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加拿大作业:极限运动 - 蹦极跳的分析An analysis of Extreme Sports— Bungee Jum

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D.蹦极跳指示 - 成人仪式
A. Why we think Bungee Jumping is a kind of extreme sport
B. What is Bungee Jumping
C. The Original Place of Bungee Jumping
D. What Bungee Jumping indicates—Adult Ceremony
E. An interesting story about Bungee Jumping
A. Speaking of extreme sport, the words come into our mind are freedom, exciting, stimulating and so on. Extreme sports can offer the freedom of physically and psychologically challenging yourself to perform feats or even make you feel queasy. As a result, many people consider extreme sport, like bungee jumping only can be regarded as a special attempt rather than a kind of sport. However, in my opinion, getting involved with an extreme sport is a great way, not only to have fun, but alsoto maintain a healthy body weight. Regardless of the extreme sport you participate in, this special practice can push your body’ limits, so you’ll be able to burn excess calories and many extreme sports require you to use your full bodytone a multitude of muscles. Another benefit of practicing extreme sports is that you will be in shape. Exercising has always been great for the human body, and you don’t have to do it in a conventional way. Try something innovative instead and feel that you are alive. Being in a good shape is a sign of a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy diet and lots of exercising, or in this case, extreme sports are equipped with all kinds of features and characters which sport should have.
蹦极跳可以看作是世界上的一种极限运动(A.J Hackett,2008),它涉及人们从高空的结构物上跳下,同时系上一根弹性绳,在某些情况下,结构物是一个静止的物体,如建筑物、桥梁或起重机;但是,也存在可移动的物体,如热气球。直升机等等。弹性绳的一端系在跳楼者的身上,另一端系在跳楼者的平台上(Kockelman,2004年)。当你冲向地面时,弹性绳会伸展,减缓你的下降速度。一旦你达到了绳子的最大拉伸点,你将再次被发射回空中,似乎是一个溜溜球!B.Bungee Jumping can be regarded as a kind of extreme sport in the world(A. J Hackett, 2008), it involves people jumping from a structure high in the air while attached to an elastic rope, in some cases, the structure is a stationary object, like a building, bridge or crane; However, there are also movable objects existed, like the hot air balloon, helicopter and so on. On the end of the elastic cord is tied with the jumper’s body while the other one with the platform (Kockelman, 2004). As you hurtle towards the ground, the elastic rope will stretch and extend, slowing your descent as it does. Once you have reached the maximum stretch point of the rope, you will be fired back up into the air again, it seems to be a yo-yo ball!

C. When it refers to the original places of Bungee Jumping, many people misunderstand it origins from New Zealand(AJ Hackett, 2008), where a local people A J Hackett made his first jump from Auckland's Greenhithe Bridge in 1986. He can be the one of largest commercial operators who made the first permanent commercial bungee. At the same time, another version was known that the emergence of Bungee Jumping was in Bristol by members from the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club,since they tried it in a lot of places including Golden Gate Bridge and the Royal Gorge Bridge, so it is quite hard to let people know where is the origin place of this extreme sport.

D. As a matter of fact, this modern fad has roots deep in the jungles of Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. It is known as land diving or N'gol which has a close relationship with local politics and customs(AJ Hackett, 2008). Here this extreme sport can be a special phenomenal which represent and reflect culture and politics in society, it means all the sport are not lonely isolated, even in ancient age, sport can be an essential part of people’s social life. 
In this South Pacific Island, this ritual can be an official adult ceremony to celebrate their young people becoming adults. Generally, young men jump from tall wooden platforms with vines attached with their ankles, they do this in order to test their courage and whether they are tough enough to be manhood. Different with the form of modern bungee-jumping, land-divers intentionally hit the ground, however the vines absorb sufficient power to make the safety risk to the minimum. The vines are supposed to catch the jumper just at the point where his hair is able to brush the ground, ritually fertilizing it for a bountiful yam harvest(Eric, 2008). The Bungee Jumping ritual in Pentecost Island always held in April or May when its main food yam started to grow, they pray for the next harvest year by holding this ritual. To some extent, it reminds me the tradition in Sparta, Greece.at that time, the old people tested a newborn baby by putting them in the wine in order to make sure if the baby was considered possibly to be a strong soldier, if not, these babies would face to be threw into a cliff (Buzzle, 2012). I feel it quitesimilar to the the origin of extreme sport.

E. Now we all know Bungee Jumping indicates the historic adult ceremony for youth and also used to pray for next harvest year in Vanuatu(Eric, 2008). However people may wonder who is the first people to try the scary bungee. It is a surprise that the first land diver was a woman. She wanted to escape from her rude husband. So she ran away and climbed up a very tall tree and tied some vines around her feet. And then her husband also climbed up the tree and tried to catch her, without any idea, this woman decided to jump and then the man followed. Fortunately, she was saved because of the vines, and her husband finally died. Despite this tale sounds ridiculous, it remains to be the earliest effort of this sport.

F. For hundreds of years, this activity can be a great method for people in Vanuatu to fight for fate and challenge the death, since Vanuatu became a dependent country, it gradually became an important commercial activity and very popular among the world. Nowadays, it  involves extending to a wide spread of Variations, such as Reverse bungee, Trampoline, Running, Ramp, Suspended Catch Air Device and so on. In some movies, bungee jumping was even selected as main scenes in all the film, like the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEyewas shoot in Switzerland:  Verzasca Dam. (some records also showed in PPT).
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