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英国会计学coursework:Comment critically on the Toshiba scanda

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Use the research findings of Puyou (2014) to comment critically on the Toshiba scandal as reported in The Economist, 25th July 2015, pp 54-55.《经济学人》2015年7月25日第54-55页报道,利用Puyou(2014)的研究结果对东芝丑闻进行
Use the research findings of Puyou (2014) to comment critically on the Toshiba scandal as reported in The Economist, 25th July 2015, pp 54-55.《经济学人》2015年7月25日第54-55页报道,利用Puyou(2014)的研究结果对东芝丑闻进行批判性评论。
This part of the assignment should not exceed 500 words.
At the end of September of 2015, the unit's sales volume of y552 million was misquoted. It is a repeat of Toshiba's ongoing brand damage in recent years as a result of counterfeits, which have had a significant negative impact on Toshiba's transformation.
前总裁SatoshiSida(2009年5月6日至9日)是一位大胆的高管,他领导了公司的重组。自2005年6月接任东芝总裁以来,几家核心企业已被选中专注于投资。其中最值得注意的是,在半导体业务上的巨额投资购买了美国大型核电公司西屋电气(Westinghouse)。上任时,东芝的总营业收入为58362亿日元。在2008年,它跃升了30%,达到7万亿日元,7.78亿日元。因为它使东芝走上了快速发展的道路,它被视为东芝的代表,而东芝后来被称为“强有力的管理者”。但是2008年的金融危机已经戏剧性地改变了一切。受全球经济影响的半导体市场正在迅速恶化,集中业务和投资于特定业务的缺点正在显现。2009年净利润为3435亿元,是东芝历史上最糟糕的“报告卡”。2009年,当他的表现恶化时,他将总统职位让给了佐木佳彦,并取代他成为东芝的主席。从那时起,他就从总统候选人名单上消失了。The former former President, satoshi sida (May 06-09), is a bold executive who has led the restructuring of the company. Since taking over as Toshiba President in June 2005, several core businesses have been selected to focus on investment. One of the most remarkable is the huge investment in the semiconductor business that has bought Westinghouse, a big American nuclear power company. When he took office, Toshiba's combined operating income was 5.836.2bn yen. In 2008, it jumped by 30 percent to 7 trillion yen, 778 billion yen. Because it led Toshiba to the fast track of development, it was seen as a representative of Toshiba, which has since been called a "strong manager". But the financial crisis of 2008 has dramatically changed things. The semiconductor market, which is affected by the global economy, is rapidly deteriorating, and the drawbacks of concentrating business and investment in a specific business are emerging. Net profit for 2009 was 343.5 billion yuan, the worst "report card" in Toshiba's history. In 2009, when his performance deteriorated, he ceded the presidency to sasaki, and replaced him as chairman of Toshiba. Since then, he has disappeared from the list of candidates for President.
Sasaki先生于2009年接任总统,他是一名技术人员,自从东芝接任以来一直专注于核能。作为核部门的负责人,核部门的负责人Sasaki先生与当时的总统Seida先生进行了合并谈判。韦斯特菲尔德在2009年总统职位交接仪式上,高度佐佐佐木是“让东芝全球核电企业在人民中”的得力助手。但在日本东北部发生地震后,福岛第一核电站的事故使东芝几乎没有重建核电站的计划。原因是福岛第一核电站使用的设备都是东芝的产品。事故发生后,Sasaki希望加强太阳能和风能等新能源领域的业务,但在2013年,他放弃了工作给田中先生。虽然没有担任总统,但佐佐木佳彦的辞职在东芝仍然是一股强大的力量。在安倍的政府中,Sasaki先生曾是经济发展中心的经济和金融咨询及工业竞争力会议的成员。在安倍就任总统之初,政府和联盟之间出现了一些鲜为人知的矛盾,但Sasaki是安倍政府背后少数几个强有力的商业支持者之一。Mr. Sasaki, who took over as President in 2009, was a technician who has focused on nuclear power since taking over from Toshiba. As head of the nuclear division, Mr. Sasaki, who was the head of the nuclear division, negotiated the merger with the then-president, Mr. Seida. Westfield in 2009 President position of the handover ceremony, highly sasaki is "let Toshiba global nuclear power business in the people", as his right-hand man. But after the earthquake in northeast Japan, the accident at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant made it all but empty of plans to reinvent Toshiba's nuclear power plant. The reason is that the equipment used at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant is all Toshiba's products. After the accident, sasaki wanted to strengthen the business of new energy fields such as solar and wind energy, but in 2013 he gave up the job to Mr. Tanaka. While not in the presidential position, Mr. Sasaki's resignation remains a powerful force in Toshiba. In Mr Abe's government, Mr Sasaki has served as a member of the economic and financial advisory and industrial competitiveness conference at the heart of the economic development. At the start of Mr Abe's presidency, there were some obscure contradictions between the government and the league, but Mr Sasaki was one of the few strong business supporters behind Mr Abe's government.

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