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A critical review of an aspect of early development

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I went to Kathy´s home after lunch time, and gave a small teddy bear as a birthday gift to her. She was very glad and a bit shy to receive the present from me, because it was our first time meet with each other, and I smiled back with saying happy birthday. Then, we got into her bedroom straightaway as I have talked to her mother about the observing methods on the phone before coming, and her mother was preparing some new clothes for her to try on. I started to sit down and not talk any more, her mother and I had an eye contact with each other as well. 
Her mother asked Kathy which clothes she would like to try on first, she just pointed to a dress randomly, then she looked at me, I smiled to her. She was seeking my help I guess. After that, she took the teddy bear that I gave to her, and start to touch it and hold it up and down. Her mother was just looking at her and smiling, She asked Kathy:”Are you happy today?”Kathy said:”Yeeeeeah.”
At last, her mother helped her wore the new dress, and she was nearly dancing in her bed, and then it is her sleeping time in the afternoon.
I think it should be a good day for Kathy. However, I was also wondering if I did the observation another day, would it be another kind of situation, and if it was not her birthday, how she would behave.
Family factors家庭因素
Comprehensive experience of neutrality features, the relationship between experience and facts, experience with the notion of the organization's relations, we can say, ultimacy, judgment is experience, theory and no ultimacy, judgment. Therefore, although with the development of science, the theory is more and more pervasive in the fact, the influence on the confirmation of the fact, but the experience is still the decisive thing, the theoretical decision proposition does not hold. Now that didn't have ultimacy, judgment, ultimacy, judgment is experience, and is the ultimate source of scientific criterion and the way of truth, ultimacy, judgment, so we can't see the facts as the result of the observation, but only the experience as the result of the observation (Fonagy, 2004, p.42). That is to say, Hansen's observations are not valid, and Hansen's usage is not valid, and orthodox usage is logical. More in-depth investigation Hansen usage of the problem, we can discover, causing Hansen USES the plight of the root cause is the misuse of language: the individual scientists, specific context of the circle of the scientific community, Hansen usage is appropriate, from the opposite observation and context of the relationship between theory and observation, Hansen with law shall not apply (Music, 2011, p.18). First of all, observations are observed, not inferred. It is observed that both sides disagree with each other on the observation results. This in itself means that the "observations" of both sides cannot be regarded as observations, but rather as subjective views. Accordingly, the process of obtaining this "observation result" is not an observation. This shows that Hansen's usage is not appropriate on this occasion. Secondly, through the debate, the "observation results" that resolve the opposing sides of the two sides should fall into two aspects: the language meaning of the observations and the differences of experience (Page, 2011, p.318). The former is to analyze the difference of the meaning of language through the analysis of language, and agree on the meaning of language. The latter is to examine the differences in experience and to achieve a result of experience. When there are differences of language, they can eliminate disambiguation by means of language analysis, so they are essentially equivalent, no difference, no need to observe again; Instead when there are language differences, after the agreement through the analysis of the language will not be able to eliminate differences, so their differences is the essence, the difference is the experience, the way to solve is to observe. The task of this re-observation is to make public confirmation of experience. The use of this observation is also acknowledged. This comparison of the need for observation indicates that the interpretation results cannot be regarded as the result of an objective observation. It also shows that Hansen's usage is inappropriate on this occasion (Rustin, 1989, p.63).
Children's stage is the most easy to help children to shape the stage, teachers and parents should pay attention to children education. Home cooperation refers to a new teaching mode for children of education in children's teaching. Preschool period, children in an ignorant period, the rest of the world is full of curiosity and desire to things, the child to the stand or fall of things without any resolution, all knowledge and life skills need the people around to guide education. In the mode of home cooperation, the traditional teaching mode can be solved and the children will indulge themselves as soon as they come home, which leads to the hidden trouble of teachers' teaching in kindergarten (Ryan and Deci, 2001, p.153). In early childhood teaching, can teachers and parents to communicate first, and then combine the kindergarten education and family education, make children always in a good learning atmosphere, cultivate children's good behavior habit since childhood.
Children in early childhood are at a stage of good movement, which requires adults to discipline and instruct their children. In traditional education, teachers often restrict the behavior of children in kindergarten, let children queue up for items, wash their hands before meals, and see the elders to say hello and so on (Trevarthen, 2005,p.86). But teachers often find that once a child comes home for a night, when they come to kindergarten, they forget everything they taught the day before. The so-called habit is to make a behavior deep in the child's mind and become a subconscious and habitual activity under the constant constraint (Balbernie,2001, p.53). But in traditional preschool education, due to some parents lack of consciousness of education or for some reason did not have time to discipline children, at home no constraint children's behavior, make teachers in kindergarten teaching cases, children living in such environment is difficult to form a good behavior habits. And home cooperation this teaching strategy is proposed to solve the problem, teachers in kindergarten time constraints, young children's behavior, and in the home, by parents to take over the teacher's responsibility, attention to children's behavior, to criticize some wrong behavior, give praise to the correct behavior, increase the child's memory. For the cultivation of the behavior is a long-term process, teachers and parents must be like one day a year to correct all the time to the child, let the good behavior into young children's habits. Before the teacher in teaching can consult with parents good conduct, such as "wash your hands before eating," "posture to correct" "reference books" home and watch an hour a day, and so on, then teachers in kindergarten according to the code of conduct, and parents in the home, according to the code of conduct. In the long run, children can develop a good behavior habit, which is also one of the important functions of home cooperation (Bowlby, 1993, p.76).

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