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Summary范文:How the Current Mass Extinction of Animals Threate

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Summary总结 澳大利亚人类学家托姆凡多伦(Thom van Dooren)于2014年撰写的《飞行方式:灭绝边缘的生命与损失》一书呼吁人们更多地关注我们周围每天发生的灭绝,参与保护和保护生物多样性。作
澳大利亚人类学家托姆·凡·多伦(Thom van Dooren)于2014年撰写的《飞行方式:灭绝边缘的生命与损失》一书呼吁人们更多地关注我们周围每天发生的灭绝,参与保护和保护生物多样性。作为这个星球的一部分,即使只是小动作。作为灭绝研究领域的领军人物,托姆·范·多伦将哲学见解与自然科学知识结合起来,向我们传达了一个重要信息,即当前大规模灭绝的伦理意义。
The book titled “Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction”, composed by Australian anthropologist Thom Van Dooren and published in 2014, called on people to pay more attention to extinctions happening everyday around us, taking part in the protection and conservation of biodiversity as a part of this planet, even just by small actions. As a leading figure in the field of extinction studies, Thom Van Dooren incorporated philosophy insights into his words, together with knowledge of natural sciences, transmitted an important message to all of us regarding the ethical significance of current mass extinctions.
In this book, Dooren depicted how endangered lives like grieving crows and urban penguins managed to survive under tough situations and deteriorating environment. During his interview with the National Geographic magazine, he said that the main purpose of this book was to rethink and reflect the role of humanities play under modern context of extinctions, from ethnic, historic and ethnographic perspectives. In his words, he expressed concerns on the fact that nowadays the rate of extinction in species is rapidly speeding up, reaching up to almost the same one as when dinosaurs were all gone.
While towards the indifference of people felt about the extinctions of other species, he mentioned the phrase “mourning fatigue”, probably one of the minor reasons why people do not care so much about extinction events. Yet the major cause of this phenomenon still goes to the lack of awareness in the society concerning decreasing biodiversity. More importantly, in order to uncover the uniqueness of those species at the edge of extinction, we need to really comprehend what makes extinction matters in depth. In his point of view, “there is not a single extinction tragedy”, meaning that a story lies behind extinction cases of each one of them, which yet to be discovered.
In this interview, Dooren also expressed his understanding towards the term “human exceptionalism” that he used also in the book. He explained that it was the superiority humans stand over all of the rest species that resulted in these indifferent feelings towards them. And more people need to realize the importance of other beings, as they are an irreplaceable part of our homeland, so that they could rejoin “the community of life”.
In a sum, this book recovered a way of responding ethically to extinctions by telling lively stories of birds, reminding us of the valuable positions they sit at within both the ecosystem and our daily lives.

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