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In the 20th century, mankind has invented many useful things for us, such as: telephone, computer, TV... , these items make modern people's life convenient and colorful. For example, two people are in different places, but as long as you picked up the receiver and dialed a few numbers, it need not spend a few minutes that can hear each other voice and language communication. This is the miracle of the telephone brings to human. Telephone was invented over 100 years, in the modern society which it has become an important part of people to work and life.
In the new century, the modern science and technology will continue to create miracles and improve our life. At the same time, however, in the development of science and technology also has brought some negative influence to people's life. Technology is a double-edged sword, how to better use of the development of technology to bring more benefits to human life that it has very significant meaning.
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在本文中,我们将使用3个不同的例子中,移动电话的发明中,利用网络和机器人发明如。使用这些例子来重新思考,当新的科学技术的发展带来了更多的优势,以人类,同时,它也有什么样的影响,以科学技术对人类未来的发展。In this article, we will use 3 different examples, such as the invention of the mobile phone, the use of networks and the robot invention. Use these examples to rethink, when the development of new science and technology brings more advantages to mankind, at the same time, it also has what influence to human future development of science and technology.
Mobile phones are a great invention in the development of science and technology.The greatest benefit of a cell phone is more convenient for people's life, such as timely communication with each other, convenient shot records and video functions.However,When the Internet is embedded into our life world, it quickly became an integral part and becomes a whole new world for people to understand the need. At the same time, now in the rapidly changing and increasingly complex society that cognitive has become a basic people need., because of people need some additional information to assist study, the Internet is able to satisfy people's cognitive needs in the very great degree growing. In a sense, the Internet is like a huge, open and flat, extremely convenient at any time library, it provided new knowledge and can be anywhere at any time to search for knowledge or information.
However,University of London Economics professor Antonelli Dolan said that the iPhone and internet gens usually playing the phone and internet games, so that them are ignoring the friends and other relative. They have "Internet addiction" or "illusion vibration syndrome", that is often thought that the mobile phone has a message and takes out to see, but,actually not any new messages. Some people even spend several hours to play Internet games in a day.The professor warned: "if do not change the behavior, they will eventually have mental illness!"Today cell phones and internet communication way is replaced face-to-face communication among people. When people talk about each other and the face to face communication with eye expression, you can feel each other's emotions. But it makes the interpersonal alienation when people use mobile and internet communication.(Antonelli, 2008)
The development of science and technology is creating the network and cell phone.The Internet's vast information collection and retrieval functions and Mobile phone's timely function provide humans with a rapid response of the platform. It is also part of the brain memory function instead. In theory, there should be more brain space and energy to creative thinking. However, imagination and analysis will be made based on the thinking mode of storage.
Two years ago, Nicholas carr in the Atlantic monthly published an article on " Does the Google make you dumber?"
Carl is thought that the network as a result, which is the Internet width of knowledge and depth. We are losing serious reading lasting and deep thinking ability. "We are experiencing is that an early return to the civilization evolution: we are in the cultivators from personal knowledge into the jungle hunters and gatherers. Studies have shown that the brain is elastic. It like our muscles can try to change through the exercise. But the development of cognitive ability is a kind of game. The brain is used to browse and low-level surfing the Internet. Part of brain deep thinking will become weak(Carr,1999).
The robot's smart enough to challenge human,it is a big step forward in the development of science and technology and today, Most of robots are the use to helping mankind,With independent ability of the robot will play an important role in our life,it can ensure that the robots to ethical behavior and human interaction are a greater challenge about the science and technology.
But , as different as the cell phone and internet ,in a quite common condition that the robot will face many ethical challenges and constantly break through the predicament of artificial intelligence(Caselli and Coleman ,2001).
The development of science and technology has produced the robot. Robot ethical principles can be used to regulate the behavior of the robot and making robots more acceptable. Ethical principles for the robot are very important. If people doubt intelligent robot behavior possible violation of ethics, that people could be completely refused to robot with independent ability.Even artificial intelligence and the development of science and technology will be under threat(Cukier,1998,p.112-145).
Everything has two sides. Technology also is no exception. When internet and cell phone and robot brings much convenience to our life. At the same time, it will inevitably produce a variety of troubles. Such as, Humans too much rely on the robot or people worried about the robot wisdom beyond human being.People addicted to the computer and mobile phone have many disadvantages ,for example,the pleasure felling get though the virtual world to give people a kind of harm, not only affect the person's rest, but also damage people's health and the harmony of a family. People addiction computer and cell phone are diverse, but according to research to show that the psychological defects were caused by personality.That would require people to give them more care and love, patience to resolve their psychological character flaws(Abramson,2000,p.69-74).
Ideally, human must make full use of technology, rather than be used by them. The development of science and technology is always dominated by the human mind.If it be used well, human can be more intelligent and lazy.
Now, our science and technology developing is more faster and faster. And people how to use science and technology are the key point. But, the development of science and technology is more benefit for the human being.Because when it combined with the correct application that can bring benefits to everyone.  Everything has two sides in the world. Users of the good and bad have to decide on its own. The pros and cons of the development of science and technology also are determined by the user.
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