英国人力资源管理作业:On the Transformation of Ogilvy & Mathematica

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The development and dynamics of Ogilvyadvertisement have also brought the attention of the people in the advertising industry. The success and failure of has Ogilvy also been widely considered by many businesses. There is a "different view from Ogilvy" in the advertising industry, which indicates that some local advertisers think about the idea and operation of international companies. At the same time, the traditional advertisement is under the term of the difficulties when technology has brought the new model and sights from the industry. Therefore, the article would like to discuss the human resource strategies in Ogilvy advertisement
Localization is an international company not only refers to the advertising enterprise in China in the development of a necessary process Because of the difference of culture, the problems of labor cost, enterprise after entering a particular market, solve the problem of localization will pale hand From entering China, at the beginning of the start the shut down the path of a localization, and the corresponding results The present situation, the proportion of senior personnel in Chinese is very few, away from the close to end up Some employees will be the goal of the Chinese there is quite a distance. What should be the most localized and international?
The study of environmental change of advertising industry has three important key words: "fragmentation", "digitization" and "globalization" (HO et.,al, 2015). Economic globalization and spread globalization, through the change demand of the enterprise in the marketing revolution, caused the advertising company globalization management of some kind of change. The digitalization and fragmentation of the media, the corresponding information survival and consumption status of consumers, are first and more directly and profoundly felt by advertisers. From the point of marketers, fragmentation, digital and large data are play an important role: on the one hand, these factors from the media, consumers, advertising and marketing strategy planning, evaluation, and other multiple levels deconstructs the traditional system, and reconstructed the fragments at the same time under the background of the media, integrated marketing system; On the other hand, these factors are the main basis for future product promotion, brand positioning, media selection and communication.
The most important thing for an advertising company is talent. At present, all advertising companies focus on the experience, ability and creativity of the company's talents, which is the core of the traditional advertising company. Advertising companies lose their vitality and competitiveness in the flow of talent. This is common in both local and international 4A companies. In the future, talent is more important to advertising companies, especially in the era when advertising companies are gradually becoming digital media. Advertising companies are bound to introduce more new talent. Competition for talent will be different from now. This is very difficult for advertising companies to find digital marketers, not just other advertising companies, but also competition from Internet companies.
How can digital advertising companies enhance their capabilities in a new environment and become a professional think tank? The most important thing is of course the construction of digital advertising talents(Ho et.,al, 2015). The impact and impact of the Internet on the society is rapid. A lot of knowledge, principles, capabilities, and experiences need to be updated, refactored, and built from scratch. And so, unknowingly, we have a new understanding of talent, what kind of digital talent do we need? How to build new talent?
(1) standards for talent inspection.
First, maintain the courage to break through and embrace change. The Internet revolution, or the information revolution, is a social change that is the same as the first and the second industrial revolution. In such a process, the Internet has changed a lot of us, not to mention advertising and marketing. As a result, it is a very rewarding experience for individuals to elevate their work to an aspiration. We cannot accept that we are indifferent and indifferent when we are surrounded by a great change.
Second, emphasis on learning and accumulation. One of the challenges for Internet advertisers is to have a reasonable and broad knowledge structure. The knowledge structure here can be divided into the following levels:
Widen the scope of knowledge; Extensive contact and understanding of various knowledge structures. Including literature, film and television, visual arts, music, technology, technology and technology, history, social culture, economy and so on. Of course, such knowledge structure is not easy to establish and have sufficient depth. But at least have enough openings and a reasonable structure. From this point of view, the knowledge structure of the Internet advertising people is quite adapted to the Internet era's retrieval knowledge system. Have a strong knowledge structure, retrieval ability, learning ability, at the same time use good knowledge.
Learn professional knowledge. It is necessary to establish a basic understanding of the field. This knowledge is based on a full understanding of various kinds of knowledge(O'Neill, 2014)
. Whether it is a professional noun or an understanding of a technology, or a way of thinking and working. Know the information. Mastering a lot of information is itself a huge cognitive capital. Understanding of frontier development, understanding the data collected and collected, understanding the dynamics and changes. Master the rules. Even in the great times and great changes, the changes and rapid evolution have the inevitable laws behind them. Learn the laws of the collect inside the deep will greatly enhance the understanding of all things and predict, really gain the freedom of learning and judgment, can really give their relative in the right direction and path.
Someone could create a portal site in the 1990 s, some people can always into search engines, someone give up high-profit traditional Internet advertising business transformation, can someone in early cases of all kinds of condition is not yet complete network video service. These previews are the grasp of the law, especially the grasp of the correct law.
The third is thinking and insight. In addition to advertising strategies, we need to maintain an understanding of the environment, thinking methods and new ideas. This requires a lot of thinking and summarization in learning. Whether it's case reading, data analysis, other people's observations and comments, etc. Gain your own insight and understanding around you. Gain insights that can be applied. Insight is the foundation and starting point for effective work, and it is also necessary. When we can gain insight into our study, it means that we can learn to use it. There is a lot of knowledge in the field of Internet advertising that is fragmented and blank. Through insight into the knowledge of the organization, it is found that the cause and effect is to make the advertisers happy and happy.
Fourth, sharing, team communication and team learning; This is the Internet spirit, and is the best way to learn. The culture of sharing and team learning within the team not only formed a good atmosphere, but also helped everyone to master the collective wisdom and knowledge quickly.
Digital advertising talent construction measures.
First, the digital advertising industry needs senior digital management talents and excellent digital team. In this regard, the companies have been operating in recent years, and the corresponding organizational structure has been changed to adapt to the talent and efficiency. The digital team of senior talents and their leaders is not only capable of planning and purchasing media, but also can participate in the formulation of communication strategies. It also provides new ideas and tools. In 2013, ge yun was officially promoted as the senior communication planning director in Shanghai. The press release highlighted her reasons for promotion:#p#分页标题#e#
This includes "helping kailuo build a strategy beyond traditional media thinking and helping kailuo become the dominant company in integrated marketing communications companies". This also makes it more important for ge yun and her department to spread the planning team in kailuo. "Our job is to negotiate with our customers about the communication strategies and plans, not just media planning and buying." In fact, in addition to ge yun's department, kailuo's layout in manpower, strategy and tools is in sync. "Carat this two years in terms of digital content and social media, mobile, manpower equipped with all in strengthening", and the requirement to the team, is the requirement of a cross-platform vision, more sensitive to digital, have corresponding evaluation tools.
The next generation of advertising executives will be a group of digital maniacs who have the skills of an artist, a business mind like Warren Bueffet and Don Draper. He points out that data analysis and management skills are critical. The Columbia University data Netzer says executives who can come up with ideas and specify directions for data experts will be scarce(ELDER,  & KRISHNA, 2010)
Second, the promotion of the group's digital marketing. In addition to the expansion of the business, ogilvy group and changrong communication have adopted more diversified measures and cooperation at the group level to promote the promotion of digital marketing capability of the whole staff. At the same time, the measure also benefits customers. Third, talent integration. Various talented person at present, the advertising industry is gradually integrated state, there are many advertising planning background professionals will appear in the digital marketing company, the company's technical expertise is also flows to the advertising company, formed into a pattern of sometimes-complex mix-and-match, I have you. Bring together the best technology and best people in the industry. Both traditional and digital creative people need to get out of their own fields and maintain mutual respect and learning. In the future, there will be no traditional and digital distribution, only creative talent and communication management skills across the media. The integration of industry m&a or traditional team can certainly speed up this process, but the real solution of the problem also needs the improvement and improvement of digital marketing people themselves.
Fourth, improve the treatment of employees to attract and stabilize talents. To expand investment in advertising and marketing of technology research and development of science and technology with the team, and by improving the employee welfare treatment, work environment and stock option plan, attract more excellent talents as well as solid, to meet the test of the future and challenges.
Two of the most important resources: talent and technology. Of course, technology also needs the support of science and technology talents. To enhance competitiveness, the company continues to increase investment in the technology sector; To attract talent, the company gives employees stock options. In the digital world, advertising companies are also competing with Internet companies for talent. While Internet companies attract employees with a large number of stock options, Google is competing with international 4A for the same talent, and Google has a better chance of winning the talent. Since talent is the most important asset of an advertising company, why can't a traditional advertising company or a digital advertising company arrange employee stock option plans? Why are we still facing the challenges of new businesses and new worlds in the light of old business and old thinking?
Give employee stock option, can attract talented person, also can increase employee's centripetal force. Usually, stock options are designed to be around four years, and the biggest way to profit from stock options is to create performance and profit, so that the share price can be appreciated by the market.
Fifth, strategic cooperation with colleges and universities to train digital talents(Thomas& Gostin, 2013)
In summary, this paper briefly summarizes the strategic points of digital transformation of advertising industry and some strategic principles of business model innovation. Anyhow, for advertising company, to inherit the traditional advertising company, on the basis of traditional culture, to adapt to The Times, into the open, inclusive, innovative elements such as, to the enterprise culture, service value and effective link of the digital era background. With an open and inclusive corporate culture, it is better to create a broad stage for the young talents who are quickly dug up. The operation mode needs to be further innovated, to make use of the characteristics of digital media, reduce operating costs, optimize creative resources and enhance creative ability; With the help of digital network platform, integrated service mode, find more profit opportunities.
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