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英国留学生论文Executive Summary怎么写?企业变革执行摘要范文

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Executive Summary就是文章的执行总结,是整个你的商业计划第一个部分,相当于整个商业计划的精华缩减版,使整个商业计划的核心内容所在。大概要写一页。 
In 2007, ABC Corporation was created to... Now, ABC Corporation is at a point where… 
For many years people have… 
The condition of the industry today is such that… 
We have just completed the development of S30 – a novel and proprietary construction tool 
Compared to competitive products, our s30 can… 
Our objective, at this time, is to propel the company into a prominent market position. We feel that within 5 years ABC Corporation will be in a suitable condition for further expansion, an initial public offering or profitable acquisition. To accomplish this goal we… 
Our management team consists of 5 men and women Whose backgrounds consist of 10 years of marketing with…  
The fundamental thrust of our marketing strategy  consists of…  
In 5 years we will have… and our investors will be  able to…   
ABC Corporation enjoys an established track-record of excellent support for our customers. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we  intend to continue our advances in the…

以下提供一篇Executive Summary 执行摘要范文作为例子:

In today’s dynamic corporate world, businesschanges are required to keep up with the dynamics of the environment. In order to gain the maximum benefits out of these changes, it is very important to plan them in advance. There are five factors may cause organisation change that are competition, technology, desire for growth, improvement and government regulations. For example, Organisation needs to make some change because highly competitive market environment, so if business don’t make any change, then their competitor would take over their position. With the technology improve faster, business need to change their strategy to meet fast technology improvement. Similarly, every organisation in the world desire to growth, so they need to make some specific change to meet the desire of growth. On the other hand, stakeholders sometimes are impacted by organisation change. For instance, owners and shareholders would be impacted by organisation change, because those changes will directly impact on business profit. Customer might be impacted by organisation change directly or indirectly, because the changes may not satisfy what they need and want. Employees might be also impacted by business changes, because they don’t know whether they can adapt the business after the changes. Making change in organisation is necessary today. However, not all business makes change to meet the whole environment change. The companies which fail to make the necessary changes have to face consequences that might be taken over by the business that made necessary change. These companies that fail to change are unable to survive in the high competitive environment of market. If the company wants to make some changes, it is still have some challenges that the company has to be faced. For example, changing in any organization requires excessive planning, because any major change in the organization would show its effect on the business. Lack of consensus regarding change can also be a factor of challenge. One the other hand, working environment change in an organization can lead employees become perplexed, so have a proper communication between the management and the employee is very necessary. The biggest challenge for organization to make change is the time taken. If the planning is not proper and the goals are not clear then the whole change process could take more time than what it should be taken. In conclusion, making change is very important for organisations development.

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