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Letter of application申请信范文推荐

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Street Name and Number
Postcode and City
XXXXXX XX University XXXX大学
Science in Urban城市科学
Admission office/department招生办公室/部门
Subject: Letter of Application主题:申请书
Dear Sir or Madam,尊敬的先生或女士
With this letter I wish hereby to apply and state my motivation for entrance to MasterofScience in Urbanat the XX Universityfor the 2014/15 academic year.在此,我希望申请并说明我在2014/15学年进入XX大学城市科学硕士学位的动机。
I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself at your University and I perceive it as a perfect opportunity to support my application for the Master of Science in Urban offered by your University. With my educational background and working experience, I strongly believe that I am suitable candidate for the program. I have chosen this University as my first choice because of valuable scholarly resources and well-known reputation of the highly qualified education of the Metropolitan State University.我很高兴能有机会在贵校自我介绍,我认为这是一个很好的机会来支持我申请贵校提供的城市科学硕士学位。凭借我的教育背景和工作经验,我坚信我适合这个项目。我选择这所大学是我的第一选择,因为它有宝贵的学术资源和大都会州立大学高质量教育的知名度。
My academic performance was always on top of class. I won the first level of university scholarship for three times, was the best debater of Jilin Normal Universityvs. Hunan Normal University debate competition. Meanwhile, I am also keen in association works. From my second college year, I was selected as the president of our university’s young volunteer association. During this time, I was honored as outstanding student leader of Jilin Normal University. 我的学习成绩总是名列前茅。我曾三次获得大学一级奖学金,是吉林师范大学最佳辩手。湖南师范大学辩论赛。同时,我也热衷于结社工作。从我的第二学年起,我被选为我们大学青年志愿者协会的主席。在此期间,我被评为吉林师范大学优秀学生带头人。
Since I was a young, I found myself very interesting in the character of teacher. I was passionate to be group leader of study groups since primary school. There are great satisfaction and happiness I feel when I help my group members with difficult problems by discussion, or looking for resolving method. During the work period in university’s young volunteer association help me to make the true determination that I want to be a teacher as my lifetime career. In the association, we assisted orphanageto arrange book purchase, to teach orphans to read and write, to hold parties to celebrate their birthday, New Year, and other festivals, which the orphanage is short of hand or resource to arrange. It was the first time that I worked as a real teacher, not only to help children learn knowledge, but also guide them to grow with healthier and brighter mind. The excitement and satisfaction of every small happiness moments, and growth of the children touch my heart deeply. However, obstacles areinevitable.Iusually feel the mind and the behavior science of students difficult to understand. How to teach and guide them more friendly and effectivelyalso concerns me a lot. Therefore, I decide to apply further education of Science of Urban at Metropolitan State University to prepare me better for the job I love the most. 我从小就对老师的性格很感兴趣。从小学起,我就热衷于成为学习小组的组长。当我通过讨论或寻找解决方法帮助我的小组成员解决困难问题时,我感到非常满意和幸福。在大学青年志愿者协会的工作期间,帮助我做出真正的决心,我想成为一名教师作为我的终身职业。在协会中,我们协助孤儿院安排图书采购,教孤儿读写,举办聚会庆祝他们的生日、新年和其他节日,这是孤儿院人手不足或资源不足的安排。这是我第一次以真正的老师的身份工作,不仅帮助孩子们学习知识,而且引导他们以更健康、更聪明的心态成长。每一个小幸福时刻的兴奋和满足,以及孩子们的成长深深地触动了我的心。但是,障碍是不可避免的,我觉得学生的心理和行为科学很难理解。如何更友好、更有效地教导和引导他们,也关系到我很多。因此,我决定在大都会州立大学继续接受城市科学教育,为我最喜欢的工作做好准备。
As I understand, this program is very competitive, attracting highly motivated students, but I am convinced that my good record of both education and work experience give me a strong recommendation for a place at it. Therefore I would be honored if you decide to accept my candidateship for Master studies. In the same time I am aware of possible challenges and high investments of effort I will have to place in order to successfully complete this course.据我所知,这个项目竞争非常激烈,吸引了积极性很高的学生,但我相信,我在教育和工作经验方面的良好记录给了我一个强有力的推荐。因此,如果你决定接受我的硕士研究候选人资格,我将不胜荣幸。同时,我也意识到为了成功完成这门课程,可能会面临挑战,需要投入大量的精力。
Thank you in advance for considering my application.感谢您提前考虑我的申请。