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Assignment范文参考:Final Exam Project 期末考试作业

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Assignment范文大全——Final Exam Assignment期末考试作业,本文是一篇国外大学International Business的期末作业,根据学生自行选择的实证对象进行分析研究,Final Exam Assignment一般会要求产品介绍(产品基本情况,目标国家情况、产品SWOT和4P分析),选择国家环境(例如:法律、宗教、人文、政治、税收、社会等环境分析,对于产品进入这个国家的好处),进入国家方法 (当地建厂还是和人共同成立当地办事处等等)以及积极因素、消极因素等方面的分析。
Abstract 摘要
I am a market research & development personnel in Hongxin Fabric Home Textile Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Hongxin), in the following content, I take Hongxin as a research object. I first use PESTL analysis to introduce the macro situation in the UK, and then by using SWOT analysis to introduce the characteristics of products from Hongxin. Finally, through market segmentation theory and 4P theory,  I present the benefits of choosing UK as a market for Hongxin.
Hongxin Fabric Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise mainly engaged in research, development and production of professional household fabric products. After eleven years of hard work, our company has occupied a place in the domestic market. As the domestic competition is increasingly fierce and the market is approaching saturation, our company aims to actively explore overseas markets. Finally, it decides to promote the company's products: Hongxin home textiles, to the UK market. The slogan is “excellent innovation, blending things and personalities”.
PEST analysis PEST分析
Political Factors  政治因素
Britain has a long tradition of parliamentary democracy, it is a constitutional democracy, the monarch is the head of state, the British legislature is the parliament, and the British political system is relatively stable (Pinkerton, 2015).
Economic Factors 经济因素
The United Kingdom is the fifth largest trader of goods in the world, and its dependence on foreign trade is relatively high (Borges et al., 2013). Now, China has become the UK's largest trading partner in Asia, and the UK is also the EU's largest investor in China.
Social Factors 社会因素
British people pursue a personalized life, choose to buy consumer goods according to personal preferences, and emphasize individual performance in work and study and social interaction.
Technological Factors 技术因素
The UK has developed education and developed science and technology (Dolton and Sandi, 2017). Most of the products that consumers like and use are high-tech, environmentally friendly and beneficial to health.
Legal Factors 法律因素
Britain is one of the few countries that do not have a written constitution, the Constitution consists of laws, cases, constitutional conventions, etc., as a member of the European Union, relevant laws enacted by the EU s are binding on judicial proceedings in the UK (Mullenite, 2018).
SWOT analysis SWOT分析
Strength 优势
our company uses patented raw materials with high technology content, they are not only comfortable, healthy, beautiful, durable, flame retardant, environmentally friendly, in line with the relevant quality standards of the British government.
Weakness 劣势
Due to country of origin effect, products from China may not be accepted by British consumers in a short period of time. Our company's brand awareness in the UK is still low.
Opportunity 机会
The trade between China and the UK grows continuously, and a large number of Chinese products are beginning to appear in the UK market and are initially recognized by British consumers (Laforet and Chen, 2012).
Threat 威胁
Britain may leave the EU, which may affect the UK's foreign trade policy and consumer spending levels. 
Targeted market 目标市场
According to income, British consumers can be divided into three levels: the upper, the middle and the lower (Pinkerton, 2015). The lower-level consumers have relatively low incomes, and prices are an important consideration for their purchase of home textile products (Laforet and Chen, 2012). The upper and middle tiers of consumers in the UK are more suitable as target consumers of our products. They have enough purchasing power and they are more likely to accept the relatively high price of our company. At the same time, they will tend to look for beautifully designed, environmentally friendly and healthy home textile products.
4P Analysis 4P分析
Product 产品
Our product strategy is in line with the UK government's legal requirements for the quality of home textile products, and also meets the daily life, consumption habits and needs of the British. 
Price 价格
In order to ensure the brand image and positioning, our products are more expensive, the UK's economy is more developed, the per capita consumption level is higher, and there are more middle class and upper class consumers in the UK. We choose the UK as a market to help to achieve their high pricing strategy.
Place 地点
The laws and rules of the UK market are mature, fair and transparent, and the quality of business practitioners is high (Borges, 2013). The commercial credit of the whole society is high and the infrastructure is perfect, where both online and offline sales channels can be easily established. Therefore, from the perspective of sales channels, it is suitable for us to choose the UK as a market.
Promotion 促销
The UK has the most developed media in the world, a variety of business information flows quickly (Dolton and Sandi, 2017). British people love life and are willing to pursue a high quality of life. This is very beneficial for us to implement its own promotion strategy.
References 参考文献
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