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这个主题的标题告诉人们主题文本,这是标志的建议。该文本是从一本叫袖珍指南的书,技术写作(2 Ed)有两个作家的总和。在这本书中,Jeff Bilstrorn写了这个商业计划书给Gary Lane。这本书的作者叫菲佛,W.S.的读者是Gary Jane和其他人对这项业务感兴趣。本文的主要目的是要在标志的建议和这篇文章的第二个目的是告诉学生的商业建议写作的方法。在某种程度上,它是一个正式的提议,但它不像学术文章那样正式。例如,“相当”在第7段使用,我会停止使用“的”。整个文本是由你和我们的代名词写的。The title of this subject tells people the topic of the text, which is the logo proposal. The text is taken from a book called Pocket guide to technical writing (2 nd  Ed) There are two writers in sum. In this book, Jeff Bilstrorn wrote this commercial proposal to Gary Lane. The book’s author is called Pfeiffer, W.S. The readers are Gary Jane and other people who are interested in this business. The main intention of this text is to hand in the logo proposal and the second aim of this text is to tell students the method of business proposal writing. To some extent,it is a formal proposal but it is not as formal as an academic article. For instance, the use of “quite” in paragraph 7 and the use of I’ll stop by later”. And the whole text is written by pronoun you and we. 

(ii) What are some key language elements of the text?(二)什么是一些关键的语言元素的文本?
The main tense of this text is present tense and in the paragraph 9, it mainly uses the present perfect tense (However, I have been able to...”) Present continuous tense is also use in this text. For instance , in paragraph 2 (we are sending a confusing message..)  The reason why these tenses are used mainly is that the text can have a good order without the changes of active and passive verbs. In this way , readers can put forward their own opinion. Of course, active voice takes up the large part of the text even though there are some examples of passive voices, for instance, in paragraph 4( ...could be provided by a logo on the cover) in general, a very formal writing usually contains lots of passive voices. For example, in paragraph 4, a conditional sentence (if it contained..) Some modal verbs are also used in this text such as could and would in paragraph 4 and paragraph 5, which shows a kind of uncertainty. 
What pattern(s) of organization can you see in the text ? What signal words can you find?这个组织的主要模式是从问题到解决。这种模式通常被用来当有一个问题和一个以上的解决方案的问题。在第3段中,提出的问题,并在下面的段落中的问题的解决方案。更重要的是,列表模式应用在文本的主体上。在4、6和8段的要点逐一列出,这有助于简化推理。在第5段和第9段中,因果模式都是用这样的短语:“作为一个结果……”和“因为……”,在最后,序列模式是使用在第7段(那么,一次)。不同序列模式的应用呈现出作者在写作中的高技能。不同的序列模式使文本生动,读者在阅读时不会感到乏味。
The main pattern of this organization is from problem to solution. This kind of pattern is usually used when there is a problem and more than one solutions to the problem. In paragraph 3, the problem is put forward and in the following paragraph the solution to the problem is presented. What’s more, listing pattern is applied in the main body of the text. In paragraph 4,6 and 8, the bullet points listed one by one, which is helpful to simplify the reasoning. In paragraph 5 and paragraph 9, cause and effect pattern are used with the phrase like: “as a result...” And “Because of that...” in the end, the pattern of sequence is is used in the paragraph 7 like (then, once). The application of different sequence pattern presents the author’s high skill in writings. Various sequence pattern makes the text vivid and the readers will not feel dull when read it.
What makes the text cohesive and coherent?是什么让文本有凝聚力和连贯性?
If the development of the ideas is logical and understandable, then the text is cohesive. Subheadings are in bold, which seems a frame of the text. Firstly, a simple introduction is put forward in the beginning and then the solution sis given and how much the log costs is illustrated. A conclusion is show in the end of the text. Lost of linking words are used in this text such as however in paragraph seven and “as a result” in paragraph 5 and “because of” in paragraph 9.
The ways in which the ideas and sentences are linked are described by cohesion. Repeat nouns and verbs are used. For instance, logo and develop are all repeated words used in the text. Logo appears 12 times and develop appears 3 times.the synonyms are also applied in lots of ways. For instance, symbol and decal are applied instead of the application of logo.
总之,它可以被看作是一种正式的报告,这是写给问题和解决方案,以良好的商业写作。祈使句是由作者多次提供的标识的程序。情态词告诉人们一些可能性和人称代词似乎不是正式的,它可以被人们接受,而不是一个纯粹的正式的。备忘录的内容是一个很好的组织,它给人们一个清晰的头脑。大量的连接词和一些同义词被应用到链接的文本。In conclusion, it can be regard as a kind of formal report which is written to give the problem and its solutions to good writing in business. Imperatives are used for many times by the author to offer the procedure of the logo. Modal words tells people some possibilities and personal pronoun seems not that formal, which can be accepted by people more than a pure formal one. The content of the memo is in a good organization, which gives people a clear mind. Lots of linking words and some synonyms are applied to link the text. The structure of this text is very clear: a whole introduction to the text and then the problem and solutions are put forward. Cost of log is presented in details. And then a conclusion in the end. 

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