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新西兰BA assignment:SHRM系统 - 新西兰的仓库

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I.A comprehensive overview of the organization 对组织的全面概述
1. Strategy战略
The Warehouse是新西兰最大的仓储式超市之一,也是最大的零售商。它由Stephen Tindall于1982年创立。作为新西兰最大的零售集团,其业务范围主要包括生活必需品,从床上用品到园艺产品,从汽车用品到服装紧身衣,从儿童玩具到锅碗瓢盆,从电子游戏光盘到手机电话 - 一切都包含在其中。它致力于为当地人民提供便宜的产品和便利。正如它的口号所暗示的那样,仓库是“凡人都讨价还价”。仓库零售市场的主要竞争对手包括Kmart-折扣百货商店,Farmers-低档百货商店,Briscoes集团 - 折扣运动和家居用品商店连锁店和Super Cheap Auto-汽车产品。根据最新数据,该仓库目前在全国拥有87家分支机构,在新西兰各地拥有超过12000名员工(TW Group,2016)。此外,它还有两个物流中心国家(2016年)。
The Warehouse is one of the largest storage type supermarkets as well as the largest retailers in New Zealand. It was founded in 1982 by Stephen Tindall. As the largest retail group operating in New Zealand, its scope of business consists of mainly living necessities, from bedding to garden products,from automotive supplies to clothing tights,from the children's toys to pots and pans, and from the electronic game discs to mobile phones—everything is contained therein. It is dedicated to supplying cheap products and convenience for local people. Just like its slogan suggests, the Warehouse is “Where Everyone Gets A Bargain". The main competitors in the retail market of the Warehouse include Kmart—the discount department stores, Farmers—the lowscale department stores, the Briscoes Group—the discounted sports and homeware store chainsand Super Cheap Auto—the automotive products. According to the latest data, the Warehouse now has 87 branches nationwide and has over 12000 employees all over New Zealand (TW Group, 2016). What’s more, it also has two logistics centers around the country (2016). 
2. Labor market劳动力市场
With the need of so many employees, the source of labor is also an important problem. Of course, as a member of the retail industry, most of the major workers in the supermarket are locally recruited.The wages of these workers are just ordinary local workers' wages. As we all know, most staff of the supermarket generally does not need strong professional skills. For the staff of these positions, what is the most important is the practical experience and pre job training.And this experience and the specific content of the training cannot be learned in the school.Supermarket employees do not need a high degree, but the accumulation of the experience of their work is very important, such as the ability to communicate.
3. Technology
In the current society, everything is developing rapidly.Economy, culture and technology are all in the rapid development of the potential of the thunder (Serge, 2015), especially the emergence of various new technology and their applications.They not only bring convenience to people and at the same time, they also put forward more challenges to many industries.Now the rapid development of the Internet makes many online shopping platforms active like they have never been.But many traditional industries, such as supermarket stores, have been influenced greatly.And the Internet is just the key technology to have negative impact on the Warehouse.If the the warehouse was still in accordance with the traditional mode that they would follow the prescribed order, undoutedly they would suffer a lot in front of these new technology.The new era brings new demands on them. Fortunately, the impact on retail supermarket of the development of science and technology relatively slow which earn them enough time to react according to the new requirement. They have got enough time and soon they find a solution to the new requirement — take on the online business world. They set up their own official website on the Internet, which is responsible for people's online shopping. People can easily browse the goods online that are excatly the same as the goods on the shelves.It not only meets the needs of customers, but also meets business challenges of the rapid development of the new era of science and technology.There is no doubt that entering the online retail market also puts forward new requirements for staff in the supermarket.Not only employees need to have a good network knowledge and be familiar with the solutions to some common network problems, but also the pre service training is more and more indispensable.
4. Organisational and Work Design
With good enough staff, the work process of the supermarket can be carried out smoothly.The working process of a supermarket is generally divided into ordering, tally, cashier, acceptance and return. And these processes still need to be based on traditional practices, one step at a time. So the impact of new technology on these works is not as big as others.Between every two of these various jobs are interrelated and they turn into a common bond. the work efficiency of the Orders have a great relation to the work efficiency of the tallymen,while the work efficiency of the tallymen directly results to if the goods in the supermarket are aboundant or not affecting the normal work of the cashier greatly.Anyway, all the work is linked to each other, ring by ring.Generally speaking, these jobs do not require a high degree of educational qualifications, but require emotionally intensive and to follow the demand of these new technology;do not require highly educated but have a direct relation to the experience of the work and technical requirements.
In many of these positions, core position is directly related to the interests of the entire company and the rise and fall of the entire company.For the retail industry such as supermarkets, sale assistant is undoubtedly the key to the entire working chain.Directly contact with customers, excellent sale assistant can make the company's interest income maximization.For the supermarket retail industry, the interests of the company directly related to the number of products which have been sold. And what’s more, sale assistant has a close contact with both customers and the goods. As it should be, sale assistant is definitely the core position of the whole work chain.
As what has said above, the core position means the most important position throughout the whole work chain. It is the key to the success of a business. The core position has a direct influence to the benefit and interest of the entire company as well as its employees.  
The goods selling is the retail business life pivot. As a result, the sale assistant is at the core position in the supermarket. As the retailer industry, sale assistant stands in core position in the aspect of selling which is the key part of a supermarket. Sale assistants directly related to customers and are able to affect consumers 'willingness to purchase greatly. What’s more, it meets the retail organization strategy objective. Sale assistant has direct effect on the consequence of the profit of the whole firm. Therefore, it is a extremely important position. As such a significant position, sale assistant is undoubtedly of great importance as it should be(W. A. Laurie. E. M. Lang, and C. P. Groves, 2015). Thus the core position of should never be shaken in a supermarket like the Warehouse. The sale assistants is sure to be on core position in retail group system, it is the main program that implements supermarkets. 
As the most important position in the Warehouse, sale assistant mainly have several following jobs. First, as a sale assistant, the most important thing to do is to greet customers to welcome them the time sale assistants see the customers and to assist customers and give them appropriate advice to help them to choose the very goods that best suits customers. Then, partly as a cashier, they need to check out desks, make sure that everything around the desk is going well and Keep store clean and tidy. What’s more, a sale assistant needs to have the ability of inventory control and management. And on the beginning of a work day, they need to receive and store stocks and stock shelves with goods to make sure all goods on the shelves enough for customers the whole day.
There is a saying that goes: "The soldier who do not want to be a general is not a good soldier.” It is the same as a sale assistant who do not want a promotion to be a sale manager, a key holder or a supervisor is not a good sale assistant. Before career orientation, the only thing that matters to get a sale assistant a promotion is to be an excellent sale assistant who is far better than the others. Otherwise, he would just stay at the position of sale assistant forever. As for an excellent sale assistant, he has to be excellent on every aspect that related to his jobs(. For example, personally, he has to make sure to always turn up on time, physically fit, be passionate on work, has a good focusing and great attitude towards his work and moreover, loyal to the company where he works. What’s more, professionally, he may not need very high education but he has to be good at cooperative teamwork, developing and maintaining good relationships with colleagues, and most important of all, providing quality service. As a worker in a supermarket, he needs to be very flexible to change between daytime and night fill. And the last, if he wants to be a leader, he has to be a good problem solver and be reliable no matter what happen.#p#分页标题#e#
Being an excellent sale assistant is only the first step, there are still many desired developed behaviors , skills, knowledge and attitudes required that prepares for advancement into supervisory or manager positions. 
First of all, personal ability and influence is essential for any advancement, let alone advancement into supervisory or manager positions. The basic job requirements of sale assistants have failed to meet the needs of a higher position.At a higher level, first of all, creativity is essential.Any industry needs creativity.From the traditional store mode to the online shop mode creativity.Store’s decoration needs creativity. The product purchase and sales methods also need creativity.These jobs will only be considered when a person is in the supervisory or manager positions.Even the best assistant sale don't have to think about it. Then, it is high responsibility。A man without a sense of responsibility will never success.No one will believe a man without a sense of responsibility. No one is willing to deal with a person who has no sense of responsibility.Only a serious and responsible work on their own to be able to guarantee a very good ability to complete any work. Then it is high service delivery skills. That is to say to have the ability to train personnel.Only their own personal capacity can only be explained with the ability to complete a task, but can not explain the ability to have a leadership.A good leader is not only a person with outstanding ability, but also good at training new employees and delivering high service.Only in this way can a number of small things be taken care of by new employees and also can new employees get exercised.
Communication skills and interpersonal skills are also essential and important. Building good relationships is often an essential element of success. In Eastern philosophy, the relationship is productivity.In the west, relationships are the most scarce of business resources.Relationship is a very complicated concept, and it is also a complex social phenomenon.Therefore, the ability to exercise interpersonal skills is particularly important.No matter where and when, "people are more easily to achieve something with acquaintance"--the unspoken rules are applicable.To succeed in your career, you must set up your own network of relationships.Only good at interpersonal communication, first of all, people is able to work well in a company and get a firm standing. Only good at interpersonal communication, secondly, people is able to coordinate the relationship among the other individuals and departments, and to deal with all kinds of difficult problems. Only good at interpersonal communication, finally, people is able to make coordination between himself and his subordinates, between himself and the boss and do any task with ease.Skills communication is indispensable in the establishment of good interpersonal relationships.When people interact with people, good at communicating always will help to success in establishing a good interpersonal relationship.
Secondly, there is the ability to deal with various disputes and problems and to solve all kinds of problems and conflict at any time.In the communication between people, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of problems,in particular, between the leaders and subordinates, as well as between colleagues and colleagues.Then there will be a variety of conflict. Conflict resolution skillAppears to be particularly important(Andrew Morton and Alex Milne, 2012). Only dealing with these contradictions perfectly can people work together better and strive for a common goal so as to effectively improve the performance on work. At work, even the same work can come up with a variety of unexpected problems, let alone every day's work is not the same.When one by one thorny problems comes out, as a leader, we must spare no effort to solve the problem. So problem solving skillis extremely important.And if thee thorny problems can be foresaw before these variety of problems even come out and to prepare and preventive measures in advance, it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble. So problem identification skills is also an assessment of sale assistant to make progress to managerial level.
The last but not the least, the skills that involves with leader, supervisory and manage-- leadership skills, supervisory skills, analysis skills, inventory management skills. These are the key point of the advancement to the managerial level. First of all, supervisory skill, needless to say, is essential for a leader. When the task is distributed, the leader is responsible for, first of all, analyzing of how the task should be completed. After the analysis of how the task is completed, there may be some problems that needs timely response measures. And that is analysis skills. After the completion of the task, implement the unified arrangements for the task andarrange the task to the general staff. And leaders are responsible for the supervision of the completion of the task and doing a unified guidance. This is supervisory skills. And for a group within a company or a company, it needs to be managed. this is inventory management skills. Good at using his own unique and effective way to manage the company, not only for his own leadership to increase the charisma of the team can also make the team more united and maximize the effectiveness of the company.
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