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新加坡留学生Assignment Business overview and analysis of ESNAAD

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ESNAAD is one of the leading oil and gas services companies that has the largest offshore supply base in the middle east which designed to meet the current and the future needs of target industry. The base contain a jetty, which supply offshore operations, such as wharf services, vessels handling, port services, material handling and many other services .

ESNAAD is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) which provides support to the oil and gas industry. Being a leading provider to the oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi, ESNAAD offers a variety of quality products and services in three main areas:

Onshore Services: responsible for ESNAAD's core activities such as material handling, port services, manpower / equipment hire property rental, maintenance and engineering projects, waste management and other services. ESNAAD has over 35 years of proven experience delivering world class logistics support at the highest quality and HSE standards according to international best practice.

Offshore Services: provides world-class marine logistic support services to the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry in the UAE and neighboring countries.

Oilfield Services: provides a range of specialized well services and chemical products to the oil and gas operating companies within the UAE and GCC countries.

With such diversity in products and services, ESNAAD aims to be the leading service provider in the oil and gas industry in the gulf and the Middle East. ESNAAD believes that this can only be achieved by being a recognized world class organization fully committed to their customers and employees.

In most of world class organizations, sustaining commitments to customers is a top priority, however retaining employees and increasing their level of competency is the most important investment for those organizations.

This report will view some of the practices ESNAAD adopted to retain employees and provide professional working environment to fulfill its commitment to the employees. Therefore the report will focus on HR department since it's considered as the key player in this role and flexible working practices was selected to be the subject of this report.

ESNNAD的人力资源——About HR in ESNNAD


To be recognized as the "Champion" HR Department in Abu Dhabi through streamlining our major HR&A processes into best industrial & international standards.??

We are committed to serve as a strategic partner alongside ESNAAD's Divisions / Departments in supporting the cooperate strategy through the provision of high quality oriented HR&A Services in a professional, caring and consistent manner to attract, develop, empower, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive and fair work environment while focusing on our stakeholders .
关于我在人力资源的角色——About my role in HR

I joined ESNAAD 10 months ago as an office administrator in the HR&A manager's office, few months later I was transferred to Employee Relations to work as an "Employee Relation Assistant" where I started to look after a number of tasks and responsibilities which are explained below:

The basic functions is to process and follow on a variety of employee relation activities especially recruitment, termination, leaves, loans, medical checkup, transfers, casual labor, various non employee payment. In addition, maintain all personnel filling system with relevant data such as letters, employee certificates, qualification details, salary details, other personnel and administrative data.

Updating e-archive filling system accurately and timely with necessary employee's personal data and maintain statistical data for all kind of updates is also another major responsibility of mine.

处理任务——Handling the task

In this assignment I will investigate the flexible working practices in ESNAAD. and I will try to measure the effect of applying the flexible working practice to the employees , management and line managers of ESNAAD company .

工作灵活的定义——Flexible working definition:

A generic term for employment practices that differ from the traditional norm in terms of the hours worked the length of contract, or the place of work. Flexible working practices can be divided into three categories: those that give flexibility in the management of time through flexible working hours program such as flextime or shift work; those that allow employers to adapt to peaks or trough in demand through numerical flexibility regarding the place of work, for example, teleworking.
Flexibility' covers any variation in working hours other than the standard 9.00 am to 5.00 pm working day. The key variants are: flexible working hours; term time working; annual hours; job sharing; voluntary reduced work time; employment breaks; and sabbaticals. These are defined in the glossary of terms.

Advantages of flexibility is recruitment and retention of qualified staff who may not be able to work traditional hours. Equality of opportunity: standard hours often prevent women with caring responsibilities or the disabled from working. Flexible working hours: reduce problems of punctuality and of disciplining staff for late arrival also to reduce one day absenteeism: staff can use flexi-time to deal with minor crises or personal appointments, create a greater sense of responsibility and better time management and to improve efficiency in core times and reduce overtime. Annual hours working: to reduces overall number of hours worked and overtime increases productivity by making it easier to manage seasonal variations in work. Job sharing: job sharers can be more energetic, committed and fresher than full time employees, greater continuity in cases of sickness or leave. Flexible working hours: can encourage people to count the minutes rather than doing the job. Term time working: can be difficult to provide cover for senior staff during holidays.

There are many advantages to flexible working, such as gaining a better work - life balance while still being able to earn a living. Continuing to work while caring will also give you the chance to have social interaction outside of your caring role.

工作和生活的平衡——Work life balance:

Work -life balance is about organizations identifying with their staff to determine how both can benefit from a more imaginative approach to working practices.

Everyone has a range of interest an responsibilities that are separate from their work situation. Staff may have children or other caring responsibilities or want time to pursue other commitments and interests. Helping staff to achieve the best balance between home and work can make a real difference to both individual staff and to the business of the university.

Work life balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how they work. It is achieved when an individual's right to fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society.

Flexible working doesn't necessarily mean doing part-time hours. You may be able to work the same number of hours but at times that suit you, for example, weekends or evenings. Or you could opt for compressed hours or home working.

Flexible working can cover a wide range of possibilities, which means that you can plan a way of working that suits you. it may be that starting and finishing work at different times, only working during term time , part -time working or job sharing would be most helpful . You could think about compressed working hours. For example, you work the equivalent of five days hours over four days, giving you an extra day free.

Flexible working hours: can encourage people to count the minutes rather than doing the job Also its allow employees to choose within set limits the times they start and finish work and normally allow them to carry over any excess or deficit in hours beyond the accounting period (usually four weeks) with the option of taking flexi-leave.

Here in ESNAAD company , the flexible working policy goes as the following :

Working pattern should suitable with the requirement of the department.

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