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指导美国essay:International Trade and Globalization

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This module will provide students with a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of international trade in the context of economic, social and cultural globalisation, as witnessed since 1945. Through this module,students will explore the international business environment, including issues in international economics and international management. An understanding of the challenges and opportunities created by globalisation for firms, states, markets and individuals is a critical aspect of international management education.

Topic 1. Trade Liberalization, Trade Protectionism
Discuss the effects of trade liberalization and/or of protectionism.For example: Under liberalization, who wins and who loses, to what extent?Or: What arguments are put forward in support of protectionism, and which, if any, are valid?Or: What are the effects of limited regional trade liberalization such as in the EU or NAFTA?Where more than one point of view is relevant,provide a balanced,critical discussion.Illustrate your discussion with examples.

Topic 2. Transnational Corporations
Consider the rise of the transnational corporation (TNC). Within this topic area there are a number of interesting questions to explore. You must choose a well-defined topic and keep your discussion focussed on the chosen topic. For example: What effects do TNCs have on ‘home’ countries and ‘host’ countries? Or: Why might foreign direct investment (FDI) be an attractive option  for internationally expanding firms in comparison to, say exporting or licensing? Or: Can TNCs be truly global - how useful are the terms ‘home’ and ‘host’ country? Other aspects of TNCs may be explored with the agreement of the course tutor. Where more than one point of view is relevant, provide a balanced, critical discussion. Illustrate   your discussion with examples.

opic 3. Fair Trade Certification
Consider the rise of fair trade certification of some products eg coffee, chocolate, bananas.In addition to demonstrating your understanding of how fair trade certification has developed and how it works,  you must also provide a discussion of some more exploratory    or contentious relevant issues.For example: Is fair trade certification always the best way to help producers? Are there alternatives to fair trade certification that may help producers more?Or: Is fair trade certification useful for only a small number of products (typically crops), or can it be extended to other products such as manufactured goods?

It is important to understand what is meant here by a ‘critical essay’. The key characteristic of a ‘critical  essay’ as opposed to any other kind of essay is that it must demonstrate  a sensitive appreciation that the topic under consideration is ‘contested’  - that is that there is no single, universally-agreed, correct point of view.
The main aim in a critical essay is to demonstrate a thoughtful, balanced and detailed understanding of different perspectives on the topic, and of how they relate to each other.
An important secondary aim in this case is to also demonstrate engagement with and critical understanding of the learning materials in the module plus other relevant materials that you may select.   Put simply:  you  must  not  just provide  ‘a  good  essay’  –  you must provide an essay that demonstrates that you have studied the material provided. An otherwise good essay that does not demonstrate this may be awarded a ‘fail’ mark.


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