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加拿大高中作业:Will customized service be popular in the future fas

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Study proposal 研究建议
Proposed title: Will customized service be popular in the future fashion market in China?定制服务是否会在中国未来的时装市场流行?
As I have mentioned in my personal statement, my ambition is to start up my own fashion business and to create a personalized clothing brand in my homeland, China. I want to see if this is workable in China and do some investigations to support it.
Furthermore, in the era of globalization, it is of importance to have a unique perspective on fashion marketing, which involves the production of fashion designs and distribution of final products to the end consumer. According to a report on Bofindicating that Chinese consumers still drive 33 % of global purchases, while China still fall short of domestic brands of its own which can be influential or representative of both local or international market. As we all know, China is where fashion brands are manufactured, and it actually has the capacity of fabricating fashionable cloth of high qualities, but what it is in need of is to brand “made in China”, promote “made in China”, convince the world the superiority of “made in China”, and make “made in China” a fashion. The key to this issue is to build a fashion brand with the solid foundation in China, and this also one of the main targets of my research.

I plan to carry out my research in four steps.
Firstly, I would like to discuss the development of personalized products in the past history and expand theories to analyze and adapt to trends that might be happening in the future. Then, I will take advantageof big data and technologies to predict the possibility of the market trend, and summarize the strength of this concept to prove the feasibility. In addition, I will construct a questionnaire survey to investigate my target customers in multiple aspects, andseek evidence and inspirationsto underpin my strategies.
Secondly, I will analyze the existing successful cases in both China and all over the world. I will study and research onthe adjustment of marketing strategies in those cases over time, and the branding strategiesas well keys to triumph which those successful cases represent. In the meantime, I will also try to figure out the reasons that lead to the failure of some brands in China by analyzing the fashion market and the crucial issues that has happened to the brand. 
Thirdly, I will point out problems that might occur in future by sourcing the data and collecting reports and news from WWD, BOF, Forbes, etc. What’s more, I will interview professionals working inrelated fields and hear about their opinions and experiences, based on which I will be able to conclude my findings on the research on marketing strategies for emerging Chinese fashion brands. 
Last but not least, how to avoid and solve the problems is also necessary to consider. So,I will compare and analyze theand weakness of my supporting theories to conclude the final result.
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