graded according to the established evaluation indicators, and the average value and distribution range are calculated according to the five points system (Schutte,2016). 
To fully retain the higher level employees' work initiative and enthusiasm, Coffee City can improve the staff's wages, social welfare and insurance risk aspects such as basic guarantee. To develop higher level employees is to motivate themselves by participating in and empowering them (Islam, 2017). Thus, higher level employees should establish a core group, hire part-time workers, temporary workers, contract workers deal with additional work, and other peers by senior management organization managers with close cooperation, so that people share responsibilities. Higher level employees 's involvement and operation should cross the boundaries of departments and responsibilities, and, whenever possible, set up a self-management team to give maximum authority to the management affairs (Tinelli, 2017). Coffee City professional training instructors should regularly help each region branch of staff training, enrich staff for coffee cognition and understanding of professional knowledge and make the staff understand Coffee City culture connotation, and the Coffee City culture connotation in the process of service delivery to customers. 
To manage succession for outlet managers and deputies.   
Outlet managers and deputies think that their labour pay is not directly proportional to the actual harvest(Tinelli, 2017). It is easy to generate dissatisfaction, leading them to choose to leave. In addition, managers and deputies refuse to delegate power, which makes employees think that they are not valued by leaders and lack the opportunity for development(Schutte,2016).
Managers performance management is an important part of modern human resource management, and performance appraisal is the most important part of performance management. Set up a feasible assessment evaluation system must let deputies know what is the performance management, trail meal may be set up within a team designed to look at the usual door staff(Schutte,2016).To form deputies’performance management document, as a basis for the year-end nuclear test, is to ensure that the performance appraisal of fair and open(Bowen,2016). 
In addition, timely analysis of performance management results, Coffee City can be held every six months to commend the general assembly and the performance of good deputies to give incentives(Bowen,2016). Through an orderly and systematic training, it promises that in four years, the young people who will join the company will become the leading business leaders in chain catering retail(Yang, 2016). The "stand out" stage is 8 to 12 months. Mainly study the basic daily process operation of the Coffee City, communicate with customers and employees by the role of the operator, complete the transformation of the new employee to the junior manager, and grow into the Coffee City reserve manager; "ready to go" stage,12-18 months(Daniels, 2017). In-depth study Coffee City equipment, cost, human resource management and so on all aspects of professional knowledge, full participation in the Coffee City management, as a manager to learn leadership team, the rational allocation of resources, grow up to be Coffee City assistant manager; "Long talent" stage,8-12 months. Assist the Coffee City manager in training and coaching, profit optimization, promotion to senior vice manager, and become the successor of "leader"(Schutte,2016);In "leading" level, Coffee City will continue to learn knowledge and grow into a leading hundreds of people team, with annual turnover of tens of millions of Coffee City management, acquire the theory and actual combat capabilities of professional managers and deputies(Bowen,2016).

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